Bye-bye, Nuffnang!

Can't make money online with NuffnangAfter almost 3 months of displaying the I serve Nuffnang ads banner on our blog’s right sidebar, I am now removing it because not even one ad appeared there and not a single cent was earned during the last 3 months.

I know, some bloggers are earning from Nuffnang. It looks, though, like there are specific niches that appeal more to Nuffnang advertisers and our blog’s niche is not one of those.

This I discovered because even in Nuffnang’s Asia Pacific Blog Awards, only a few blog niches will be recognized which goes to show these niches are the prized niches.

What are these? They are the Shopping, Food, Fashion, Parenting, Travel, Celebrity, and Entertainment blogs.

Blogs that deal with gadgets, technology, cars, and I assume business and finance, are lumped together in a category interestingly termed “Geek Blogs.”

This is strikingly in contrast with the “uber-flowing” number of categories in the Philippine Blog Awards.

Question to Nuffnang publishers: Are you earning a lot from it? How’s the Nuffnang experience?

As for me, it’s bye-bye Nuffnang time already.

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47 thoughts on “Bye-bye, Nuffnang!”

  1. I was able to generate some income but not as good as Google Ads. And the dashboard on buffered earnings creates some confusion. I wrote it down at the forums. But, Im sticking to it for a few more months and see if it improves.

  2. I actually got Nuffnang Ads the second time I tried their service. The first time I tried i waited for months and no ads came.

    Right now, ads are popping up for Ponds but it seems that it shows up only a short time in a day. Is Nuffnang limiting viewing time of their ads to limit the earnings of publishers? I believe the Ponds ad is paid via CPM and not CPC.

  3. I earned from Nuffnang na. Minsan lang din ako nilabasan ng ads. At pag lumabas ang ads nila, nawawala din bigla, kasi may quota per day. Pag na reach mo na yung quota for that day, wala ka nang ads. Bukas ulit. After almost a year, buti nalang may kita na ako. Not that big, pero not that small din. Pwede na pambili ng tatlong HP Mini 2140. Hehe.

    Pangit lang sa nuffnang kasi konti lang ang target market nila. Kadalasan sa ads ay mga beauty products or gamot. Ehdi mga Beauty/Medicine related blogs lang ang mag e earn. Minsan nilabasan din ako, pero minsan lang.

    Tuloy parin yung Nuffnang ko. I’m not sad and I’m not satisfied. I’m on the middle lang. hehehe ^__^

  4. @Reel Advice – yep. CPM sila. Pero may limit lang na around 100 pesos per blogger, minsan more than 100 pesos (Depende sa ads). Yung Nike Ads nila umabot ako ng 600php per day. Yun yung highest daily earning ko from Nuffnang so far.

    Pangit lang talaga kasi may quota, pero at least, kumikita yung impressions at hindi na sasayang. Kahit walang mag click, may cents yung bawat visit. hehe

  5. James,

    Maybe you just need to try other Nuffnang ad sizes such as the square and the 720×90 header banner.
    My earnings came from these 2 ad sizes before but i had to let go of my header banner because of my other CPM network ad.

    The 2 sizes are better options since it collapses if there’s no on-going campaign.

    I earned from it but not that big as Jehz’s. I can only buy 1 HP mini note from my Nuffnang earnings. haha!

    And one more thing, I saw you serving Jayvee’s ads (blogbank) before, kaya hindi ka glitteratti. May priority kasi ung mga glitterati publishers eh.

    Isa pang ayaw ko is ung limit nga sa impressions. (dapat tanggalin nila to.)
    .-= Randy´s latest blog ..AdSense allows multiple Google-certified ad networks =-.

  6. james,

    my largest nuffnang withdrawal (almost 11K).. last week.. expected ko next month dumating ung check..

    Il update you if dumating na ung check (and post ko din sa blog ko).. kaya lumaki ng ganyan ung earnings ko because of NIKE ads, more of sports ads kasi kaya swak sa niche ko… =)

    after ko mag cash out.. meron na agad akong 1500 as of today.. may mga nag pa Ads sa kin agad.. (nestle products) naman…

    update kita james..


