Foreclosed property investor Dinna Revilla arrested?

The latest news in the Philippine real estate investing industry is that Dinna Revilla, a renowned “guru” of foreclosed property investing in the country, was arrested yesterday due to accusations of estafa.

Revilla, author of the foreclosed property investing book Riches in Foreclosures and mentor to Think Rich! Pinoy author Larry Gamboa, allegedly misappropriated the invested money of beauty queen and TV host Miriam Quiambao and four other people.

Snippets from news reports of thePhilippine Star and Manila Standard below.

Miriam Quiambao files raps vs realty firm

Former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao and four others filed a syndicated estafa case yesterday against an alleged incorporator of a real estate investment company before the Manila City Prosecutor’s Office.

NBI agents apprehended Dinna Lynn Revilla, the president of Bonaventure Investors Realty Society Inc., which has offices at 407 Praise Condominium on Santillan street in Makati City. The firm’s incorporators — Antonio Revilla, Sheree Revilla, Ramon Cuervo III, and Gloria Petate — have also been named as respondents.

Dinna Lynn allegedly convinced the complainants to put their money in a property investment and guaranteed hefty profits in a short span of time, according to the NBI-NCR.

Navarro, Dinna Lynn’s apprentice, allegedly discovered misappropriations and discrepancies in the property investment and told the complainants about the status of their investments.

The complainants “discovered that their investment earnings were misappropriated and that their property investment were indeed already foreclosed… due to the non-payment of its corresponding monthly amortizations in the bank,” said Villarta.

– from the Philippine Star


Bonaventure execs face syndicated estafa raps

Government agents arrested one of the incorporators of a real estate firm accused of syndicated estafa by former beauty queen and television host Miriam Quiambao and four other people.

Dinna Lynn Revilla, president of Bonaventure Investors Realty Society Inc. with offices at 407 Praise Condominium, Santillan St., Makati City, was arrested by agents of the National Bureau of Investigation in an entrapment at a mall in Manila.

The other incorporators were identified as Antonio Revilla, Sheree Revilla, Ramon Cuervo III and Gloria Petate.

The case stemmed from the complaint of Quiambao, Esperanza Dela Cruz, Maria Cristina Avenido, Karen Ann Navarro and Sheila Lim.

Investigation showed that Bonaventure executives convinced the victims to invest in real estate with a guaranteed return (of investment).

The firm asked money from the victims to purchase foreclosed properties. The money for the amortization was to be paid by the firm to the bank for their “investment” and they would receive a return once the properties were purchased and rented out.

Despite the lapse, the firm still demanded money from the investors amounting to P300,000 to “fix” the problem.

– from the Manila Standard


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20 thoughts on “Foreclosed property investor Dinna Revilla arrested?”

  1. Dang! I have been inspired by the stories of the people who successfully applied Rich Dad’s principles, so it’s kind of disheartening to see a hero tarnished.

    Tsk tsk. Maybe she went too far
    with the principle “Pay yourself first”? (Judgmental! *Slap on the wrist* Hehe)

    Here’s hoping the allegations aren’t true, and they have the documents to prove it.

  2. oh yes!!! lots of documents proving her intent to deceive people… the truth will come out and justice will be served soon to those she has wronged…

    watch imbestigador at channel 7 on feb. 16 at 945 pm for more information and expose’ of dinna revilla’s modus operandi….

  3. i know this will happen to her sooner or later, ur ryt Kat, that’s her idea of paying herself first, i think what happened to her is pretty much of a “karma”… or shall I say, poetic justice…. on national tv!!! ouch!

  4. her style of doing real estate investing is NOT at all Robert kiyosaki way, in fact, hers is just a modified real estate selling na chop chop ang profit, but its very risky on the part of the blind investors especially that they are dealing with her and not with the bank.
    i think its an elaborate and risky way to lure other people’s money. would you invest your money blindly for 15 years not knowing this company very well and no liability to them whatsoever? like an illegal investment scheme disguised as real estate? i would hardly call her a hero. ive met her actually, and personality is not quite right.she smells like fish all over.

