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How to Franchise: Petron Bulilit Gas Station

With today’s growing demand for fuel use and consumption, and with increasing numbers of cars, now may be the best time to invest in a gas station in the Philippines!

Are you considering to franchise Petron but don’t want to operate a full-service gas station yet? Then opt for its smaller counterpart in the form of Petron Bulilit Gas Station.

Continue reading to learn more about the business requirements, dealership application steps, and, more importantly, the required franchise investment to own a Petron Bulilit Gas Station franchise.

Franchise Dealership Types

Petron offers three types of dealership outlets, namely:

  • 1. Company-Owned Service Station (COSS)

COSS are stations built, equipped and maintained by the company itself on either leased lots or company-owned. A usual COSS has complete station facilities including driveway, service bays, salesroom, and convenience facilitates.

The franchise investment and operating capital needed ranges from P4,000,000 to P9,000,000 depending on the size and array of services offered by the station. This covers stocks, tools and equipment like wheel balancers, lubricators, wheel aligner, and for granting credit, accommodations.

Further, the dealer pays a monthly rental for the service station facilities.

  • 2. Dealer-Owned Service Station (DOSS)

DOSS are stations built and financed by the dealer who is usually the lot’s owner. The company provides the major equipment such as dispensing pumps, underground tanks, lifters, and compressors. DOSS, in general, are smaller outlets limited to filling activities. However, there are large DOSS found in urban areas.

  • 3. Petron Bulilit or Micro Filling Station (MFS)

Petron Bulilit Stations, or Micro Filling Station (MFS), are service stations built and designed to cater to areas with untapped fuel demand. MFS outlets generate an average of 80 to 40 thousand liters a month. The cost of investment for MFS is minimal as the company shoulders the cost of signage and equipment, while the dealer invests in the station’s construction cost.

Petron Bulilit Station is still a Petron gas station, but unlike the typically large, full-service Petron service stations, the Bulilit version only has two or three product pumps. The Bulilit Service Station is still engaged in the same retail operations – buying, storing, and reselling Petron’s petroleum products such as lubricants, fuel, LPG, and other specialty products.

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Dealership Information

The dealership contract with Petron covers a minimum period of three (3) years. This contract is renewable for another three-year period based on the dealer’s performance.

However, the dealer is not allowed to transfer the dealership to anyone by succession, assignment, sale, etc. Such right rests only with Petron.

Application and Selection Process

Here is an overview of the selection process for potential dealers of dealer-owned and micro-filling service stations:

1. Screening: Fill out the Dealership Application Form and then, write a letter of intent and submit it with other required documents. When all documents are complete, the application shall be submitted to Petron offices. Upon receipt, the company will review the documents submitted and assess the proposed site. The applicant will be advised of the application status as soon as possible.

2. Training: The applicant who will pass the screening process will be endorsed to enroll in a four-week Petron Dealer Management Course (DMC). This gives the aspiring applicant to have a comprehensive training and deeper understanding of the business. DMC is conducted in the San Miguel Corp. Head Office Complex in Mandaluyong City.

The company continuously guides the franchisee in running the Petron service station. In fact, during the first few days of business, there will be visits and hands-on training to ensure seamless operations in the station.

3. Project Implementation: The blueprint of the service station will be discussed and presented to the franchisee prior to construction. Details to be discussed include design, materials, specifications, attainment/submission of necessary permits required by local and national government units, and finances.


Send the completed Dealership Application Form downloadable from the company website ( together with the following:

1. Letter of Intent – should include complete name, home/office address, contact information, and address of proposed lot

2. Vicinity Map

3. Lot Plan

4. Transfer Certificate of Title

Contact Information

If you have questions or clarifications regarding the Petron franchise, contact them using the following contact details.

For Luzon Applicants:
To: Network Expansion-Reseller Trade

Fax: (02) 884-0950 or (02) 884-0940
Tel. No.: (02) 884-9251
Mailing Address: Ground Floor, San Miguel Corp. Head Office Complex, 40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City 1150

For Visayas-Mindanao Applicants:
To: Network Expansion-Reseller Trade

Fax: (032) 345-5616
Tel. No.: (032) 344-7341 to 44 loc. 50158
Mailing Address: Petron Mandaue Terminal, Looc, Mandaue City

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Information and Photo Sources: Official Company Website (

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    1. IFuel Gas Station - Franchise Global says:

      Hi Wilson,
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  4. Dureza abubakar abah says:

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    This is the franchise I am looking for as it is not very costly, although my first choice is still 7-11

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