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How to apply for a PCSO lotto outlet in the Philippines

Let’s play lotto!

Are you interested to become a PCSO lotto agent and have your own PCSO lotto outlet?

You might find the jackpot here so read on to understand how to apply, how much the PCSO lotto outlet franchise fee is, and who to contact to be able to begin your own PCSO lotto business.

About PCSO and Lotto

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office or PCSO is the charity arm of the Philippine government, providing funding for essential health and welfare activities. The PCSO’s primary earnings come from the public’s payment to enter sweepstakes or lotto draws sponsored by the agency.

Its Charter allows the PCSO to allot 30% of its net sales to the Charity Fund, while 55% is allotted to prizes, and the remaining 15% to operations.

Starting with just two beneficiaries – the Philippine Tuberculosis Society and Hospicio de San Jose – the PCSO now has a long list of beneficiaries that include the Red Cross, Blood Bank, National Mental Hospital, Boys’ Town in Marikina, Missionaries of Charity in Cebu, Golden Acres, Tala Leprosarium, Commission on Family Life in Laoag City, Bacolod Boys’ Home in Negros Occidental, Dominican Missionaries’ Stela Maris Nursery, Leprosarium in Zamboanga City, Daughter of Mary, Mother of the Church in Naga City, nutrition centers, rural health clinics, government hospitals, and many others — totaling more than 8,000 beneficiaries at present.

Main Products/Services Offered

  • Lotto Games: Grand Lotto 6/55; Power Lotto; Super Lotto 6/49; Mega Lotto 6/45; Lotto 6/42; Lotto 6 Digit Game; Lotto 4D; SuerTres; EZ2 Lotto; Ultra Lotto 6/58
  • Small Town Lottery
  • Keno
  • KasCash
  • Scratch It! Instant Tama!
  • Mini-Sweepstakes

Franchise Fee

What’s the franchise fee to own a PCSO lotto outlet?

None, because there is no franchise fee. PCSO got its franchise from the Philippine Congress and those interested to operate their own outlets are called “lotto agents.”

That doesn’t mean, though, that you’re not going to shell out money. Approved lotto agents pay P10,000 for an installation fee that goes to the telecommunications carrier and a processing fee of P1,700 that goes to PCSO.

The agent also has to post a cash bond of P500,000 or pay a surety bond of P5,795.37 annually.

The fees include the bet slips and thermal rolls that will be provided regularly to the lotto agent.

How much do PCSO lotto outlets earn?

Lotto agents earn 5% commission per sale.

But PCSO also requires a certain sales quota per month for the outlet to continue operating. In Metro Manila, the quota is P300,000 to P600,000 every month.

How to Apply to Become a Lotto Agent 

1. The prospective lotto agent must be Filipino and at least 21 years old. Submit a letter of intent with a location map and photos of your proposed PCSO lotto outlet.

2. PCSO will then inspect the proposed location and evaluate potential sales and communication facilities. The site must have significant foot traffic, not prone to flooding, at least 100 meters away from schools, churches, and other lotto outlets, and at least 5 meters away from pawnshops.

3. Once approved, PCSO informs the applicant to construct the lotto booth, following the PCSO’s requirements, such as colors, floor space, etc. The terminal will then be installed.

4. The applicant pays the processing and installation fee. The surety bond is paid to a PCSO-accredited insurance firm.

5. Training to operate the lotto terminal is then provided to the outlet staff. The one-day training covers basic operations, validation, and selling and fraud prevention, among others.

6. Proceed to PCSO’s main office in Mandaluyong City for outlet provisions. Applicants outside the National Capital Region must pass requirements at their respective provincial district offices.

7. Sign the contract with the PCSO.

8. Wait for online activation.

Documentary Requirements

1. Sketch or Location Map of the proposed site, showing location of existing lotto outlets, if any, in the area.

2. Photos of the proposed outlet/site including its vicinity.

3. Proof of Ownership of the location or Lease of Outlet. For owners of the venue, submit a copy of the Land Title or TCT. For lessees, submit a notarized copy of the Authority/Certification from Building Owner.