  5. i think its an elaborate and risky way to lure other people’s money. would you invest your money blindly for 15 years not knowing this company very well and no liability to them whatsoever? like an illegal investment scheme disguised as real estate? i would hardly call her a hero. ive met her actually, and personality is not quite right.she smells like fish all over.
    if anything, she was capitalising on people’s naivity and using robert kiyosaki as marketing tool.
    would you invest on a ‘pre selling’ property with an unknown individual and risk paying everything and the project not being finished? this is worst, as she doesnt even represent a company with hi capitalisation.. im sure if you investigate every single one of her real estate deals, maybe you will find problems /lapses in her bank payments/RE FORECLOSED properties that the investors didnt even know about.

  6. the problem is she makes people think that its such an easy thing when in fact, there are alot of risks involved, the way she is renting it out and etc, the possibility of domino effect on the libilities is should not be naive to think that all property tenants will pay on time and always pay. thats why she needed an ‘investment pyramid’ to come in so that she has money to pay for lapses. very risky to the unwary investor. wether this is done by dina, or whoever wrote a book. you should audit these people and not part with your money so fast without nothing. if you truly want to invest in foreclosed assets.. do it yourself, and deal with the banks directly, especially when were talking long term 10-15 years of future ownership

  7. the moment i saw how her so called ‘ apprentices’ try to recruit investors like mad to her deal, it smelled like an elaborate pyramid investing scheme in disguise.or should we say ‘ accomplices’ now?
    thats why we banned her in one of our business seminars. they even using robert kiyosaki’s cashflow in a public seminar setting without authorisation to lure investors, better attend with the real deal in AIM rather than these so called local book writers out to get people to invest with them. if you guys want to join a REAL CASHFLOW game that is facilitated professionally, email me at

    • reading between the lines, you must have had a not so good experience with this “real estate guru”, hehehehe. dinna has drowned in her own scheme, bringing with her her family. she has made a lot of naive investors regret getting into investing with her.
      i wonder what was her budget when she went out to have a european tour??? whose money was that kaya???

  8. its not about passive income..its just an installment thingy na pinaganda lang niya ang name. its far from robert kiyosaki way. very risky to deal with them. too bad that even bo sanches was gullible enough to be with them and they are using his name for credibility, kawawa mga small time people who are naive enough.just proves that being religious doesnt mean good business sense

  9. Danny- Great comparison of investing vs speculation, plus wonderful response in your comment to Lazy Man. I couldn’t agree with you more. The RE industry has made a killing over the last few years promoting speculative “gambling”. Good people have been led to believe that you can’t go wrong in RE and therefore, often don’t look closely at the numbers until it’s too late.

  10. lesson to be learned here…
    when investing in foreclosed assets, deal directly with d bank.if you were paying a 3rd party for 15 years. what happens to you if they suddenly dissappear in 14 years and the bank doesnt recognise you?
    when investing for anything long term, much like buying insurance you need to pay for a few years, isnt it wise to investigate credibility of the company?what will ensure your money? do they have a bond with the central bank?
    larry gamboa is using a similar risky scheme. the system is flawed, when you deal with larry, the bank recognises him not you, so he can spend your money any which way, and if anything should go wrong, you dont have a personality with the bank. no offense to bo sanchez, but its about money not religion, one needs to be wiser.
    and by the way, they are not the official CASHFLOW group in the Philippines, they are only using the game to lure investors into their scheme. if you really wanna play and learn CASHFLOW, go with the AIM group of Richdad asia, theyre generic and they dont ask you to invest moneys with them.

  11. guys,

    is there any update on the dinna revilla case?

    yikes, the comment about the scheme of larry is scary, what if something happens to larry? what happens to all your money??

  12. Anyone knows how this all ended? Did anyone end up losing money? Or is it all hoo-haa over nothing but an ex beauty queen who happens to work currently w/ the GMA networks words?

  13. where is dinna revilla? alam ko madami sya demanda hinaharap sa ngayon, so sadly i bought a unit from her and our unit was forclose by the bank, ndi lang ako madami kami mga 40+ kami lahat, we are HOPING na lang na maayos kungdi man i probably kill dina… joke there are many ways to get back on her so be careful on people you deal with ndi lahat kaya mo dina

  14. Ein Kompliment für diese tolle Seite.
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    einen netten Eintrag und viele Grüße zu hinterlassen.
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