Salaries of work-at-home jobs in the US

Out of more than 154 million Americans who are working, 14 million of them are telecommuting — that is, working at home — according to this Yahoo! article.

That’s almost 10% of the labor force already — a high figure — and given further advancements in technology, people’s preference to stay and work at home, and company’s desire to save on costs, this number is still expected to rise.

So what stay-at-home jobs are lucrative? Here are seven of them.

1. Sales Representative

As a sales rep, you contact potential customers and try to close a sales deal with them. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, one in five sales reps now telecommute, meaning they do not regularly work and report in the office anymore. Instead, they stay at home and simply use the telephone or the internet to deal with customers. The more deals are closed, the higher the commissions.

Potential Stay-Home Salary: $68,270 per year

2. Financial Analysts

Financial analysts provide opinion and advice on financial transactions and investments of the company. Because most of them need to be objective and independent on their work, more and more financial analysts are moving out of the company’s office and working at home.

Potential Stay-Home Salary: $70,400 annually

3. Personal Financial Advisors

These licensed people who give individuals advice about personal finance and investment are normally employed by investment or insurance companies. But instead of keeping them in the office, companies send them to the field, which means they can stay at home and do work using the internet or telephone.

Potential Stay-Home Salary: $67,660 per year

4. Web Designers

Web designers are people who manage the layout and functionality of a website. To perform their work, they need to have internet connection and access to the company’s server — things they have even if they are at home. That’s why companies, in an attempt to reduce costs, are now encouraging their web designers to stay and work at home.

Potential Stay-Home Salary: $47,000 to $71,500 annually

5. Software Developers

Just like web designers, software developers can create programs and develop applications without having to be in a company office.

Potential Stay-Home Salary: $83,130 per year

6. Accountants

Just like accountants and auditors in the Philippines who normally work, not in their firm’s office, but in their client’s locations, accountants in the US are now given freedom to finish their work at home rather than stay in the company or their client’s office.

Potential Stay-Home Salary: $57,060 annually

7. Marketing Managers

Surprisingly, even marketing managers in the US can now stay and work at home. Previously, they need to work in the office from morning until night but companies recognize that giving marketing managers freedom and time sometimes enhances their productivity and creativity. They are simply required to report to the office several times in a month.

Potential Stay-Home Salary: $104,400 per year

In the Philippines, very, very few companies offer their employees the ability to work at home. Telecommuting provides benefits but entails costs and risks as well and companies are probably not just ready yet to “let go” of their employees.

For the meantime, Filipinos who want to stay and work at home can check out our list of ways to make money online.

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  2. As a freelancer you will need to be self disciplined and organized simply do to the fact that you have no boss but yourself! When searching out freelance opportunities you will want to avoid the many pitfalls associated with freelance work and most importantly avoid the many scams within the freelance community by simply researching the subject on the internet and joining a group of like freelancers.

    Ozark Mike

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