Lifestyles of the rich and wealthy

The richer you get, they say, the more money you have and the more expenses you make.

And yet, there are rich and wealthy Filipino families who seem to scrimp and save on every possible opportunity.

Or do they, really?

A few PMT members are saying that although these rich Filipinos appear to be scrimping, they, on the other hand, lavish on other extravagances, such as cars, jewelries, luxury vacations, and the like.

Do you agree? Or don't care at all?

Join the discussion in the Lifestyles of the Rich and Wealthy thread in the PMT Forum.

5 thoughts on “Lifestyles of the rich and wealthy”

  1. True, but in order to be really rich, you can’t rely on saving alone. You need to save, make more money, then invest and grow it.

    It does take time but it’s possible to get rich even if you’re not earning a lot of money right now. Our ideas on how to be rich even with low salary here:

    How to get by with low salary

  2. one needs to have a business, make money and avoid paying taxes, re-invest it and the rest is history.
    it doesn’t hurt to marry somebody rich or well-connected.

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