Photos and videos of the Glorietta Mall blast

James Ryan Jonas

Eleven (11) people were confirmed dead and more than a hundred injured during the October 19, 2007 blast at the Glorietta Mall in Makati, Philippines. News report from

A powerful blast, believed to be caused by a bomb, rocked a crowded shopping mall in Manila's financial district about 1:30 p.m. Friday, killing at least 11 people and injuring more than a hundred others.

The explosion caused extensive damage throughout the Glorietta 2 shopping complex in Makati City, toppling roofs, destroying walls, and sending debris crashing onto cars outside.

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Pictures and videos of the blast site below.

Pics courtesy of Disney Cute's Multiply site.

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Video grab from showing the blast site just minutes after the explosion:


More raw footages inside and outside the Glorietta Mall blast site:




List of Glorietta blast victims


  1. Jose Allan De Jesus
  2. Liza Marquez
  3. Lester Peregrina
  4. Janine Marcos
  5. Anthony Marius Arroyo
  6. Maria Celeste Cruz
  7. Jee Ann De Gracia
  8. Ceasar Niño Vidamo (earlier posted as Cesar Nino Vidano)
  9. Rainier Tan
  10. Maureen de Leon
  11. Ricardo Petras (earlier posted as Bertras)

Injured in the blast who were admitted and treated at the Makati Medical Center and already been discharged (unless otherwise specified):

  1. Cecilia Alfonso
  2. Melanie Arroyo
  3. Ma. Isabel Aruyal
  4. Ma Rebecca Aruyal (confined)
  5. Cesaria Bajar (confined)
  6. Jerick Balandrez
  7. Sherley Bolano
  8. Jeffrey Burcer
  9. Christine Calope
  10. Jennie De Asis
  11. Evangeline De Leon
  12. Christopher John Dela Cruz
  13. Sarah Jane Dela Cruz
  14. Teresita Dela Cruz
  15. Kristina Dungca (confined)
  16. Carmen Enriquez
  17. Bonnie Escoto (in serious condition)
  18. John Kenneth Estiller
  19. Ma. Generosa Estiller
  20. Ma. Natividad Estiller
  21. Maria Melissa Marilou Estiller
  22. Mailou Gallien
  23. Rolando Elvis Gannaban (confined)
  24. Mabini Garcia Jr.
  25. Mayflor Garcia
  26. Alberto Gonzales III
  27. Sally Honopre
  28. Kristine Kalone
  29. Hae Won Kim (confined)
  30. Irene Layo
  31. Elizabeth Liboro
  32. Greald Florence Liwanag
  33. Custodie Magdale Jr.
  34. Rosalino Mappala
  35. Maricel Marcelo (in serious condition)
  36. Ma Corazon Molet
  37. Henry Montenegro
  38. Melvin Montenegro
  39. Regina Reyes Montenegro
  40. Grace Montines
  41. Queena Ngo
  42. Lolita Ogad
  43. Roman Ong
  44. Robinson Orlando (in serious condition)
  45. Ludivina Orna
  46. Atea Rose Ortiz
  47. Lailani Pableo
  48. Red Pamplina
  49. Mylene Pasamba
  50. John Henry Pascual
  51. Airesh Lou Peregrino
  52. June Lester Peregrino
  53. Christopher Pineda
  54. Aileen Punzal
  55. Agnes Ramilo (confined)
  56. Mary Grace Raymaro
  57. Ma Cecilla Recella
  58. Jina Regachuela
  59. Fely Reyes
  60. Wilson John Rodriguez
  61. Mia Therese Romasanta
  62. Raphael Antonio Romasanta
  63. Stephanie Romasanta
  64. Erwin Sampiano
  65. Donald Santos
  66. Josephine Santos
  67. Lady Khristine Santos
  68. Annabelle Sapitan
  69. Robby Ross Serrano
  70. Angela Marie Soriano
  71. Silvestre Talingting
  72. Shiela Marie Tingson
  73. Anna Patricia Villareal
  74. Thiela Marie Yap

Injured who were admitted and treated at the Ospital ng Makati and already been released:

  1. Tex Nombrado
  2. Jean Barbosa
  3. Michelle Manzo
  4. Anjobelle Dinoy
  5. Randy Nayve
  6. Mario Em Jr.
  7. Rodriguez Erving
  8. Angela Nina May Rodriguez
  9. Terry Rodriguez
  10. Sophia Ybon Padua
  11. Christopher Delos Santos
  12. Francisco Nelson Grey
  13. Angelika Cortez
  14. Lea Imbon
  15. Carlito Abella
  16. Juniel Arienza
  17. Monie Amabag
  18. Yvonne Canada
  19. Jeremy Mijares
  20. Ricardo Petras
  21. Allan Escote
  22. Gemmarie Claudio
  23. Lyndon Villanueva
  24. Aileen Ardanza
  25. Andrea Mina

News Updates on the Glorietta blast:

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