List of Preferred Stocks traded in the PSE

Stocks may be “sexy” but your investment portfolio should never be composed of stocks alone. To understand why, read our article on The Importance of Diversification in Investing.

Aside from stocks, other investment assets that may be included in one’s portfolio include Bonds and other fixed income instruments; Pooled investment funds such Mutual Funds, Exchange Traded Funds or Unit Investment Trust Funds; Real Estate; Time Deposit Accounts; and Gold and other precious commodities, among others.

Another type of investment that can be added to one’s portfolio is Preferred Shares and this is what we will discuss in this post. Previously, we wrote a few introductory articles about Preferred Shares to help you understand this type of investment.

Our guide on Preferred Stocks:

Basically, a Preferred Stock is an investment security that is a hybrid between debt and equity. With its debt component, preferred shares normally give investors a fixed, regular income called dividends. The equity component, meanwhile, refers to the rights accorded to the investor as part-owner of the company.

Dividends in Preferred Shares

Most preferred shares pay Dividends, a fixed amount of income that investors receive in specific future periods. This is usually a fixed percentage of the par or issuance value of the stock, although some preferred shares have floating rates, such as Globe Telecom’s Preferred A Shares (GLOPA) whose dividend rate is 2% on top of the average 30-day PDST-F rate computed by the Philippine Dealing Exchange.

Take note that although Preferred Shares pay a fixed dividend regularly, the distribution and payment are still dependent on the approval of the company’s Board of Directors. It is possible that the BOD may defer the payment of dividends, especially when the company is cash-strapped or is losing money. This means you won’t get paid that year.

However, if the shares are cumulative, even if you weren’t paid that year, the dividends will accrue and will be paid to you (together with that year’s dividends) in a succeeding period once the BOD approves the distribution.

List of Preferred Shares in the PSE

If you are interested to invest in preferred shares, you might find our matrix below useful when choosing which ones to invest in. In the past years, several preferred shares have been delisted already and the ones in our table below are the only ones traded, based on our research in the PSE and Bloomberg.

Do note that some preferred shares are not actively traded — and you can see this in the column “Last Traded on”. If a stock is not actively traded, it might be difficult for you to easily buy and sell that security so take note of that liquidity concern as well when you make an investment decision.

Company / Preferred SharesStock CodeDividend Rate (%)Latest Stock PriceLast Traded on
Allied Banking Corporation - Pref. "A"ABC15.00% 1,000.00 Feb. 27, 2014
Ayala Corporation - Preferred Class "A"ACPA8.88%500.00Nov. 8, 2013
Ayala Corporation - Preferred Class "B"ACPB5.25%523.00Feb. 26, 2014
Benguet Corporation - Convertible Pref. "A"BCP8.00%22.65Nov. 5, 2012
DMCI Holdings, Inc. - PreferredDMCP 1,400.00 Jan. 24, 2008
First Gen Corporation - Series F PreferredFGENF8.00%111.50Feb. 25, 2014
First Gen Corporation - Series G PreferredFGENG7.808%112.00Feb. 26, 2014
First Phil. Holdings Corp. - Preferred Series BFPHP8.72%101.40Mar. 26, 2013
Globe Telecom, Inc - Preferred "A"GLOPAFloating (Based on 30-day average PDST-F plus 2%)5.00Feb. 27, 2014
Leisure and Resorts World Corp. - PreferredLRP8.50%1.02Feb. 26, 2014
Petron Corporation - Perpetual PreferredPPREF9.5281%107.30Feb. 26, 2014
PLDT - 10% Preferred Series HHTLHH10.00%10.00Feb. 26, 2014
San Miguel Corporation - Series 1 PreferredSMCP18.00%74.00Feb. 26, 2014
San Miguel Corporation - Series 2-A PreferredSMC2A7.50%75.60Feb. 26, 2014
San Miguel Corporation - Series 2-B PreferredSMC2A7.625%77.10Feb. 26, 2014
San Miguel Corporation - Series 2-C PreferredSMC2A8.00%78.50Feb. 26, 2014
Swift Foods - Convertible PreferredSFIP1.16Feb. 19, 2014

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  1. Thanks for the very useful article! I was having trouble finding what stocks are preferred in the first place. A lot of these seem to be under Surveillance Intervention, what does that mean? Also, how does one determine their dividend rate?

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