(Video) Manila Philippines bus hostage taking

Manila, Philippines (August 23, 2010; 11:55 p.m.) – Here are some gripping videos of the hostage taking on a Chinese tourist bus in Manila, Philippines.

The hostage crisis ended tragically after a SWAT team assaulted a bus full of mostly Chinese tourists from Hong Kong, resulting in the death of the hostage taker and nine (9) hostages.

Additional Story: Video & Transcript of Radio interview with Manila bus hostage-taker Rolando Mendoza

A total of 22 Hong Kong tourists and three Filipinos were aboard the tourist bus when sacked police senior inspector Rolando Mendoza seized the vehicle around 9 a.m., demanding that he be reinstated.

At first, matters proceeded peacefully. The hijacker freed nine hostages — three women, three children and two men — leaving 15 tourists on board. Police sealed the area and brought food for the hostages, along with fuel to keep the bus’ air conditioning running in the 32-degree-Celsius (90 F) heat.

Then negotiations began to go awry. Mendoza demanded a signed promise that his case would be reviewed, but its delivery was delayed for hours, in part by Manila’s notorious traffic, and when it finally arrived he rejected it as insufficient.

The hijacker’s brother Gregorio, a policeman, was flown in to talk to him through the driver’s window but grew so agitated in claiming Mendoza had been unfairly sacked that police hustled him away, fearing he would inflame the situation.

Some observers said Mendoza was provoked by the sight of his emotional policeman-brother Gregorio Mendoza being pacified and taken away. After Mendoza was heard firing his gun from inside the bus, the police attacked shortly after 7:30 p.m.

Policemen spent several minutes trying to enter through the doors and windows, using sledgehammers. They threw tear gas inside the bus before forcing open the emergency exit in the back at 8:13 p.m. By that time, Mendoza was dead, and so were apparently some of the hostages.

Videos: Manila, Philippines Hostage-taking Drama




Sources: Yahoo News, GMA News, CNN

Additional Story: Video & Transcript of Radio interview with Manila bus hostage-taker Rolando Mendoza

23 thoughts on “(Video) Manila Philippines bus hostage taking”

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  3. am writing this comment from Kingdom of Bahrain. I am very disappointed with the terrible incompetence shown by the PNP in handling the crisis. When the hostage-taker demanded for a media to come, I thought the crisis leadership will see it as an opportunity. An expert police can disguise as camera man and catch the criminal by surprise. But they did not see it. Bobo talaga ang mga police na yan!

  4. …wala nanamang nagawa c noynoy ai………bkt naman kasi bnaboy nyo ung kapatid nya? d sana mangyayare un..!!!!sa susunod na may mga turista d2 sa pinas sguraduhing nyong walang mangyayareng masama protektahan nyo para naman nd mapahioya ang pilipinas…grave eh…..!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. It’s funny how people keep calling this not an isolated incident. You wanna know why Hong Kong and the Chinese are upset, well everyone who was innocent that died was Chinese. I think if there were filipinos hostages that died the anger wouldn’t be so bad towards the filipinos.

    @James, those are terrorist attacks, that had casualities of all sorts of races. Their agenda was to kill not negotiate.

    @jonha@Happiness, yeah your they their best? What are you talking about. They had a “special force army unit” that were experienced in these kinds of situations on standby at the scene ready, but the police didn’t want them to take the spotlight. Egos galore. Yeah look at how that turned out. President goes into hiding. Blaming anyone,but themselves. Calling a Hong Kong Official a liar. Of course your countrymen would put them down, what else you want them to do, congratulate them not saving 8 people. Congratulate them for making the Philippines a place you shouldn’t spend your money.

    Hopefully this will be a turning point for everyone in the Philippines. Sometimes it take a view from the outside to see what’s wrong in the inside. Many in the philippines are so used to the issues, it becomes part of life. If there was repect and honor for the people and LAWS the place would be a lot safer and better. Hell it probably be back to being “the pearl of the orient” and a great power at that.

    To those that say lets pray for a better Philippines, do you pray when you want a car to move or you want a good grade on the test. Praying is fine, but it only takes you so far. You have to move the car yourself, or study very hard to get a good grade. You have to do something for what you want. Not waiting for something to happen. Remember filipinos have been praying for how long for a better Philippines. It has always taken someone to start something for the better (rizal, lapu lapu). It’s time for action. Be vocal, demand accountability, educate and stop the hate and propaganda.

  6. Although im very disappointed with the way we handled the situation, i believe that the Chinese people are a bit over reacting. Have they forgotten about the melanin scandal that their own people did. From my point of view its far more grave than what Rolando Mendoza did.

  7. I agree to you James. The hostage drama was not an isolated incident. It could happen anywhere in the world and many worse than that happened or happening elsewhere. People in HK should be more understanding. I am sure many of them do understand. I am delighted with Jackie Chan’s disposition.
    .-= dokwayne´s latest blog ..Dokwayne’s Socioeconomic Model of Business =-.

  8. I heard that a lot of Filipino OFWs working in Hong Kong were sacked solely because of this incident. Did they also sack Arab workers there after 9-11? Did they also boycotted airline companies when their fellowmen died in airplane accidents?
    .-= James M.´s latest blog ..Automatic Photo Scanner Picks =-.

  9. If our police officers are incompetent, it cannot be completely blame on them. There are many factors that contribute to it. Let us try to understand the limitations of our country.
    .-= dokwayne´s latest blog ..Managing crisis =-.

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