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Paid Online Survey: Survey Savvy

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Composed of 3 million members around the world, Survey Savvy is part of Luth Research, a market research leader since 1977 based in San Diego, California. Members are paid for every online survey completed and those who don't qualify are entered into a sweepstakes drawing of 50 $10 prizes per month.

SurveySavvy also pay members an average of $2 for every survey a member's referrals complete and $1 for every survey their referrals complete. As of March 15, 2005, Luth Research has already paid its members more than $12M for participating in surveys.

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Sign up HERE.

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Paying site, verified by BBBOnline.

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Discuss Paid Online Surveys in this thread in the PMT Forum.

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9 thoughts on “Paid Online Survey: Survey Savvy”

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  2. satrap says:

    survey savvy is one of my favorite paid survey sites. its a very well-known survey company. i like the fact that they pay handsomly for their referral program. anyhow thanks for the detaild info.
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  5. TriNi says:

    I just signed up with SurveySavvy so I’m interested in how this will go. I’ve already completed my first survey for $2, but I’m seeing how long it takes to credit to my account, and then how long after I request payout, that I actually get it. I’ve read that it’s 4 – 6 weeks.. seems a bit long but at least there’s no cashout limit!
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  6. Mark Johnson says:

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  7. prescilla says:

    Gud day i joined surveysavvy & i’m interested as well let’s see how it will go, hope to answer more2 survey starting today. God bless…

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