National Life Insurance Company’s Term Plus Products: 8% and 10% p.a.

James Ryan Jonas

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Product Name

Term Plus

Product Description

A combined term life insurance and financial product offered by National Life Insurance Company of the Philippines. It is said to be a low-risk and moderately high-return passive investment vehicle.


(1) COMPOUNDED INTEREST OPTION – Guaranteed 8% Interest Per Annum

Sample Investment: P1,000,000
                                     In 10 Years, your money is P2,158,925*
                                     In 25 Years, your money is P6,848,475*
                                     In 50 Years, your money is P46,901,613*

Minimum Investment: P1 million
Offer ends on November 2, 2006

(2) MONTHLY INTEREST INCOME OPTION – Guaranteed 10% Interest Per Annum for 5 Years

Sample Investment: P1,000,000
                                     P1M X 10% p.a. = P100,000*
                                     P100,000 / 12 months = P8,333.33* every month for 5                                      years                                     

Total Income in 5 Years: P500,000*

Minimum Investment: P500,000

** Actual figures will depend on the age of the investor. The actual figures can be seen if you request for a proposal.

The Term Plus product is exempt from withholding and estate taxes. The principal is said to be insured through the use of reinsurance companies.

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