PinoyInvestor promo: 1-Year Discounted Premium subscription

James Ryan Jonas

The-All-New-PinoyInvestor-3PinoyInvestor, one of the Philippines’ premier stock guide and resource, is to launch this June 22 its new platform that will provide quick and easy access to relevant stocks information designed to help Filipinos make intelligent investment decisions.

Still backed by seven (7) of the country’s expert stock brokers, PinoyInvestor will no longer deliver information via downloadable PDF file. Instead, users can now access its web-based portal that will simplify and consolidate information about Philippine companies and the stock market.

Benefits of the new PinoyInvestor

Here are some of the major changes to PinoyInvestor starting June 22.

  1. Stocks Reports every day of the week. The new PinoyInvestor portal will publish reports not just once or twice a week, but every day of the week to give investors faster access to useful stocks information.
  2. All reports for 1 stock in 1 page. Every information about a PSE-traded company (such as Stocks in Focus, Technicals Talk, Corporate News, Cash Dividends Update, etc.) will be accessible in a dedicated page for that stock.
  3. Easily search past reports. Those who want find out, for instance, the IPO analysis of Double Dragon (DD) in March 2014 or the Target Price of Puregold Price Club (PGOLD) in November 2013 can simply use the “Search” button to locate and access previous stocks reports.
  4. Flexible sorting of Stock Rankings. The new PinoyInvestor will showcase at least sixty (60) stocks, together with individual Target Prices, Profit Potential, brokers’ Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations. All stocks can be sorted alphabetically, by category, by potential upside, or by number of Buy or Hold or Sell broker recommendations.
  5. Technical Lists for short-term traders.  Chartists and tsupiteros will find handy the new Technical List, which will display not just support and resistance levels, but other detailed technical indicators (MACD crosses, stochastics, oscillators, etc.).

Discounted Premium subscription plans

The new PinoyInvestor comes with new subscription plans, but the good news is, DISCOUNTED PRICES will be offered for a limited time prior to the launch on June 22. The discounted Premium subscription plans — valid only this week — are as follows:

  • Lifetime Free Version Access – FREE but limited access to certain content
  • 1-Year Premium Access – P4,799 P4,200 for this week only!
  • 4-Months Premium Access – P1,999 P1,500 for this week only!
  • Monthly Premium Access  – P699 P399 for this week only!

If you want to take advantage of the low prices before the price increase next week, SIGN UP here now.

Subscription prices for current Premium members

The-All-New-PinoyInvestor-2If you are a current Premium subscriber with an active recurring Paypal plan, there will be NO price increase even after the launch of the new PinoyInvestor. The recurring Paypal payment schedule will continue (unless personally canceled) using old subscription rates and will not be affected by the increase in subscription prices.

If you are a current Premium subscriber who pays using Bank Deposit, you will be charged the new, higher rates once your current subscription expires so take advantage of the Discounted Prices this week to lock in the lower subscription fee.

If you are a current Premium subscriber who wants to change subscription plans (for example, switch from Monthly Plan to 1-Year Plan), you will receive a refund for the unused portion of your original subscription once you upgrade to the new subscription.

For questions or clarifications, feel free to message PinoyInvestor in the Members Area Helpdesk.

The new PinoyInvestor will launch on June 22 and the discounted prices are valid only this week, so if you want to take advantage of the low prices before the price increase, SIGN UP here now.

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.