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Top 10 Highest-Paid TV Actors and Actresses

Comedy and drama shows are almost always a hit on TV, which means the actors and actresses who star in those shows stand to earn a lot of money. True enough, the highest-paid TV actors and actresses of 2012 are stars of either a comedy

BPI smartphone mobile app: iOS update problem?

When the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) became the very first local bank to launch a smartphone mobile app, I was elated because finally our banks are catching up with technology. With the growing number of smartphone users and increasing adoption of online banking

March 2007 Member of the Month: Bentong

One of the few "old-timers" still active in the forum until now, Bentong is PMT's March Member of the Month. 9. Any tips you can share about money-making?  Save, save, save. It's not how much money you earn it's how much money you save. Do

February 2007 Member of the Month: part_timer_lang

Part-time moderator? Part-time money earner? Definitely not a part-time mom to her kids, though. Meet part_timer_lang, our February Member of the Month. 4. Are there things you learned during your stay in PMT? Marami. What is good about it is that I got all the