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If I buy stocks during EX-DATE, will I receive dividends?

Here’s one common question from first-time stock investors who have heard about dividends to be distributed by a certain company: If I buy stocks during the announced EX-DATE, am I eligible to receive dividends from the company? About this post: best american funds mutual funds

How to Compute Cash Dividends and Stock Dividends

In our free tutorial and guide on How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market, we learned that dividends distributed by companies may be in the form of stock dividends or cash dividends.

Do I need to pay Tax on Cash Dividends in the Philippines?

Are we required to pay tax on the cash dividend income received from our stock investments? About this post: tax on dividends philippines, dividend, dividends, how much tax in cash dividend in pse, dividend tax philippines

PSE Dividends Update: 3rd Quarter 2014

You probably know by now that, aside from capital gains or price appreciation, an investor also earns from stocks through the company’s distribution of Dividends. About this post: july 29 bdo stock dividends, what is dividend ex date pse

Dividends Update in the Philippines – 2Q 2014

The first half of the year is over and it’s time once again to recap cash and stock dividends distributed by publicly traded companies. We have started monitoring them in the 1st Quarter 2014 Dividends Update and we continue the report for the 2nd Quarter 2014. About

Cash and Stock Dividends Update: 1st Quarter 2014

We have highlighted several times before the value of Dividends, which are distribution of income by the company to its shareholders. Dividends may be in the form of stocks or cold, hard cash, but regardless of the method, dividend payments are always good news to investors who receive these instant

What you need to know about Property Dividends

Most stock investors are now already familiar with the two basic forms of dividends: cash and stock.  Obviously, cash dividends are distribution of a company’s income to stockholders in the form of cash. When announced, the cash dividend is usually stated in peso or dollar amount

All about Dividends in Stock Investing

Recently, we’ve been hearing news of companies paying dividends to their shareholders. Of course, we know that dividend income is one of several ways to make money from stock investing. (See article: How are profits made in the stock market?) But aside from that, what