ABS-CBN blunder: GMA died… oops, we meant Cory!

Here’s one news reporting mistake probably some Filipinos wished were true.
In an article published on ABS-CBNNews.com, reference was incorrectly made to “Arroyo (Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo)’s passing” instead of former Pres. Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s.
When it was originally published, the story read:
When Mrs. Arroyo‘s passing was announced at dawn on Saturday, the whole world paused. Condolences to the family of Mrs. Aquino poured from all over the world–both through official statements sent through embassies, made on TV, or posted online. A staggering number of people have been paying their tributes to Mrs. Aquino online, inundating social networking and blog sites. For a good number of those posting online, it is their first time to witness the passing of a president.
Major English and non-English media companies all over the world gave a prominent coverage of Mrs. Arroyo and her international image as a democracy icon. They highlighted how Mrs. Arroyo was able to restore democracy in the Philippines through a bloodless street revolution that soon became the template to boot out corrupt governments in Europe and Latin America.
Yahoo News lifted the story and, as of this writing, still carries the incorrect facts as seen in this screenshot.

The ABS-CBNNews article now has an erratum from the editors saying, In an earlier draft of this article, some names were supposed to refer to Mrs. Aquino, who just passed away. It said “Mrs. Arroyo,” instead. Our apologies.
Some Filipinos chuckled at the mistake but probably secretly wished the story were true.
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25 thoughts on “ABS-CBN blunder: GMA died… oops, we meant Cory!”

  1. classic! panalo! =D meron din namang blunder ang GMA. kaninang umaga sa unang hirit, sabi ni suze entrata, namatay si arroyo. tapos bigla niyang kinorek sarili niya.

  2. ipokrito abs-cbn (d rin ako kapuso ha) at mga aquino!! cno ba mas masama sa mga arroyo at marcos? ngayon cnasabi nilang they feel the sincerity of the marcoses’ prayers. sorry ricojake pero i would wish for somebody’s death din. now, gusto ko c kris sumunod na!!! d ako gloria loyalist pero i hate how they glorify cory for being a mere beneficiary lang naman ng chances. anybody could have wanted to address the challenge of ousting the marcoses and restoring democracy. nagkataon lang c cory ang nakita at c ninoy naging instrumento. pati rin naman c cory and ninoy may mga masamang past naman ah. bobo talaga mga kalahi ko. poor philippines.

  3. @ricojake, i don’t think abs-cbn wanted arroyo to die. i myself respect arroyo and like what she’s doing for the country. it looks like that, in abscbn’s pursuit of coming out with news quickly, the staff failed to proofread the article.

  4. Regardless, it was a site to behold: Filipinos waiting in line for more than 3 hours in an orderly fashion just to see Cory Aquino for the last time. Good to hear about the August 5 holiday for Cory’s burial.

  5. ABS-CBN personnel should bury their heads under the sand.. What an erratum, such a shame to the corporate media!
    It is an embarrassment to the international media as well….no proof-reading or overconfidence?
    How could you guys mix up the two???

  6. “…i hate how they glorify cory for being a mere beneficiary lang naman ng chances. anybody could have wanted to address the challenge of ousting the marcoses and restoring democracy…”
    — projectorseeker
    ditto. and after we got our freedom, what did we get? 12-hour brownouts and several coup d’ etat. at least that is what i can remember.
    good to know that some people here appreciate pres. GMA’s positive sides. i’d rather have a corrupt president who knows how to get the job done rather than an honest president (like cory) but don’t know what she’s doing. but of course, we all want an honest president who knows what he’s doing, but i think that’s an oxymoron here in our country. =D

  7. I would certainly not wish GMA dead either. She has done more for the country than any other president after Marcos. I do understand that she is not “ma-appeal” to the Filipino masses. But they should stop looking at charisma and look instead at what GMA has done for them so far.

  8. Yung video ba nag GMA kanina sa kanya rin ng ABS? Naku naman parang gusto yata nilang mamatay na si Ate Glo nyan..haha. Well lahat naman kasi nagkakamali minsan, yun nga lang kapag written kasi parang mortal na kasalanan na yun kasi when the damage has been done, mahirap mag undo.
    .-= jonharules´s latest blog ..God’s Greatest Creation:The Woman =-.

