Manila Bulletin photo: "Coffin of Gloria Arroyo"

Joining ABS-CBN’s booboo on the death of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, err… former President Cory Aquino, the Manila Bulletin also had a similar mistake in its supplement issue released yesterday, August 6.
The caption on the photo published in the Manila Bulletin says:
With Utmost Care. Military honor guard carefully moves the coffin of President Arroyo out of the Manila cathedral.
The newspaper photo below.
Manila Bulletin: “Coffin of President Arroyo”
"Coffin of Gloria Arroyo (GMA)"

Lapse in judgment? Freudian slip? Wishful thinking?
You decide.
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27 thoughts on “Manila Bulletin photo: "Coffin of Gloria Arroyo"”

  1. I agree with everybody. This is a serious mistake, especially regarding such a sensitive story and also coming from a respected broadsheet.
    But to be honest, I also want to add: This made my day. 🙂

  2. ..hhmmm…the subconscious is tricky..
    it sure did made my day!! ;p Oh,oldest newspaper in the country, should be a reliable source.
    sure, we’re humans, we make mistakes, but hell, no! how can they be so careless?
    i’d say its deliberate, just see how people might react…people either say,
    “OMG! this is a grave mistake! It’s an insult to Cory Aquino” others look at it and say,
    “Wish it were true”
    nonetheless the proofreader should be fired, to the editor, good luck! LOL

  3. Overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. lolz
    .-= Vlad´s latest blog ..2nd Adgitize Payment and its August Contest =-.

  4. whatever it is…. for the purpose of honesty. manila bulletin should have made an apology for that. Wrong information leads to poor journalism….. WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @rivs
    kung mamuna ka kala mo antalino mo
    kung poor journalism ang MB ikaw poor brain.haha

  6. eto pa isa…
    3rd paragraph:
    August 5, the day of Aquino’s burial, was declared a special non working holiday to allow Filipinos to bid farewell to Mrs. Arroyo, a key player in the 1986 People Power Revolution that restored democracy in the country.

  7. jograt Says:
    August 8th, 2009 at %I:%M %p
    kung mamuna ka kala mo antalino mo
    kung poor journalism ang MB ikaw poor brain.haha
    Shut up asshole
    talino mo gago

  8. ching Says:
    August 8th, 2009 at %I:%M %p
    Maligo ka na! alis na tayo! pag-drive mo na kami!
    magwalis ka na! anong pecha na?!

  9. I do not believe that this has been made unintentionally. What happened to the editors? The errors made were from the respected newspapers. If it came from a new-comer tabloid newspaper maybe I would be convinced that it was really unintentional.
    It is not about how they make fun of Gloria Arroyo it also shows disrespect to the former president, Cory Aquino. Alright! Let us assume that these had been made inadvertently, because of the publishers mistakes and negligence the more hurtful criticism will not come from us, it will come from foreigners. What would they think about Philippines and the media that we have here?
    Let us make a change! Move on for our country! Giving them benefit of the doubt, hope next time they will become more careful! They are not just cheap publishers! If it was just a joke it was not a good joke!

  10. What happened to the editors? Are they still doing there job? It is so hard for me
    to imagine that some respected newspapers in the country could make that kind of
    The journalists should think about the implications of what they had done. It shows
    disrespect to the former president Cory Aquino.
    If it was a joke, that was not a good joke!
    Alright I will give them benefit of the doubt.
    Next time they should be careful in publishing erroneous articles.

  11. hayyyyy..kala ko patay na si PGMA..ano ba yan mga publishers..inaantok ba kayu? di bale Pangulo ,sabi nga nn lola ko pag ganyan daw ang situation , matatagaln daw ang buhay natin ..aabot daw tau ng 100 yrs…Dont mind it..its just a silly mistake ..they dont mean it…….

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