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Can Royale Business Club survive tax evasion case?

Is Royale Business Club guilty of tax evasion? Yes, according to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) as the agency filed a P359.75 million tax evasion case against the popular popular multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

Odd jobs to take in this recession

The good thing about the recession is that we see the resilience of people during trying times. Admirable are the people who continue to strive hard despite the challenges and difficulties of being laid off or of not finding work. In Taiwan, BBC News reports

DHL’s US$10,000 Young Entrepreneurs for Sustainability (YES) Awards 2007

The DHL Young Entrepreneurs for Sustainability Awards (DHL YES Awards) is an awards program that seeks to recognize and promote young social entrepreneurs in Asia working towards the UN Millennium Development Goals. In the inaugural year, 2007, the Awards will initially take place in five

HSBC Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2006-2007

The HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards encourages and rewards brilliant entrepreneurial thinking from the youth. It is open to all full time Filipino university students (aged 25 or below as of 31 March 2007) from public and private colleges and universities in the Philippines. The following,

How to become a successful entrepreneur in 10 minutes

What to Do When You Want to Give Up Any successful entrepreneur will tell you that starting a business isn't always a smooth ride. Doors close. People object. Stuff happens. Here are some 10-minute actions you can take when you feel like throwing in the

Running a carinderia (restaurant) in the backyard

Nobody can miss it: The vibrant orange extension of the house in Masambahin corner Mapagkawanggawa Streets in Teachers Village East. The place does not even have a signage, just two banners — one says Pinggan #25 Food House; the other proclaims the place’s best sellers

How to deal with debtors who are not paying? Shame them

Here's one "best" practice entrepreneurs won't learn in any school: If you've tried all options and yet debtors still aren't paying, try shaming them. Bartolome Malacura, a 70-year old sari-sari (retail) store owner in Davao, did precisely this by advertising the names of his debtors