How to Franchise: 7-11 in the Philippines (7-Eleven Convenience Store)

Looking to franchise a 7-11 store in the Philippines?

Here are relevant information that can help you understand how to franchise, how much you need and who to contact to start your own 7-Eleven store franchise.

About 7-Eleven

In 1927, a company in Texas called Southland Ice Company pioneered the convenience store concept wherein they sold bread, eggs, and milk even after store hours. In 1946, the company changed its name to 7-Eleven which reflected then the operating hours from 7AM to 11PM.

In 1982, Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), acquired the license for 7-Eleven in the Philippines. In 1998, PSC opened its stores for franchise. In 2000, PSC partnered with a Taiwanese company for expansion plans. In 2010, PSC also partnered with Chevron Philippines (Caltex) to convert their Mini Mart to 7-Eleven stores. In 2012, PSC launched the Store of the Future design and started its expansion to Visayas, particularly in Cebu.

Number of 7-11 Branches

From the company’s website, it was stated that as of 2016, there were a total of 1,741 stores nationwide. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Company Owned Units: 756
  • Franchised Units: 985

Recently in 2017, however, it was announced that the company achieved another milestone when it opened its 2,000th 7-11 store in the Philippines.

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee for a 7-11 store is P600,000 and must be paid upon approval of the application.

Total Franchise Investment

Aside from the franchise fee, there are other costs that the franchisee also needs to pay. These include:

  • Initial Store Supplies: P170,000
  • Initial Merchandise: P800,000
  • Construction Cost: approximately P2.03 Million
  • Advance Rent and Deposit (depending on the lease terms): Settled before store opening

Total cash outlay for a 7-11 franchise investment ranges from P3.5 Million to 5 Million Pesos. Take note, though, that the amounts are mere estimates and do not include the 12% VAT yet.

* Also see: New 7-11 Franchise Offer (P300,000 franchise fee)

Standard Package Inclusions:

  • Use of logo and name
  • Construction of the store
  • Advance payment and deposit for rent
  • Initial Merchandise
  • Franchise Fee
  • Training
  • On-going support
  • Marketing
  • Audit
  • Equipment Maintenance

Payback Period

The expected payback period for the 7-11 franchise investment is 3.5 to 4 years. The actual payback period would, of course, depend on a number of factors, including location, foot traffic, store costs, and products sold.

Contact Details

For more information about the 7-11 franchising offer, contact them at:

Telephone Number: (02) 726-9968

Mobile Phone Number: 0920-9508651 / 0917-8711686


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Sources: BPI Family Ka-Negosyo, Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc. (AFFI), Official company website

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  1. Where can the existing stores available for franchising be viewed. I am from valenzuela city and I want to know the nearest available from my place.

  2. We are interested to franchise 7/11 our location is Mercado street.goin to bulacan we are near to subdivision like miraverde and brokly can you give us information and procedure for franchises thank you very much

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    Thank you.

  6. where can the existing stores available for franchising be viewed. im interested to get a franchise, im from imus cavite.

  7. Thickly populated area like having slang, Galician. I’m interested in 7 eleven. Pls send me quotation, requirements, I’m renovating a bldg.

  8. Thickly populated area like bagong silang, Cloocan. I’m interested in 7 eleven. Pls send me quotation, requirements, I’m renovating a bldg.

  9. requirenents po. at details po.. 300thousand po ba yong all cost or iba pa po yong franchuse at package .?? please am a soon gDr aduating stident ao olan to have a business na po.

    • Hi ma’am good day! We offer franchise nationwide pharmacy with convenient store.
      Ipharmamart 24/7.
      For more details kindly call 09162619971

  10. Hi! Good afternoon,
    Im leaving in surala south cotabato i want to franchise 7/11 in our place how much is the budget ? Can you help me on this matter.Thank you.

    • Hi ma’am good day we offer franchise pharmacy with convenient store. Ipharmamart 24/7
      For more details kindly call or text 09162619971

  11. Ricardo Cagabcab
    Hello, in regards to the 2.03m construction costs, is the company initially acquiring a land to build the actual structure, or the amount is the cost to cover the internal/external fixtures and fittings on the existing lease building. If, i acquire to lease the space of 120SM would the amount of 2.03m be reduce? What is the maximum life expectancy of the business after the final extentions of the lease. Is there a time frame? Or the business can continue trading indefinitely.

    • Good am,

      I am looking for someone to lease my 104sqm lot in Kawit Cavite highway.

      My fb name is Benedicto Vasquez , Iam on arab white dress profile.

      My mp 09276388888

  12. Hi I am interested in francising 7 eleven I have already my own building located in guiwanon baclayon bohol near astoria bohol . Also we are near the newly constructed ocean jet terminal in sta cruz baclayon bohol. I looking forward for your response in your convenient time.

  13. Good evening! I am very much interested to franchise 7/11 convenient store here in Guiwanon Baclayon Bohol. Actually we have already a building if ever granted to franchise.May i know the required floor area.In addition to our place is just near to Baclayon’s pride..the oldest church,then walking distance to Astoria Resort Bohol and this site is just 4 kms from Tagbilaran City. I am looking forward for your responce in your most convenient time.

    • Hi good day we offer franchise nationwide pharmacy with convenient store.
      Kindly call or text 09162619971

  14. We have a spacestrategic for a seven eleven outlet, corner lot just along a school and near another competent 24/7convenience store in Nazareth,Cagayan de Oro City.

  15. I am interested franchising a 7-11 outlet here in bacoor please Give me
    the estimated total amout needed for this! [in details]: ( pm me / thru my email add): Thanks a lot!

    • Hi, Good am, I have a good location for 7 11 in Kawit Cavite 104sqm along main road. I want someone to lease my lot for 7 11. my mp is 09276388888 Benedict

    • my fb benedicto vasquez
      iam on arab white dress profile

      i have a lot 104sqm along highway kawit cavite , it is good for 7 11, i want someone to lease it.

  16. Gud day, I have a 5 units under construction commercial building with 150sqm in evergreen subd. gayagaya san jose bulacan. Im looking for someone to lease the two units in the first floor, specially 7- eleven, very nice place, main road in the border of caloocan phase 1 and san jose bulacan. those interested pls. contact with my cp numbers 09175809050.

  17. hi im Ethel from Baguio City and im interested to apply for 7/11 franchise.can you send me more details on how to avail.Thank you.

  18. To Whom It May Concern; Greetings. Kindly provide to yours truly, the list of requirements for a Seven Eleven Franchise Package. plus the application form for me to fill up. I have a good space in Cebu city right at the the heart of it available and ready for occupancy. So please reply fast. Thank you.

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    • Hi sir good day we offer franchise pharmacy with convenient store.
      Ipharmamart 24/7 .
      For more details kindly call or text 09162619971


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