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FAKE: Pacquiao’s money and house & lot giveaway on FB

Don’t be fooled by hoax reports that are now going viral on Facebook about Sen. Manny Pacquiao giving away money, house & lot, and other high-valued items for free. These Facebook posts are most likely FAKE!

These posts announce that Sen. Pacquiao, fresh from his knockout win against WBA welterweight champion Lucas Matthysse, will supposedly select a few people from the pool of those who will like and share the post to receive house and lot or cash or other items such as motorcycles and cars.

Some of the FB posts claim:

Dahil panalo ako at panalo ang Pilipinas. Mamimigay ako ng kaunting balato. Pipili ako ng 60 katao na bibigyan ko ng house and lot.

Sundin lang ang mga dapat gawin upang mapabilang sa pweding mapili ko.
1. i Like ang page na ‘to –> Sen. Manny Pacquiao
2. I Share ang post nato.
3. Comment “Congrats” SA MISMONG PHOTO.


Manny Pacquiao fake Facebook prize giveaway

Manny Pacquiao fake Facebook prize giveaway

Manny Pacquiao fake Facebook prize giveaway

Manny Pacquiao fake Facebook prize giveaway

It can be remembered, however, that Pacquiao recently gave an ice cream vendor house and lot, but until now, there have been no official and confirmed reports from Pacquiao’s camp about such raffle prizes.

Manny Pacquiao’s official Facebook page also does not mention any prize giveaways.

Such fake Facebook posts can be used by unscrupulous spammers and hackers to harvest email addresses and personal information of those who liked and shared the post. In the past, some similar Facebook pages have also been used to instantly gain thousands of likers and followers, and then the page is sold and used for other purposes.

So beware and be informed!

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One thought on “FAKE: Pacquiao’s money and house & lot giveaway on FB”

  1. George Frederick Romasanta says:

    No…they cannot hack you by liking them..jesus…thisnis just a cheap way to make traffic to their ad-filled site and increase the page’s klout score. Therefore make more money via ad impression clicks, etc

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