Where to buy Apple iPad in the Philippines

What I want for Christmas is a touchscreen tablet PC. Right now, my options are narrowed down to the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Toshiba Folio 100. My major, major problem, though, is that neither of these products have been officially launched in the Philippines yet and it looks like they still won’t be released anytime soon.

However, unofficial versions are already available in the Philippine market, and this might be one’s chance to own these units prior to the official launch.

As for the Apple iPad, I already spotted several stores in Greenhills selling the unit anywhere between P30,000 (US$681) and P50,000 (US1,136) depending on the storage capacity and WiFi or 3G capability. They seem to be original units shipped from another country (smuggled or not, I don’t know). I’m just not sure how long their warranty offer is and where they can actually repair the unit should it get broken. Of course, you cannot rely on official Apple stores since these are unofficial iPad units.

In various local classifieds ads sites, several iPads are being sold at roughly the same price. Personally, I’m not keen on buying them unless they are unopened and verified bought from an official Apple store in another country.

I’ll have to decide first whether to get an iPad or a Galaxy Tab or a Folio 100. But if you already want to get hold of an Apple iPad, head over to Greenhills or search local classified ads sites. Or you can also buy from Amazon.com:

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    You are so fantastic!!! I’ve become obsessed with your blog and I spend most of my time reading all your archives. And I made a blog account JUST to post comments. I wish I had found you sooner, and I wish you posted as much as you used to! You must be super busy now though because you’re so famous!!

  2. Blackberry Playbook

    No one in the public has even been in a position to touch the Blackberry Playbook. Once more, compare this to the iPad announcement. Every one who attended the iPad announcment was really in a position to handle and bit the device. Blackberry is hiding something.

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    While the size of the iPad is much more convenient to carry around then the MacBook Pro, users will notice a loss in power due to it’s smaller size.

  4. Nice one! Super thanks for this blog! I felt relieved that what we have gotten is a good deal already. =)

    Btw, my tita and I are also into an original Apple Ipad. So, we decided to buy 2 Ipads when we went to US last month. It’s $499 per piece. Plus tax that makes it almost 560 USD. Huge savings still! =)

    By the way, I’m selling one unit at P28,000. My aunt never used it pa. Pls contact me at 09163763718, if interested. God bless! =)


    Angel MEG*
    (A Wedding Planner, actually =))

  5. got an ipad from my US-based brothers. been wanting a kindle to read books but i guess will have to do with ipad. so far, i haven’t figured out how to buy books for ipad. all i do with my ipad right now is play games.

  6. If you own an iPad, you must learn to get it’s maximum potential. Did you know that you can also watch DVD quality movies in your very own iPad? I hope you can enjoy your ipad like never before!!!

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