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How to Franchise: Angel’s Burger

In countless streets and sidewalks across the country, Angel’s Burger kiosks abound serving their popular buy-one, take-one burgers to Pinoys on a tight budget. If you’re one of the many entrepreneurs interested to franchise this burger chain, continue reading below for more information.

About Angel’s Burger

Angel’s Burger was started by husband-and-wife Joseph and Victoria Mojica in 1997, after their previous goto and bulalo food venture proved unprofitable. Where did Angel’s Burger get its name? The business was actually named after their first daughter, Angelica.

The burger chain started out with only five outlets but quickly grew to several locations in just a couple of years. In 1999, after acquiring knowledge from America and experimenting with the burger’s recipe, the couple revamped Angel’s Burger into the brand we now know and made it available for franchising.

As the self-proclaimed “Burger ng Bayan”, the brand takes pride in its affordable food offerings. Most kiosks are strategically located on street corners to make them more accessible to those looking for a quick but inexpensive meal. Their flagship product, the Buy 1 Take 1 burger, is hugely popular among Filipinos because of its value for money. 

Angel’s Burger’s menu varies from one kiosk to another but here are some of their consistently available food products:

  • Buy 1 Take 1 burger (plain)
  • Buy 1 Take 1 cheeseburger
  • Ham sandwich
  • Ham and cheese sandwich
  • Ham and egg sandwich
  • Meatloaf sandwich
  • Hotdog sandwich

To make sure that the burgers maintain good taste and quality, Angel’s Burger partnered with San Miguel Pure Foods – Great Food Solutions Inc. (GFS) to consistently supply flour, cheese, burger patties, and San Mig Coffee 3-in-1 mix to its food stalls.

Franchise Fee and Application

With over a thousand kiosks across the country, Angel’s Burger’s apparent success and rapid growth continues to pique the interest of potential franchisees across the country.

Interested to franchise Angel’s Burger? Unfortunately, the burger chain has announced in 2014 that it is no longer available for franchising. At present, there is currently no available info about Angel’s Burger’s franchise fee or application process as hundreds of online queries remain unanswered on their Facebook page and other forums.

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Contact Details

Angel’s Burger’s website has long been inactive and does not provide any telephone numbers. They do have a Facebook page but no admin account is officially replying to comments posted there. Here are their email address and Facebook and Instagram links if you wish to contact them.



Instagram: @angelsburger_official

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Information and Image Sources: Angel’s Burger official Facebook page,, Angels’ Burger Instagram

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