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How to Franchise: 7-11 in the Philippines (7-Eleven Convenience Store)

Looking to franchise a 7-11 store?

Here are relevant information that can help you understand how to franchise, how much you need and who to contact to start your own 7-Eleven store franchise.

About 7-Eleven

In 1927, a company in Texas called Southland Ice Company pioneered the convenience store concept wherein they sold bread, eggs, and milk even after store hours. In 1946, the company changed its name to 7-Eleven which reflected then the operating hours from 7AM to 11PM.

In 1982, Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), acquired the license for 7-Eleven in the Philippines. In 1998, PSC opened its stores for franchise. In 2000, PSC partnered with a Taiwanese company for expansion plans. In 2010, PSC also partnered with Chevron Philippines (Caltex) to convert their Mini Mart to 7-Eleven stores. In 2012, PSC launched the Store of the Future design and started its expansion to Visayas, particularly in Cebu.

Main Products and/or Services Offered

  • Big Bite – hotdogs, siopao
  • Hotta Rice – rice toppings
  • 7 Fresh – coffee and breads
  • Busog Meals – affordable rice meals
  • Gulp – juice and softdrinks
  • Slurpee – frozen drinks
  • Bayad Agad – payment service
  • Fast moving convenience items

No. of Branches

  • Metro Manila – 415
  • Luzon – 395
  • Visayas – 19

Franchise Fee

P600,000 (will increase to P1,000,000 within the year)

Total Franchise Cost / Investment

P3 million and above

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Standard Package Inclusions:

  • Use of logo and name
  • Construction of the store
  • Advance payment and deposit for rent
  • Initial Merchandise
  • Franchise Fee
  • Training
  • On-going support
  • Marketing
  • Audit
  • Equipment Maintenance

Payback Period

3.5 years – 4 years

Contact Person

  • Ms. Nicole Angelica B. Villano
  • PR Specialist – Franchise

Contact Details

Office Address: 7th & 11th Floors Columbia Tower Ortigas Avenue Mandaluyong City 1550

Telephone: +6327269968

Mobile Number: +639178711686 / +639209508651






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Sources: BPI Family Ka-Negosyo, Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI), Official company website

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16 thoughts on “How to Franchise: 7-11 in the Philippines (7-Eleven Convenience Store)”

  1. malen red says:

    where can the existing stores available for franchising be viewed. im interested to get a franchise, im from imus cavite.

  2. George Lu says:

    Thickly populated area like having slang, Galician. I’m interested in 7 eleven. Pls send me quotation, requirements, I’m renovating a bldg.

  3. George Lu says:

    Thickly populated area like bagong silang, Cloocan. I’m interested in 7 eleven. Pls send me quotation, requirements, I’m renovating a bldg.


    how much is the franchising cost and what is the include package and what is the require floor plan ara do we have any initial bldg. designed just to follow?

  5. kimberly mae caseria says:

    requirenents po. at details po.. 300thousand po ba yong all cost or iba pa po yong franchuse at package .?? please am a soon gDr aduating stident ao olan to have a business na po.

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