  7. @Randy, I tried changing the ad format before. Still didn’t work. I really think it’s the niche that counts. There are some blog niches that Nuffnang advertisers like and there are niches they don’t like.

    @TeamPilipinas, congrats! Lakas talaga ng sports blog mo. Pa-burger ka naman! 🙂

  8. So far not so good hehe pero atleast me kita pa din ako sa Nuffnang. Dati inalis ko sya kaso nagsisi ako kasi dapat mas malaki ang kinita ko before. Dati gamit ko sa sidebar lang pero i experiment at nilagay ko lahat ng ads sa blog ko. kung sino mauna sya maiwan haha. Twice na din ako nakakuha ng payment sa kanila.

  9. Thanks for the update.

    I’m really thinking about taking it off my site too.

    The problem, IMHO, has something to do with their publisher application and selection process. If they don’t have enough advertisers to feed to publishers then they should put a ceiling to the number of members that they admit.

  10. @James

    (update on my check) yesterday I received an email from Nuffnang.. they preparing my pay out check and they are asking me my bank account details, complete full name, etc so that they can deposit your my check once its signed… good news to kasi it seems that hindi na nila ipapadala ung check sa address ko instead iDeposit na lang nila sa bank account ko directly ung funds.. =)

    update kita ulit next time..

    ps. (off topic) I tried Kontera in 2 weeks pero naka $26 lang ako.. kaya tinanggal ko na last week.. then I tried Infolinks… in the first 2 DAYS (Saturday & Sunday) naka $46 na agad ako.. =)

  11. @Mark, I think Nuffnang wants to have as many members as possible because that’s how they can sell the service. I agree, though, with too many members, they will all be competing for ad slots if there are only very few advertisers.

    @TeamPilipinas, good to hear that. Galing talaga ng Team Pilipinas, hehe! 🙂

  12. @James

    update… GOOD NEWS.. na deposit na ung FUNDS ko from Nuffnang… nasa Unionbank EON account ko na.. 1 day clearing lang.. so less 20 days lang ung paghihintay ko since nag cash out ako from Nuffnang..
    10,728.32 ung cash out pero may 10% deduction (TAX)…

    anyway.. iblog ko to next week… i will post some screen shots of the payment.. and im still waiting for Nuffnang’s email regarding my reuqest for the scanned copy of my check… sana lang na scan nila before nila na deposit sa bank..


  13. Hi James,

    it’s my second month in nuffnang and the same experience as yours, not a single ad showed up, moreover no profit.

  14. Thanks for your honest review. Currently Ia am on nuffnang. I will inform you guys if their is an improvement. 

    Make Money Ways and Tips.. was Here!

  15. Meyron din akong nuffnang ads more than 4 month ang sagad ng offer, so far isa lang ayaw ko sa nuffnang ads,mdalas bumabagal ang loading ng site ko dhil sa script nila.kaya pinagtatanggal ko, binabalikko lang  pag medyo ok na.hopefully more ads and campaigns.Medyo malaki kaso offer  nito, meyron nga 88 pesos.

  16. Meron rin akong nuffnang on my blog, kadalasan sa ads ko ay yung per unique visit kaso ngalang napapansin ko hindi lumalabas ang ads kapag mataas ang visit-nagpapakita lang xa kapag kunti ang traffic o kaya for the first 40(assuming lng po) readers kaya ayun hindi ako kumikita!

  17. On and off ang advertisement sa site ko, sa kin after 6 months kong nilagay yung 3 ads nila saka nagkaroon ng advertisement, tatanggalin ko na rin dapat kasi puro si churp churp ang lumalabas at that time. So far meron na rin akong earnings after one year pero hindi pa redeemable kasi malayo pa.. (;

  18. I was looking for nuffnang review and found this but it was 6 years ago. I’ve just tried nuffnang and have put it on my own blog ( Will see how it goes!

  19. So that’s why the syndicate add javascript doesn’t work anymore. Then I checked the website today and it’s down. 😀 I earned more than 1.2m in Nuffnang during their early days (not via ads on site, but sponsored posts via Nuffnang). Anyway, all good things must come to an ad. Goodbye Nuffnang Philippines! 🙁


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