Google Adsense Tips to Optimize your Ads

James Ryan Jonas

Here's a recap of the five optimization tips from the Google Adsense blog during the August Optimization Month.

Adsense Tip 1: Test and track your ads using channels

Summary: Utilize channels to find out which location, type, and color of the ad generate the most clicks so you'd know which high-paying ads to use.

Adsense Tip 2: Design the “perfect” ad

Summary: The "perfect" ad is one that generates a lot of clicks based entirely on its color, type, and location in the site. You don't get to decide which ad is perfect, it's your site visitors' call. Thus you need to analyze how they "behave" in your site in order to know what ad "clicks."

Adsense Tip 3: Increase earnings with other Adsense features

Summary: Adsense is not just about ads. Referring others to use Google products, monetizing searches, and offering the site to targeted advertisers will definitely help increase your earnings.

Adsense Tip 4: Know your audience and find out who’s clicking on your ads (and who’s not) — and why

Summary: With Google Sitemaps and Google Analytics (and other site analysis tools), it's become easier to determine who your site audience is. Armed with this knowledge, you can find ways to tweak your site to generate more ad clicks and, consequently, Adsense earnings.

Adsense Tip 5: Monitor performance, evaluate results, and know what to do next

Summary: Monitor the performance of your account, evaluate the results of your ad campaigns, and plan your next steps based on the assessment results.

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