Online Surveys do pay! Look at my $10 Gift Cheque

You've always wondered whether paid online surveys are indeed real and paying. I've already received a cheque from Global Test Market, but now here's another one! 

This is a $10 American Express Gift Cheque that ACOP sent to my mailbox this week. ACOP is a free-to-join online survey program that pays you whenever you answer their surveys.

Did I mention you can join for free? Sign up now and before you know it, your Gift Cheque is on its way to you soon!

More info about ACOP here.

Note on the Gift Cheque: You can use the American Express Gift Cheque to buy "practically anything, virtually anywhere." The Gift Cheque can be used in stores or shops that accept American Express Travelers Cheques.

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4 thoughts on “Online Surveys do pay! Look at my $10 Gift Cheque”

  1. Hi i am Kenneth, the truth is you actually can get paid just for giving your opinion. There are market research panels you can join that will pay you to participate in online surveys. Finding one that actually pays can be the hard part. Most of the ones that offer free products or large sums of cash are not really paid surveys. They are just trying to get you to sign up for stuff or get your information so they can spam you, call you, and send lots of mail to your house.
    Hey guys came across this get paid to site a couple weeks ago and thought id try them out.

    Didn’t do much with them to test. I got a check yesterday from them for $38 bucks.

    I will be using them more now that I have gotten paid.

    check it out yourself

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  3. hi james, were you able to use your gift cheque here in the Philippines. I also have mine that’s sitting here at home for more than a year now and I’m wondering where I can use it. Any suggestion?

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