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20 thoughts on “List of banks offering double-your-money or high-interest accounts”

  1. Ronnie says:

    Where’s Banco Filipino Now??

    To everyone who has deposits there, I hope you get all of your money back (of course, indirectly to our expense, via the taxes we paid).

    As one of the posters said: “The higher the reward, the higher the risk”. There’s a reason no one of the large major banks promises a double-your-money scheme. It’s unsustainable.

  2. Delhaguilar says:

    To whom it may concern: 
    Please kindly update the list of banks because most of the banks listed are already closed.

  3. Empoy says:

    Good thing i didnt saw this 3 years ago..might as well,byebye na ako sa pera ko…banco filipino pala ah….

  4. Cutiesay_princess25 says:

    please update nman po ng lists kasi medyo d masydong trusted pa or kilala ung mga bangko,we want an assurance na safe ang pera nmin….thanks….

  5. Supremedowneast says:

    ung banco filipino…sucks @ Rural Banker..

  6. Romeo Macapobre says:

    regarding G7 bank listed here .. is this the same defunct G7 Bank, Inc. in Naga City? accodg to this article (

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