Still looking for new Philippine peso bills

James Ryan Jonas

It’s been a Christmas tradition for most ninongs and ninangs to give new and crisp peso bills to their inaanaks. That’s why last week, I went to a bank to exchange my old bills into the crisp ones. That’s also when I remembered that I still have not completed my collection of new Philippine peso bills.

It’s been exactly one year since the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) announced that they will release the new version of  Philippine peso bills. They even said that the new bills will be in public circulation before Christmas of 2010.

Fast forward one year later and after much controversy about the bills’ design (I for one thought they look like play money), it’s now Christmas 2011 and the new bills are still rare to find.

I already have the new P1,000, P100, P50 and P20 bills.

A few months ago, I was able to get hold of a P200-bill but unfortunately had to spend it because I ran out of cash while buying in a store.

Right now, the only one I have not seen is the new P500-peso bill.

Hopefully I can get the P500- and P200-peso bills so I can complete my collection right before the BSP launches the new bills in wide circulation.

How about you, have you seen all new peso bills? Were you lucky to get them from your ninongs and ninangs or were you generous enough to hand them to your inaanaks who visited you yesterday during Christmas?

Photos: My Philippines peso bills collection

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.