  9. Tapos ngayon , gagawin pa siyang SAINT daw????!!!! Naku naman, wag naman, for the record, Cory Aquino is the WORST administration in Philippine History… The only good thing i can say about Cory is that she is the wife of a good senator (Ninoy).

  10. Oh my! I thought only manila bulletin got a “typo mistake”? pati ba naman ABS-CBN! I think they owe President Arroyo an apology..
    I wonder what is our dear President’s reaction to all these media mistakes… but im sure she will not dwell on this too much and forgive them.

  11. ribrocks Says: …i’d rather have a corrupt president who knows how to get the job done rather than an honest president (like cory) but don’t know what she’s doing. but of course, we all want an honest president who knows what he’s doing, but i think that’s an oxymoron here in our country. =D
    Are you actually aware of what you commented? That you would ‘rather have a corrupt president who knows how to get the job done rather than an honest president (like cory) but don’t know what she’s doing.’ Please re-evaluate yourself and your values.
    “but of course, we all want an honest president who knows what he’s doing, but i think that’s an oxymoron here in our country. =D”
    You are the reason why many Filipinos continually suffer. You are contented and are ready to settle with this OXYMORON. There are still good people out there if you get to know them and maybe, if you vote for them in next year’s elections, then maybe this OXYMORON would cease to exist. That’s the problem with us; sometimes when we don’t know what to do or when we are too lazy to think of a solution, we deem something as naturally occurring, like an oxymoron.

  12. eto pa isa…
    3rd paragraph:
    August 5, the day of Aquino’s burial, was declared a special non working holiday to allow Filipinos to bid farewell to Mrs. Arroyo, a key player in the 1986 People Power Revolution that restored democracy in the country.

  13. “You are the reason why many Filipinos continually suffer.” –KC
    wow! so maybe, if you “eliminate” me, our country will have better GDP, infrastructures, trade balance, unemployment rate, minimum wage, interest rates, crime rates, etc., etc, therefore improving Filipinos’ quality of life.
    maybe next time, you should rephrase “You are the reason…” to “People like you are the reason…” to make it more sensible.
    personally, i think people who rely too much on the gov’t is the reason why this country is in this s***hole… besides the obvious. what do you think the gov’t needs to purchase materials for infrastructures? do they pay suppliers with 500,000 sack of potatoes? what do they pay public school teachers with? what do they need to deploy more police officers? money… that is what makes rich countries rich (making quality of living better), and lack of it makes a country poor. and where does the gov’t get money from? exactly. from taxes derived from us. more money derived from us, the richer our country becomes (and corrupt officials, too, for this country).
    for me, as long as we’re striving to make a quality living for ourselves (and not relying on the gov’t, or anybody else), we’re already a big help to our country… EVEN if we don’t pay taxes directly (but i do). if we are not a drag to the economy, we’re a help to it.
    “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” — JFK
    i respect your opinion, KC. you may not agree with me, but i’ll leave it as it is. good day to you.

  14. I just want to say that even if the problem of our country today is financial problem specially. I want to say that madam president can make a solution of this, not like other governments they only waste their time and money for their advertisement its only they want to win from the election… We must not be selfish for each and every one, maybe they cannot say and feel the hardness of life because they had the full blessings of the lord…hoping that madam arroyo the president of the Philippines make a better solution for the “SAHUD NG MASA!” coz many of the government”AY NANGUNGURAKOT” Pawis at luha ang inibuhos namin sa aming TRABAHO…at pagdating nang dadag Sahud kukuhanan pa!I am very,very Hoping MADAM ARROYO na SANA LANG TALAGA mapagbiyan mo na kasi Lagi ka nalang may pangako sa amin tapos di naman matutupad…ang hirap talaga pag ang BANSA walang kaonlaran lagi nalang pumupunta sa ibang bansa!nasasayang lang yong pera naming mga PILIPINO!

  15. ABS-CBN COM… the comment of ANN is not truly ann who make, saying that MY FRIENDS JANINE HIGANTO was the one who put the comment in your ABS-CBN Blunder,..shes just joking but instead of joking she put my email add and nickname on your BLUNDER! MY TRULY NAME IS ANNA MARIE LASTIMOSO Sorry for the distraction! I just want to appologies its because it can affect my personal life..pasinsya na…

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