Comparative salaries of IT employees in the Philippines

Are you paid enough as an IT manager or systems developer in the Philippines?

The 2008 salary survey of IT workers in the Philippines will tell you.


According to the comparative IT Salary and Skills Report 2008 conducted by ZDNet Asia, the average annual IT salary in the Philippines is P500,736 (US$12,425) although this median figure varies significantly by industry, years of experience and size of employer.

Across eight countries in the Asia Pacific, six have higher salaries than the Philippines: Australia (US$76,851); Hong Kong (US$57,303); Singapore (US$44,858); Thailand (US$24,108); Malaysia (US$22,582); and India (US$13,864). The Philippines (US$12,425) is higher only than Indonesia (US$7,709).

Average Salary by Job Function

Those in IT Management have the highest average annual salary (P995,940), followed by Project Management (P521,982), Systems Development (P424,944), Other IT Professional (P406,660), Communications (P390,348), and Support (P390,348).

Average Salary by Industry

Those working in the Legal and Finance sector have the highest annual average salary (P667,519), followed by those in IT, Web and Telecom (P520,612). Those in Government, Education and Health unsurprisingly have the lowest average salary (P290,300).

Top IT Skills in the Philippines

IT skills were also considered in the survey. The top 5 IT skills in the Philippines are Application Development, Desktop/Software, Web Development, Database Management, and System Administration. Those with Application Development skills receive the highest average annual salary (P599,449) followed by those with System Administration skills (P512,278).

A total of 2,521 respondents participated in the survey. They came from a wide variety of IT professions, industry sectors, and company sizes. Some 92.6% of the respondents were working full-time, while the rest were contractors and independent consultants.

10 thoughts on “Comparative salaries of IT employees in the Philippines”

  1. mababa msyado ang pay na IT pro ng pinoy specially yung nsa gov, kaya tuloy pansin
    mo na puro palpak ang sytem programming ng gov natin, and one the example nga is
    yung mga website nila na bulok

    1.  lalo na ang mga nasa front liner ng gov’t agency….corruption ay d na mawawala…..even sa napakaliit na posisyon sa gov’t ay nangungurakot na.
      Madami ding mga empleyado sa gov’t na HINDI deserving sa posisyon sa I.T., marunong lng pumindot ay I.T. na…masabing nasa EDP or MIS department ay I.T. na., mga walang alam ang pinapasahod ng ng taong bayan….nagaantay na lng na mga retirement nila.

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        1. Nowadays, most IT professionals can work from anywhere in the world for any company without any problems, because the field of freelancing and outsourcing is very developed. Considering that the standard of living in different countries is very different, companies can hire employees from countries where they have to pay less. At the same time this rule works the other way around, because an employee from any country can find his place in a well-paid company of another country.

  2. Lavonia Bellingham

    You guys are awesome, found you on Yahoo. Just had to let you know that you are awesome for sharing this.

  3. Tama, mga bulok ang IT personnel ng government nten sa pinas pucha puro kc palakasan. Dpat maghire cla ng tunay na IT pra hndi nkakahiya at nhahack ang system nten. Mahal ang bayad sa mgagaling na IT kaya cgurado hndi nila kaya. Nkakatawang icpin dpat government should get all the best people to provide the best service. Langya ang laki ng tax na kinukuha nyo smen tpos ganito lng!!! Mhiya nman kayo!!!

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