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  1. Pinoy Compuworld

    Darn it, i had hoped to use my personal account for a psuedo hosting business im putting up. hehehe i guess i was wrong.

    1. I don’t think that’s possible, Visible names and email addresses are actually what make Paypal a transparent payment processing system. The only way you can “change” or “hide” your full name is to use a Business account where you can use a company or business name.

  2. This is a nice “short and sweet” overview of the different types of PayPal accounts, but it might be nice to have more detailed information included for each entry or have answers to some common questions.

    For example, is it possible to use the PayPal donation buttons on my site and still have a personal account? What if I want to sell ebooks for very small amounts like $1 and don’t expect to exceed the $500 per month transaction volume limit? Can I still use a personal account for this (until I do enough sales volume to go over the limit), or do I have to have a business/premier account because I would be selling stuff online?

    I could always go back to the PayPal site and look through their info to find out about this stuff, but I was hoping to find the answers to these kinds of questions in this article somewhere since the main topic was about PayPal.

  3. Okay lng po ba pag Personal account if I regularly receive payments from paid to blog programs like Smorty, etc? Thanks. I haven’t tried withdrawing from my Paypal to my bank account yet. Can you please assist me on which bank to choose as I want to withdraw my earnings ASAP. I mean, ano po yung mas reputable at mabilis, it is BPI, Metrobank, or BDO? Salamat po ng marami.

    Another question po… I already earned about $200 from my Google Adsense… pero I haven’t recieved my Adsense PIN yet. My first PIN was sent last January, but since mali po ung address ko, obviously I never received it. I requested another PIN last February 9 with my correct address, but until now, ala pa rin po. I requested another PIN again today, hoping mareceive ko na po. What could be the problem? Please help. Sayang din po pag di ko nareceive ung earnings ko. I really appreciate your help and advice. THANKS and MorE POWER.

  4. Hi, I have read that in Personal account receiving payments funded by Paypal Balance, Transfer and e-check is free but for debit cards, credit card there is a fee of 5.3%plus $o.30

    On the other hand receiving any kind of payment in Premier account will automatically deduct $2.4% plus $0.30.

    Personal account offers free when the sender has Paypal Balance, Paypal Tranfer and e-check but how would you know if the sender is using these service? I don’t want to end up paying for 5.3%plus $o.30

  5. Credit Account Types

    These are all different account types, but they are basically the same. You should always try to have the right accounts for you type and get a variety to keep your options open.

  6. how do you change your type on the account, i mistakenly clicked on premier but what i need is a personal account. i’ve looked at my paypal account and i cant see where to have it changed.

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