Optimization Tip 1: Test and track your ads using channels

Adsense ads that generate the most clicks give you the highest earnings. In other words, what gives you the most earnings are ads that "click" (pun intended). But how do you know which ads "click?"

You experiment with your ads while tracking each performance using "Channels" in Google Adsense.

It pays to label each ad with a channel name. That way you'll see which ads perform better compared to others. Does the BlueBannerTopRight ad generate more clicks compared to the RedSkyscraperLeft? Or should you use BlueBannerTopMiddle?

Even if you make simple changes, say a new background color for the same ad, associate the "new" ad with a new channel name. That helps you see whether the White Leaderboard ad gives you more earnings compared to the Yellow Leaderboard ad.

You can also use channels to compare performance of ads of varying types (banner or leaderboard?), in various locations (top or bottom of the site?), and in different site pages (Contact Us or About Us page?).

In short, the idea is to utilize channels to find out which location, type, and color of the ad generate the most clicks so you'd know which high-paying ads to use.

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