Chitika to match affiliate earnings up to $100

Google Adsense is not the only way to earn money online, so explore other advertising networks that you can use on your blog!

One alternative is Chitika, a pay per click advertising network similar to Adsense but claims to be the largest blog advertising network with over 1.5+ billion ad impressions every month.

In their new Valentine’s Day program called “Share the Love” program, Chitika will match all earnings of the member through March 31 up to $100.

So if, during the period, you earned $100, Chitika will pay you $200!

Visit the Chitika website for more details.

A sample Chitika advertising unit at work can be found in our Comments section below. The units can show customizable and targeted product ads that can complement a site’s content.

Chitika boasts that they have large ad inventory not just for US publishers but also for international publishers. They claim that their members earn up to $80 eCPM, very huge compared to Google Adsense’s.

Chitika pays via PayPal every month for earnings at least $10.

To try this Adsense alternative and to be eligible for their $100-matching-program, visit Chitika.

6 thoughts on “Chitika to match affiliate earnings up to $100”

  1. Now that’s tempting, thanks for the news.. anyweys can i put chitika and widgetbucks at the same time? or do i have to remove WB for a while? In your experience which of the two is better?

    1. I think the two can be used on the same site at the same time.

      Right now, I can’t say which between Widgetbucks and Chitika is better. Our WB income has recently gone down because of their policy changes while as for Chitika, this is the only time I’m using it.

      Why not try a campaign on your site using those two networks to see which one will generate the most income? In the first place, the success of an ad network depends on the niche and the traffic of a site. What might work on your site might not be successful on ours. 🙂

  2. thanks for this tip. was wondering if you got my email regarding my bank account? I’m still waiting for that $12 to get my slaon day, you know ha!ha!

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