Investing 101

Where should I invest?

What’s a good investment program? Where should I invest? You probably are one of the many who keep on asking the same questions. Dr. Noet Ravalo, former Chief Economist of the Bankers Association of the Philippines, says: “It depends.” That is, it all depends on what you have and what you need. It’s a trite …

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What’s the difference: Bonds vs. Stocks vs. Pooled Funds?

If you’re wondering what the differences are among various investment options such as Stocks, Bonds, and Pooled Funds, here’s a short and easy primer for you. If you want a more detailed discussion of these investment products, head over to our article on Time deposits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate: Where to invest my money?.

How to spot fake money

Do you know what makes a Philippine Peso bill a fake? If you don’t, these pointers from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) on how to spot fake currency will definitely come in handy. Genuine currency notes are a bit rough in texture while counterfeit bills are very smooth. Genuine bills also have embossed watermarks. …

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Are UITFs right for you?

You’ve learned what UITFs are and how they are different from mutual funds. You’ve decided to invest in UITFs. But are they really right for you?

UITFs vs. Mutual Funds

Both are pooled funds. Both offer higher returns compared to banks but also are not risk free. Both are measured in terms of the net asset value per unit (NAVPu) or share (NAVPS). So what’s the difference between UITFs and Mutual Funds? A unit investment trust fund or UITF is a banking product that replaced …

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