$4,500 Adsense earnings in 1 day, fake or not?

Pinoy Money Talk member CookieMonzter dropped by the Google Adsense Earnings Survey discussion thread and made a lot of people drool when he shared that he earned $4,552.64 from Adsense in just one day.

The screenshot he posted also showed that, on the day after that, he has already earned $2,583.70 — and the day’s not finished yet!

Here’s the screenshot of his Adsense earnings:

Fake or not?

Nevertheless, the two Adsense tips he mentioned is something Google Adsense publishers ought to remember.

First, Quality Traffic (Millions of em)…
The more traffic your website(s) are getting the more money you will make.

Second, Patience, You cannot become successful overnight…
Remember Good things come to those who wait.

Tell us how much you are making in Adsense in the Google Adsense Earnings Survey thread in the PMT Forum.

40 thoughts on “$4,500 Adsense earnings in 1 day, fake or not?”

  1. To earn $4500 in a day, assuming 1 click is $0.10, you need 45000 clicks. If we assume the CTR is 5%, then the number of impressions is 900000. if the average user browses 2 page views each, this translates to 450000 unique users.

    To have that number of visitors in a day, this site must really be known. Take note that inquirer.net, the number 1 philippine site, only has 1.7m unique visitors monthly or a daily traffic of 56666. so this site is not local in nature. if that traffic figure is true, it could be in the level of myspace which has 17.5 million visitors a month. myspace is the 6th most visited site in the world. the 7th most visited site is facebook owned by a non-filipino.

    the top 5 alexa sites are yahoo, google, msn, youtube and windows live.

    i suspect the check showed by cookiemonzter belongs to the company he works for, not his own site. well that is my opinion based on the facts above.

  2. @Dennison, pwede rin. Mabenta nga naman talaga ang porn at illegal downloads site. Although once malaman ng Google na ganun ang content ng site mo, posibleng i-ban ka nila dahil violation ng TOS yung mga ganung content para sa Adsense sites.

  3. ive been into online business at sa higpit ng google i dont think they would let you earn that much, they are so strict that just a single mistake or violation in their tos will forfeit your earnings. Your ahould have a very large traffic on your site to earn that kind of clicks even if you use blogs its impossible. To profit from Adsense again your website must have a very high traffic and if thats the case you should share what websites you are using and ill try to look at it and click some ads on it if its true:)

  4. It is fully possible to earn $100+ per day on Adsense, but $4,000!?!? To get that kind of daily earnings you need to have at least 100,000 unique visitors to your site per day.

  5. dwaynelattimore.com

    It’s very possible to get this kind of money if people are really trafficking their tails off to this site! That would mean that this guy is doing an average of 120K monthly on his site which is pretty damn good. I wish everyone the best in their business success! Instead of trying to find ways the next individual couldn’t do this or that, I’ll rather find the ways he or she CAN.


  6. WTF..!!!I think this one is fake..1 day is not enough to earn that kind of amount..I think this is a thank you Photoshop…aheheh…Thanks for the tips btw..

  7. I think it is real. He/she is getting it not from one site, but perhaps from more 1000 sites. I read in DP someone earning similar amount but from a few hundred sites, and he has people helping him. So it is possible, I guess.

  8. that’s 100% fake!
    already checked the background color. it wasn’t consistent compared to a real screenshot.
    i’ll give a link later of a screenshot showing the background color changing frm ffffff to other colors near the number.

    this guy is not even good in using an image-editing software.


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  10. This could be true if masipag ka lang at may magandang reputation sa internet. I have tried narin but unfortunately na ban ang account ko sayang hehe.. Ngayon di na makapag-apply sa adsense 🙁

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