Optimization Tip 3: Increase earnings with other Adsense features

If you think it's possible to earn thousands of dollars a month from Google Adsense, you're right. A lot of people are already doing it. But if you think Adsense is only about ads, you're wrong. It's possible to increase your income using other Adsense features you probably don't know about.


Earn additional cents everytime you refer a site visitor to use Google's products and services. Easy? You bet. It gets easier once you find out that these products are not only reliable but very useful as well. Through Google Adsense, you can offer a download of Firefox, a web browser with better security and privacy features, and Picasa, a photo organization software with advanced photo-editing and sharing capability. You also earn by referring visitors to sign up for Adsense, the income opportunity for site publishers, and Adwords, targeted advertising program for advertisers.

Site Search

Want another easy way to rack up your Adsense earnings? Search no more… err, I mean, go use Search! Google search, that is. Monetize searches made by users in your site by integrating Google search. Just add a short piece of code to your site then you're done. You can even have the search results open in one of your pages. Tweak the search layout settings in your Adsense account to keep elements like the header, footer, and site navigation panel the same for the search results page.

Onsite Advertiser Sign-up

As an Adsense publisher, you are automatically opted in to the Onsite Advertiser Sign-up program. This means advertisers who wish to place advertisements on your site need only click the "Advertise on this site" link in Google ads. Of course, the more advertisers bid for an advertisement spot on your site, the more earnings you will get. In most cases, however, it won't be easy to get advertisers. To market to them, edit and customize your site description in your Adsense account. Write a compelling spiel to engage advertisers and let them know why they should site target you. 

You see, Adsense is not just about ads. Referring others to use Google products, monetizing searches, and offering the site to targeted advertisers will definitely help increase your earnings. So login to your account now, get the codes of these Adsense features, place them on your site, and watch your Adsense income grow!

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