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Philippine green passport validity and expiration date

Earlier this week, we wrote about getting the new, maroon-colored machine readable passports (MRP) because the old green passports will soon become unusable.

There are a lot of rumors going on about the validity date of the current green passports (including the email currently circulating saying by January 2010, they cannot anymore be used) but unfortunately, we have not heard any official word yet from the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

I asked my friend working at the DFA to confirm, once and for all, what the actual rule is.  I also called the DFA office in Manila and this is what we found out:

The current green passports can indeed be used until their validity dates but the risk is that by 2010, some countries have the prerogative not to accept the green passport as a valid travel document.

Take note that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) require all member states to issue machine readable passports no later than April 2010. This means that after April 2010, other countries can decide not to accept into their borders any foreigner who holds a passport that is not machine readable.

The DFA representative I talked to advised all Filipino passport holders to always inquire with the embassy or immigration office of the country they plan to go to about the validity of their non-machine-readable passports. The DFA cannot ensure that all countries will accept Filipino green passports after 2010. Some of them might but they also have the prerogative not to, according to the DFA.

For all travels within the Philippines, however, green passports can still be used even in 2011, 2012 or until the passport’s validity period.

Hope this clears up the issue.

Update (January 2014): Green, Maroon MRP Philippine passports valid only until 2015

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38 thoughts on “Philippine green passport validity and expiration date”

  1. BaDtZ_MaRu003 says:

    do you no if guam accepting green passport

  2. Melmarinas says:


  3. Enlyn says:

    im a filipino citizin, but live in london for 5 years i still have my green passport but the stamp on it is permanent residence… im going holiday soon july 12 2012,  but my green passport are nearly expire . this coming october 2012 expiration date.. i have air ticket already so i can’t cancel anymore as  i need to attend my brothers wedding third week of july,… still confused if  they allowe me to fly back to our own country and renew passport there before going back to england.. any help and advice..

    thank you!

    ohhh .. by the way, i been called to philippine embassy in london, about my problem… its really disappointed , one of filipino woman who answer the phone.. she said to me,  DONT CALL ME HERE AGAIN , I HAVE LOTS OF WORK TO DO..  how come she sat there in office of philippine embassy london, not welling to help KABABAYAN.. here is the number philippine embassy london. 02074511805…someone knew her kindly please give advice to her be good to kababayan.

    whoever you are its your job to answer all the questions of all kababayan need help.. whast the point having phone in the office.

    you did that before to my friends same attitude.. always say later latter.. its filipino style always say later until nothing happen..

    lots of filipino in london not happy this lady in philippine embassy lodon..

    sana ma……. tauhan ka…

  4. Palma Plesha says:

    So attractive! I love the earthy & classic tones of your wedding! I’m so stealing the succulent idea. Attractive bride, handsome hubby & bridal party. Wonderful footage as constantly Tammy!

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