How to Franchise: Khaleb Shawarma

Most Filipinos love eating hot, delicious, tasty shawarma. You’re probably craving one right now! In the Philippines, one of the well-known shawarma brands is Khaleb.

Interested to have your own Khaleb Shawarma franchise in the near future? Continue reading below to learn more about the total franchise investment cost and other relevant details in order to have your own Khaleb franchise someday.

About Khaleb

Khaleb was started by students of UP Diliman as a backyard business in an apartment compound in Quezon City during 2006. The motivation of the owners roots from their need of additional funding for their education. The owners’ mother and grandmother support their financial and operational needs.

Khaleb’s main products include:

  • Chelo Kebab
  • Shawarma Pita
  • Shawarma Rice
  • Kebab Pita
  • Pitazza

Aside from those main products, Khaleb also offers the following additional products:

  • Chix Shawarma Pita
  • Gyro Pita
  • Fish Kebab Pita
  • Gyro Rice
  • Chix Shawarma Rice
  • Fish Kebab Rice
  • K-Fries
  • Krazy Pita Strips
  • Yoghurt Smoothie
  • Khaleb Salad

Franchise Fee and Investment Cost

The projected franchise investment will depend on the model chosen. There are four options to choose from:

1. Cart/Kiosk – total investment cost is Php 600,000

2. Counter – total investment cost is Php 700,000

The franchise fee of Php 100,000 is already included in the franchise investment above.

3. In-line – total investment cost is Php 1,500,000

4. Resto – total investment cost is Php 2,000,000

This investment amounts already include the Khaleb franchise fee of Php 200,000.

The initial franchise term is 5 years. Take note that there is a renewal fee of 50% of the prevailing franchise fee.

There are additional expenses to be paid, including marketing fee of 2% of projected sales, net of VAT, for the General Marketing Fund, and 1% of projected sales, net of VAT, for the Local Marketing Fund.

Franchise Investment Inclusions

The franchise investment includes the following:

  • Construction
  • Complete Architectural Design/Signage/Equipment
  • Training of Employees/ Uniforms (2 sets)
  • Inventory Security Deposit
  • Initial Inventory

However, the Franchisee will be in charge of the following:

  • Store Location fee
  • Advance Rental and Lease Security Deposit
  • Salaries, wages, and benefits after passing the training
  • Allowance during the initial training for the service crew
  • Other fees such as permits, licenses, clearance, insurance, etc.
  • Employee hiring and selection

Contact Information

For more details about the Khaleb Shawarma franchise, contact them at:

Khaleb Shawarma, Inc.

Telephone: (02) 986-4383

Mobile: +63925-8-KSTORE (578673), +63927-5-610436


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Information and Photo Sources: Khaleb Website (

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