Landbank’s Internet Banking site – hacked, parked or gone?

Earlier I wanted to access my Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) account online so I went to their internet banking site Surprise, surprise!

Imagine my shock when I saw that the website seemed to be just a parked domain filled with advertisement links.

Photo: LBP Internet Banking Site — now just a parked domain

I headed over to Landbank’s official site at to see if there’s any announcement about the problem. There’s none.

In fact, the official site still carries a banner ad that links to the same internet banking site — which is now filled with sponsored listings!

What happened, Landbank? Is your internet banking site hacked, parked or forever gone?

I just hope my LBP bank account remains intact despite this alarming error. I’ll try to investigate more to see what’s really going on.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Other Landbank depositors, are you able to access your accounts online?

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67 thoughts on “Landbank’s Internet Banking site – hacked, parked or gone?”

  1. I’m from LBP’s IT Group, we have not received any complaint of our website/s being
    hacked. There are some viruses that redirects certain websites to hosting sites ie
    dnschanger.a, you may want to check your antivirus and OS patches. If the problem
    still persists, kindly call our helpdesk at 4057000.

  2. Hello, James. I have also experienced the same problem as yours. In fact, I have accessed the the same site, just now 1:40 AM 5/13/2010. Were you able to access the site successfully by now?

    Mr. Cervantes, I am also from DOE’s IT Group and am very sure that our antivirus and OS patches are updated. My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate and my browser is IE8. Tried several times to no avail.

  3. I also tried to access my LBP account on-line but I also encountered the same problem as mentioned by James…puro sponsored ads lang din ang lumalabas… LBP, please act on this problem asap…thanks

  4. Still unable to login to my Landbank account. Sponsored ads on a seemingly parked domain are the only things I’m seeing. I hope LBP can enlighten us on what’s going on, or if it’s a problem on their part, they rectify it asap.

  5. We assure you that our websites are not hacked, like we’ve said kindly check on the virus-dnschanger.a(based on our experience with other clients)…I just accessed my account and still has my balance…kindly call our helpdesk at 4057000 and we will be glad to assist you.

  6. good day! i’m also from LBP’s IT group/e-banking division. i just accessed my account thru iAccess, everything is fine. our websites are equipped with the latest web security features. i assure you, it won’t be hacked.

  7. I tried accessing my account by typing and clicking on the iaccess banner, and directly typing http:/ — both worked. Being an IT guy myself, there are a number of reasons why this may happen on YOUR browsers. 1.)As Mr. Cervantes pointed out, you may be infected by dnschanger.a… it’s actually a trojan which redirects you to other sites. It’s also known as Zlob Trojan in other countries. 2.)YOUR location — some countries try to redirect the sites themselves if they find it as a threat or they are not familiar with a website (example- Saudi Arabia redirects porn) 3.)YOUR ISP – just as what xymphony asked, your ISP plays a vital role on what is happening as well.

    Now, JAMES, you said you tried 3 DIFFERENT COMPUTERS? Chances are, your computers are running on a network and that your network’s already compromised.

    DAVID NICHOLAS, you said you tried to access your account at 1:40 AM 5/13/2010? And that your are an IT guy of DOE? are your from the PH or from Washignton? if you’re from the PH I believe the Gov’t offices there operates until 5:00PM only, what are you doing there at 1:40AM? I also believe that there are no Gov’t offices in the PH who uses Windows 7 on their terminals YET. Now if you are from DOE-Washington, wasn’t DOE-Washington hacked sometime 2006, losing around 1,500 confidential records? (nice work!)REDD was right to give, altho even if you type , it automatically redirects you to the https site.

    JONHA, I think the word SALISI is better used in PHYSICAL contact? You’re WRITING on the web, honey…

    To MYLES, JAMES and the others who can’t access the website, MR. CERVANTES already posted the contact number of their helpdesk (4057000). Instead of whining here, why don’t you try calling like what PAUL did? I’m sure 5-10 people versus the number of successful hits on the landbank website + the assurance of their IT Guys, I personally think landbank is not at fault and that the website is definitely not hacked.

    Just my two cents…

  8. I had a hard time posting my comment above. It took me like TEN TIMES to post it. Does that mean is also being hacked?!

  9. @Gerald, your first comment contained three links and was thus caught by Akismet as possible spam. I’ve now restored the post.

    Yesterday I tried to use a proxy to access Landbank’s internet banking site. It worked. So the problem must be my PC or the network. Still, assuming my PC is infected by these malicious programs, I’m just surprised that it’s only affecting my Landbank online account.

    I have Citibank, BPI and Unionbank online accounts and I access them everyday just like my Landbank account, and yet none of them are being redirected to a parked domain. Another thing, earlier today I asked a friend who is using SmartBro in another area in QC to access the site. He got redirected to the same parked domain.

    I’m not saying Landbank has a security lapse on its website. I’m only saying I’m having problems accessing the site. I’ll try to call Landbank’s hotline tomorrow and will see if they can help solve this problem.