4a. Other requirements for Individual Applicants:

  • Birth Certificate of Applicant
  • Three (3) latest ID pictures (2×2) of applicant and spouse, if applicable
  • Proof of Identification (any two valid IDs)
  • Proof of Income. For employed individuals: Income Tax Return and Certificate of Employment. For self-employed applicants: Income Tax Return, Registration of Business (for existing business), and audited Financial Statements (if applicable)
  • NBI Clearance
  • Barangay Clearance (Personal Record)

4b. Other requirements for Corporate Applicants:

  • Biodata of Officers and Directors
  • Certified True Copy of SEC Registration, Articles of Incorporation, and By-Laws
  • Secretary Certificate and or Board Resolution duly authorizing person/s to transact with PCSO for purpose of the operating a lotto outlet
  • Three (3) latest ID pictures (2×2) of the authorized  representative
  • Representative’s Proof of Identification (any two (2) valid ID)
  • Representative’s latest and original NBI Clearance
  • Latest Audited Financial Statement of the corporation
  • Corporation’s Income Tax Return for the immediate preceding year

Lotto Booth Requirements


1. As per PCSO Board Resolution No. 0097 (Series of 2011), the proposed site must meet the following distance requirements. The distance is to be measured from the door of the establishment proper to the proposed outlet and shall follow road directions and not the straight line or hypotenuse distance between the two points:

  • Distance from pawnshop: At least 5 meters
  • Distance from schools, churches, and other lotto outlets: At least 100 meters

2. Floor Space must be at least 2m x 2m. Business counters should measure at least 36” x 24”.

3. Must be in a dry floor space with proper ventilation.

4. Booth should have at least one (1) wireless or fixed landline telephone facility for hotline operation use.

5. For security reasons, all lotto outlets should be enclosed and must be facing the direction of human traffic/entry. Frontage must face the main hallway/corridor or to the direction of major traffic flow.

6. Outlets located within a commercial building or complexes, with 24-hour security, need not be enclosed.

Contact Details

PCSO Main Office: PICC Secretariat Bldg, CCP Complex, 1307 Roxas Blvd., Pasay City



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Information and Image Sources: PCSO website, Entrepreneur Philippines,,

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9 thoughts on “How to apply for a PCSO lotto outlet in the Philippines”

  1. Kim1 says:

    Sir/Madam, how much po income o ilan percent sa lotto franchise? 300k lang ba ang cash bond? wala na iba babayaran pagkatapos ng payment sa cash bond? o kailangan pa ba ng additional fund sa outlet pra maka start ng operations? at refundable ba yung cash bond in case ayaw muna ituloy yung business? thanks.

    1. Maria Teresa Arias says:

      Sir/Mam nagbibigay pa po ba kayo ng franchise dito sa san pablo laguna

  2. Kim1 says:

    Sir/Madam good day! sana matulongan nyo ako sa plano ko mag lotto franchise? may naipon na ako capital sa lotto franchise at may nka ready na din na location/area. ang gusto ko lng malaman ko kung magkano percentage sa income at kung mayron pa ba additional payment o additional fund to operate maliban sa cash bond na 300k, installation fee 10k at application fee 2k. at refundable ba yung cash bond in case ayaw muna ituloy yung business? Thanks in advance.

  3. Eden Jaime says:

    sir/madam gusto ko po magkaruon ng lotto outlet may sarili po ako place para sa lotto outlet. gusto ko po malaman kung yung cash bond na 300k ay ma re refund ko in case na gusto ko na i close ko na yung lotto outlet? kindly advice

    1. concepab says:

      4.5 to 5 percent from the gross sales.Plus PCSO will also grant you a percentage of a winning bet from your outlet with a maximum of 500,000 PHP, depending on the jackpot winning prize. cool di ba?

    2. Annonymous says:

      Di naman cguro 300k ang babayaran mo sa cash bond na 300k.. para magkaroon ka ng cash bond na 300k ay ay nasa 5k lang po yong premium rates na babayaran mo.. correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Jan Michael Barretto says:

    wala na bang ,as maliit na puhunan for franchise?

  5. Jun Calata says:

    Plano ko magkarron ng lotto outlet franchise na yan kaso wla pa akong nahanap na pwesto ngyn pero may puhunan na ako.Gusto ko lang malaman kung refundable ba yung cash bond na 300k…Reply nman po pls…

  6. Maria Teresa Arias says:

    Maria Teresa Arias says:JUN 30, 2017
    Sir/Mam nagbibigay pa po ba kayo ng franchise dito sa san pablo laguna

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