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Landbank’s Internet Banking site – hacked, parked or gone?

Earlier I wanted to access my Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) account online so I went to their internet banking site Surprise, surprise!

Imagine my shock when I saw that the website seemed to be just a parked domain filled with advertisement links.

Photo: LBP Internet Banking Site — now just a parked domain

I headed over to Landbank’s official site at to see if there’s any announcement about the problem. There’s none.

In fact, the official site still carries a banner ad that links to the same internet banking site — which is now filled with sponsored listings!

What happened, Landbank? Is your internet banking site hacked, parked or forever gone?

I just hope my LBP bank account remains intact despite this alarming error. I’ll try to investigate more to see what’s really going on.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Other Landbank depositors, are you able to access your accounts online?

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    I am requesting my bank statement, is it true that it takes 1 month to have it?

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