  10. It doesn’t matter if you’re in timbuktu, James… It all boils down to you and a
    couple of people versus the number of hits of

    you and your friends can’t access it? how about the other thousands who can access it?

  11. @James |

    ISPs work by caching website urls and the moment a client goes to a website the ISP directs the client/user to the website or another ISP and maybe another ISP and hopefully to the right website. It maybe a virus in your pc or maybe the ISP servers are all infected with the same virus that redirects you to other sites or the ISP Company is really doing this intentionally. I know these are strong words indeed but we can only narrow down to these possible scenarios that lead some users to redirect to another parked domain. ISPs can do this and in some parts of the world people are against this type of censorship. People and organizations who are against this call for “Net neutrality”. That no restrictions by Internet Service Providers or governments on content, sites, or platforms, on the kinds of equipment that may be attached, and on the modes of communication allowed, as well as communication that unreasonably degrades other traffic ~ wiki.

    As an example, in China their government impose strict compliance on ISPs to intentionally block sites that their government classified as a threat to their culture or society.

    People must be aware that we live in a democratic country and that the web domain in the Philippines can also be governed by the laws that apply within Philippines thus any sort of censorship is a violation of these laws can also be deemed unconstitutional due to the fact that the web is an extension of the freedom of expression.

    “Neutrality proponents claim that telecom companies seek to impose a tiered service model in order to control the pipeline and thereby remove competition, create artificial scarcity, and oblige subscribers to buy their otherwise uncompetitive services. ” ~ taken from wiki… again.

    I only these ISPs can be probed by the NTC on a regular basis. Maybe someone should try to contact them since they are the right government agency to look on this matter…

  12. I’m also from LBP IT Group. In addition to the helpdesk hotline previously given, you may also call our lbpiaccess hotline at 4057800.

  13. could it also be a plug in installed on your browser which redirects you to certain websites if certain browser errors are encountered (e.g. gateway timeout)?

  14. @pedro, be courteous naman, and watch your language please! Hindi ako nagpapanggap and my only intention was to let others know that I share James’ sentiment as well as those having a hard time accessing their account on-line.

  15. Bat ba ang sungit nina Gerald at Pedro? Sinasabi lang niya ang problema nya. Kung galit kayo, just leave this website and never come back. Kung magsalita kayo akala nyo kayo nagpakahirap magtayo ng website para makatulong sa mga online money-making ventures ng mga tao. @Gerald, kung magmarunong ka, kala mo ang galing mo, akismet nga lang di mo na alam.

  16. Hoy Johnny siguro kaibigan mo ang nagsulat ng article na to na hindi man lang naglagay ng last name. Siguro hindi sya sigurado sa sinusulat nya at mukhang hindi ito article kundi isang blog lamang. Bakit Johnny ano ba pinagmamalaki mo?developer ka ba?Ang pinupunto lang naman ng iilan dito eh mukhang hindi naman nahack ang site at saka bakit hindi na lang kayo tumawag. may mga naglagay na nga ng numbers nila from Landbanks IT group.

  17. @JOHNNY kung talagang alam mo ang AKISMET, dapat alam mo rin na HINDI LAHAT NG WEBSITE MAY AKISMET. With that being said, sinasabi ni JOHN ang problema nya, sinasabi ko ang dahilan. Now, kung ganun ka ka-kitid, malamang nga ang sasabihin mo lang “just leave this website…” nakatulong ba yun?

    Basahin mo ulit ang sinulat ni john na article, yun ba and simpleng pagsasabi lang na namumrublema sya sa pagpasok sa website?

    “Earlier I wanted to access my Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) account online so I went to their internet banking site Surprise, surprise!” <– Surprise surprise doesn't sound like saying your sentiment…

    Nagpost ka dito, ano maitutulong mo? Aaaaah… AKISMET nga pala…

  18. The conversations here are starting to get exciting and, at the same time, funny. Haha. As I said before, I just wanted to share that experience I had when I accessed LBP’s online banking site. The error I got may be my fault or LBP’s fault or somebody else’s fault, but at the end of the day, I am entitled to my own opinion.

    Given the way the LBP’s IT group reacted to this post (assuming they are indeed from LBP) makes me think whether it’s really worth it to maintain an LBP account. Clients, no matter how stupid they may be, should be accommodated and respected. In the first place, no business will be in business without their clients. Food for thought.

  19. so James why dont answer the question if youre really that credible and reliable why
    dont you disclose your full name…yes youre correct in expressing your own opinion
    and even publishing it in this site. the Landbank people on the other hand were helpful
    enough by putting their phone numbers if there is really a problem and based on their posts
    nobody has been calling them. you dont have to lecture everybody here about business .
    if you are really a client James as what youre claiming to be why dont you just call the damn
    hotline. the phone number has been posted several times. instead of you hiding in your computer acting like a toughie why dont you ask them what the real problem was.

