Comments and reactions on the Makati standoff

The mutiny aka rebellion aka standoff at Ayala, Makati on November 29 led by Senator Antonio Trillanes IV drew mixed reactions from various groups in the Philippines. One side praised Trillanes and the Magdalo Group for their courage and determination in fighting for what they believe is right. The other criticized their method and was worried about the negative impact it has on the country.
In the PinoyMoneyTalk forum, a number of members voiced opposition against the commotion, albeit a few concurred with what Trillanes did. Here are a few of these comments culled from the discussion thread Trillanes, Lim, walkout from trial, call for GMA ouster; standoff in Makati.
rael writes:

most pinoys are seeing a positive change in the economy, and that must not be ignored. investors are flocking here because of confidence, unfortunately some of us pinoys don’t see that. even developed countries like the US have corruption. as long as there are human beings in any government, that cannot be avoided. pero we must look at the entire picture. if the entire picture looks bad, magkita-kita tayo sa edsa ulit.
besides, i reiterate a good question, say GMA is taken out of her seat, what the hell next? we’re getting a better line of presidentiables than we had in the past, and the voting public is getting more intelligent. those are something to be optimistic about, and that’s just about two years away, my goodness! di pa makapaghintay?!

greenh99 opines:

Well, to Trillanes or anyone for that matter that plans to attempt the same “activity” – don’t expect anything less to happen to you. You literally held the hotel and the entire city hostage with what you did.
I would have been disappointed with the government if they did anything less. Although I sympathize with what you are claiming to “fight for”, the “means” by which you have taken to get you message across was uncalled for. You downgraded yourself and your “cause” to the level of a man left with no other recourse but to take someone hostage to prove a point. And that’s exactly what you did. You completely disregarded the safety of all the people inside the hotel, the people working around the city, the effects of this to our country’s economy, and the image of the country as a whole. And for what? I still don’t know exactly the point of what you tried to do.

yuuri disagrees:

iilan na lng namn ang mga taong tulad ni trillanes na ipinaglalaban ang ideals….
saka may punto namn ang ipinaglalaban niya….
madali lang natin sabihing itigil na lang ni trillanes ang ginagawa nya, isa din namn tau sa makikinabang anuman ang mgiging kahihinatnan sa ginagawa nila…..
kahit papano magdudulot din namn ceguro ito ng kabutihan…

Fortuner88 explains:

Do you remember there was a movie just some months ago, a group of bank robbers went in a bank, held up everyone inside and made all the bank staff and civilian inside the bank wear clothes like the bank robbers? After each was released from the bank and those that came out together, everybody was retained by the police for processing and interrogation. Why? because the police can’t identify who’s who. Who amongst them are the robbers? The bank staffs? The civilians?
But after interrogation and these people have proved that they are not one of the bank robbers, they were then given clearance and released.
I believe this is exactly what is happening to the media and civilian caught in between. They are not being arrested but just detained for questioning and clearing. This is the correct procedure. ABS CBN Korina Sanchez kept on barking on illegal detainment, mistreatment and rights. She was told by one of ABS CBN crew that they are just being detained for clearing purposes, yet she refused to listen and continued her tirade.
I think she is being carried more by her emotions that her colleagues are caught in between and her being a fair reporter just went with the winds. Tsek! Tsek! Same goes with all those radio reporters blasting away on the air waves…..shouting “Injustice!” thinks:

Mga swapang sila! Biruin mo ang yabang pa nila kanina na di sila susuko at handa makipag bakbakan tapos Teargas lang pala katapat nila. Nagsabi pa si Trillanes na kaya sila susuko kasi ayaw nila mapahamak yung mga civilian na kasama nila sa hotel. Eh di dapat in the first place di na sila nag invite ng tao para sumama sa protest nila early during the day. Its just that they realize that their protest was a big FLOP and they can’t stand the Teargas kaya nagsi suko na sila. Yabang pa niya nang sinabi niya that they will pay for the damages they caused to Manila Pen. Di naman lahat napapalitan ng pera.
I’m not a GMA fan but why don’t we just support our government and move on with life? I think our country will benefit more and prosper on this rather thinking a way to oust GMA.

Got something to add? Post your own comment in the forum discussion thread, Trillanes, Lim, walkout from trial, call for GMA ouster; standoff in Makati.

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7 thoughts on “Comments and reactions on the Makati standoff”

  1. This really literary pisses me off. I totally agree with rael and greenh99. They want to remove GMA from the presidential seat. Sounds like a plan! BUT what the hell next? Just cool it off, the peso is getting stronger.
    Also, the damages Trillanes made are downright insane. He’s not thinking clearly of the cause and effect of his actions. OMG. Nakakainis talaga. Tama na nga. Baka magka high blood pa ako dito. 👿

  2. Me too, every time I think about Mr frustrated Trillanes, my blood is boiling. Why they just cant let Pres. Gloria finish her term. Our economy is doing great, let us just help the government. Corruption is not new to us, its part of our system.

  3. The Makati standoff? Wrong move, Senator Trillanes and Gen. Lim. It was more of a publicity stunt. When will these military adventurist ever learn that changes in our country’s political, social and economic scenario can never be achieved through coups and street rallies. These are just “band aid” solutions to a social cancer that our country and people had long been suffering. Yes, our country now is being run like hell by Filipinos (as what Pres. Quezon wanted) who are corrupt, incompetent and congenital thieves. We all want to change them outright, but with whom? With people who are just the same conniving, scheming and fork-tongued dogs waiting in the sidelines for any opportunity to come their way? We are in a democracy, right? And the best weapon people have for change is the BALLOT! But then, sad to say, the ballot is taken for granted, taken advantage of, and used by these scheming politicians to achieve their purpose of staying in power and protect their vested interest. Guns, goons and gold…every election. Can these be stopped? Of course! All you need is educate the masses of our people – the suffering grassroot society. It is a long-term solution and needs a concerted effort in all mass media to instill back into their minds the importance of the ballot for social change. That they must choose the people to run this government who are righteous, God-fearing and with a sincere and noble purpose of serving the people. That if they are offered money or threatened with bodily harm, to stand up for their rights without fear and vote wisely and concienciously. That they must choose according to the candidates’ competence – not according to the candidates’ looks or popularity. This is a tall order but it can be done. But if you insist in asking me for a better and faster solution…I will just turn up to the heavens and ask God to bring down His wrath of lighning and strike all the thieves in government dead or that the food that they eat out of the fruits of their illegal deeds will choke them to death. ( This is just to make you laugh, but not out of desperation)

  4. Mga swapang sila! Biruin mo ang yabang pa nila kanina na di sila susuko at handa makipag bakbakan tapos Teargas lang pala katapat nila.

  5. Mga swapang sila! Biruin mo ang yabang pa nila kanina na di sila susuko at handa makipag bakbakan tapos Teargas lang pala katapat nila.


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