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Investing in Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB) 2018

You want to start investing but you only have five thousand pesos (P5,000)? No problem! This “small” amount is enough for you to participate in the government’s offering of Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB). For the government, RTBs are debt obligations that will generate cash needed

How to Invest in Philippines’ Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB)

Do you have extra cash and you want to invest it in a low-risk investment product that offers higher interest rate than typical savings and time deposits? Then you might want to invest in Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB), an investment outlet offered by no less than the

Guide to Investing in Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB) in the Philippines

Have you heard about RTB investments in the Philippines? These are Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB) offered by the government of the Philippines. Did you know that you can invest for as low as P5,000? Find out more details in this handy and easy-to-read guide below.

Philippines to issue 25-year RTBs

The Philippines will again issue to the public retail treasury bonds or RTBs as a way of raising funds. The good thing with this debt instrument is that individual investors may have the opportunity to avail of this product because RTBs are sold in retail

What are Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB)?

The auction of the Philippine government’s P5 billion worth of Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB) is scheduled today. What are RTBs? The Retail Treasury Bond (RTB) is a fixed-income instrument issued by the government as a way of raising funds. Since it is backed by the

How to invest in Retail Treasury Bonds (RTB)

I was visiting various banks yesterday scouting for a good housing loan package when I chanced upon an announcement at the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) in Buendia, Makati about the government offering of Retail Treasury Bonds. What are Retail Treasury Bonds? The Philippine