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Top 10 Highest-Paid TV Actors and Actresses

Comedy and drama shows are almost always a hit on TV, which means the actors and actresses who star in those shows stand to earn a lot of money. True enough, the highest-paid TV actors and actresses of 2012 are stars of either a comedy

BPI smartphone mobile app: iOS update problem?

When the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) became the very first local bank to launch a smartphone mobile app, I was elated because finally our banks are catching up with technology. With the growing number of smartphone users and increasing adoption of online banking

March 2007 Member of the Month: Bentong

One of the few "old-timers" still active in the forum until now, Bentong is PMT's March Member of the Month. 9. Any tips you can share about money-making?  Save, save, save. It's not how much money you earn it's how much money you save. Do

February 2007 Member of the Month: part_timer_lang

Part-time moderator? Part-time money earner? Definitely not a part-time mom to her kids, though. Meet part_timer_lang, our February Member of the Month. 4. Are there things you learned during your stay in PMT? Marami. What is good about it is that I got all the

Are you frugal or stingy?

All of us have to make choices about how we spend our money. Wise choices allow us to build our wealth and, eventually, achieve financial independence. But how do you decide when you're being frugal, and when you've crossed the line into stinginess? Here are

January 2007 Member of the Month: Mike QC

Mike QC. When it comes to serious topics such as mutual fund investing or United Nations-related work or just plain sports buff or "coolest place in New York" talk, Mike QC is definitely the man. Know Mike QC more as we recognize him as our

December Member of the Month: bizsum

bizsum. One of the first and true online entrepreneurs in the PMT Forum, bizsum is a living example of how Pinoys can succeed in the online world. Ask how he did it as we recognize bizsum as our December Member of the Month. 6. Where

November Member of the Month: rma2003

rma2003. He has long had a "father figure" reputation in the forum because of his words of encouragement and inspiration. 10. Any tips you can share about money-making? Set some goals and try to draw up a business plan – Ika nga, "plan your work