  20. Mr. James, is there any discourtesy from my comments towards your article. We have given our number for you our valued clients to contact us and try to resolved the issue. If you are saying that I’m not from LBP, you are feel free to visit me at our office (Technology Management Group-16th Floor LBP Plaza 1598 MH Del Pilar St Malate Manila).

    We know that customers are always right and you are entitled to your own opinion. But we, The Official Depository of the Republic of the Philippines, has the obligation to protect our integrity thus giving our own opinion on the matter at hand.

    You have the freedom to write/say anything you want as a valued client to any entity that you engaged business with but for me as an individual, don’t you think that the 1st thing to do is go to the source first and ask or relay the problem. But then, that’s just me.

    We still encouraged you to call our helpdesk at 4057800, rest assured that our websites are not hacked and your deposits are still intact.

  21. The other day, I called lbp hotline 4057000 and was referred to this number 4057800. I talked to a lady (was not able to get her name) and asked for assistance in order for me to access my account because I have been unable to access it for several days now. I mentioned to her my attempts to access the account, my ISP, browser, etc. (information I believe a tech support would need to resolve my issue) Although she was quite professional, I did not get any resolution. I was just plainly told that lbp’s server is running, not compromised, and very secured- a run around indeed. For those who called the hotline and was able to get a better result, kindly inform us here.

    Wether this issue is due to my ignorance, or my inability to secure my computer from malwares or viruses, or due to other people’s fault- it still needs to be resolved. I need to access my account online. I am not an IT expert and I do not possess sufficient knowledge to resolve this on my own. I will try other suggestions posted here by the ITs and look for possible solutions in the internet.

    @James (and to those who cannot access their account)
    Were you able to access your account now? If yes, what did you do?

  22. @LandBank IT, mga pikon hahaha!

    at may time pa kayong makipag-away dito. Siguro wala kayo ginagawa diyan. Ayusin nyo muna website nyo.. Kaya di kayo pwedeng makipagsabayan sa mga leading banks dahil sa bulok na nyong IT at PR hahaha…

  23. o asan na yung mga IT ng Landbank? cge makipag-away pa kayo at padamihin nyo visitors ng site na to. Di ako customer ng landbank pero sa impression ko and the way their people respond here,, grabe ang gagaling hihihihi.. nakakahiya…

  24. Ano bang anti-virus para maalis yang Trojans na yan (assuming may Trojan nga) para ma-view yung site? My anti-virus downloads updates EVERYDAY so isn’t that enough? It is always able to detect and clean Trojans in infected digital cameras (probably plugged into iCafes).

    If such problem is caused by a dnschanger Trojan then why does it only happen in the iAccess site? I tried clicking on the others (i.e., iEasyPadala, WeAccess, iCorp) and no problems are observed. Why would the Trojan “nitpick” on one link? Is it possible that a configuration error is more plausible? Mind you I did not use the word hacked here.

  25. ako din, biktima ng naglolokong sistema ng website nila. tumawag din ako sa hotline nila at sabi ng account handler nila, ipapadala daw nila sa email ko yung bagong pin ko. it has been more than two weeks now and no e-mail received from them. 🙁

  26. I tried accessing the site and I was able to. Up na cguro ngayon.
    .-= JCO´s latest blog ..Unbelievable, 2-year old smoking cigarettes =-.

  27. Bakit wala pumapasok na pension amount ang afp-(Phil. Air Force) ni Retired Master Seargent Consolacion L. Vergara for November, 2010 hanggang ngayon.

  28. That’s true! I have been trying to access Land Bank’s online access but my browsers could not open it. There should be an announcement whatsoever on this beforehand. Just like you, I rely on my online accounts to check on bank updates. Hope they could do something about this immediately.

  29. Yes, I tried to access my account online through In the login page, I entered my username and password, and I was led to a blank page with blue background. It’s so disappointing. The bank has not done anything up to this date and time (8:49 AM Saturday, July 09, 2011).

    Anyone from LBP reading this!!!! 

  30. cgeh don kayo sa private bank, tingnan natin if may mahihita kayo sa pira nyo if malugi yan, land bank is secured kasi govt bank yan. bobo

  31. Sir pnp retired po ako pumasok ang pera ko sa land bank ATM ko, mung mag withdraw na ako d ko na nawithdraw dahil kinuha na lahat ng nautangan ko, pwede pala nla itong makuha, samantalang I bang ATM man ito nadeposit d man sa ATM na kinolateral ko.

  32. Last Sunday, I fund transfer to another landbank account. It says, successful fund transfer. But the owner of the account said that such money was immediately used to transact to an online site, hence, she was not able to see the money transferred. She said here account was hacked. Hence, she need to open another new accout in Landbank. She advised me not to fund transfer any longer in her landbank account, instead to fund transfer online using my Metrobank Account to her Metrobank Account.


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