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  1. Di na ata na-update yung first post ng thread na yon as the threadstarter hoped to do. Mas accurate na ata yung posts don sa sticky thread on time deposit rates. Dapat na rin sigurong i-merge kasi medyo redundant na rin. Palagay ko kahit anong uri naman ng bangko na nag-o-offer ng mataas na interes, pagkakainteresan. Hindi whether rural bank o hindi. Yung iba ngang nakalista sa thread na yon savings bank ata.

    May mga nagbabanggit na nag-reduce na ata ng interest rate ang Rural Bank of Parañaque and other Legacy owned banks. 16% ba o 18%? Nabanggit don sa isang thread ang Philippine Rural Banking Corporation, 6 years ata ang DYM nila pero locked-in.

    Plantersbank, 6.5% p.a., 5 yr. term, interest out.

    1. Oks, I’ve now updated the post to reflect the latest info from the forum. Mukhang kelangan ngang i-merge na yung redundant threads dahil pare-pareho lang naman sila ng pinag-uusapan. If you have time, please do it. Otherwise, ako na lang mamyang gabi or bukas.

  2. This is a good post and the intention is very good.

    However, let us not forget that in economics, we have a saying that
    ..the higher the risk, the higher the returns..
    Please look into the track record of the institution before investing in it. If you have classmates, relatives or friends who are now bank managers or bank officers in known firms that are NOT included in the list, I recommend that your first ask them if the bank you are planning to invest in is safe. Finance experts have a better way of doing it but asking around is the most simple for everybody.

    Good luck!

  3. The safest place to place your money is in BANCO FILIPINO. They have Double Your Money in 6 years !!! ask them about it. SUBOK NA MATIBAY !!! SUBOK NA MATATAG !!!!

  4. If you have a 100 thousand and you want to DOUBLE IT IN 6 YEARS. Well all you have to do is to look for the more than 50 branches of BANCO FILIPINO in your place and open a 6 year time deposit. Unlike the obscure rural banks which who knows might not be there at the end of your 5 year time deposit, BANCO FILIPINO will be there in your entire lifetime and the lives of your children.BANCO FILIPINO is the only BIG BANK offering this DOUBLE YOUR MONEY so you get the benefits of the stability of BIG LEAGUE BANK and the RATES OF A RURAL BANK. Best of both worlds. I assure you im not connected with this bank but is merely researching where to place some of my money after I have already exceeded the PDIC coverage for myself, my wife and ITF account for my 4 kids. In other words I already have more than 1.5 million in BANCO PARANAQUE and am looking for banks that will be a safe heaven for my money less the risk that I have to experience nightly with my favorite rural bank.

  5. hello,
    I’m a newbie and I earned 80 thousand pesos to my savings account and this is all the money I have saved for the past 7 years of working. I’m already 34 years old and I have family. And for sure I have only one shot deal if I mess with it, I’m finish with all my saving gone my family would probably kill me with pleasure. PLEASE HELP ME how will I managed my money, How I can double it in a very short time?

  6. The best investment is only having your own business. The fact is only few people are really good in handling business.Bank will give you higher interest if you give them bigger and long term investment, by the time you reach it your age already catch on you,if that is you do not brake any agreement in your bank (but who knows when emergency situation will come). we have also option for bonds and stocks the catch is “the probability earning rate in going to casino is much higher” only brokers earn on this unless you are expert in this field and got so much money to invest. Don not be scared to start doing your small business. There is always risk for everything but unless you try it you will never learn. start first for something you could do and what are your target market. You only need a strong dedication and interest to make it grow. Start training our self to be a managers and leaders. Build your self good attitude and knowledge. The best investment comes in you.

    1. I agree hehehe, yes its true you may get a high interest rate but the risk is also high i rather choose those bank who are stable even though it has a low offer interest rate as long as im secured that my money is in good hands

  7. Where’s Banco Filipino Now??

    To everyone who has deposits there, I hope you get all of your money back (of course, indirectly to our expense, via the taxes we paid).

    As one of the posters said: “The higher the reward, the higher the risk”. There’s a reason no one of the large major banks promises a double-your-money scheme. It’s unsustainable.

  8. To whom it may concern: 
    Please kindly update the list of banks because most of the banks listed are already closed.

  9. Good thing i didnt saw this 3 years ago..might as well,byebye na ako sa pera ko…banco filipino pala ah….

  10. Cutiesay_princess25

    please update nman po ng lists kasi medyo d masydong trusted pa or kilala ung mga bangko,we want an assurance na safe ang pera nmin….thanks….

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