How to compute your Time Deposit income

We recently received an email from one of our readers asking how to determine the interest earnings on his time deposit account. In response, we explain below how exactly it’s being computed.

Interest on a Peso Time Deposit account

Let’s assume we opened a P100,000 time deposit account that earns 2.0% per annum. We let it stay for 35 days. Considering the 20% withholding tax charged to peso time deposits, the interest income on the account is:

  • P100,000 * 2.0% * (35 / 365 days) * 0.80 = P153.42

Most people usually think that when they are quoted an interest rate (2.0% in this case), they will get that interest no matter how long the holding period is. This is wrong. That quoted rate is an annual rate and you only earn it if you let the bank hold your money for one year.

In our example above, your principal of P100,000 would earn only the share of 35/365 of the 2.0% per annum rate, representing 35 days out of 365 days in a year that the money is with the bank. (The convention is usually 365 days but some banks may use 360 days in the computation.)

You also need to consider the 20% withholding tax charged on interest income from time deposits. This is represented by the “0.80” in our formula above, which means, we are getting 80% of the total interest only, because we deducted the 20% withholding tax.

Thus, for a P100,000 money placed for 35 days in a time deposit (TD) paying 2.0% interest per annum, the net interest income is  P153.42. A bit small, indeed, compared to the principal placed. But then again, time deposit accounts are covered by the Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation, which means they are virtually safe, so in effect you don’t get much return because there’s not much risk associated with a TD account.

PreTermination of Time Deposit

Do note that most banks do not allow pre-termination of your time deposit. It is possible that you will incur a loss if you redeem or close the account prior to the set maturity date.

That’s because the Documentary Stamp Tax (DST), which the bank usually shoulders if the account is held until maturity, will now be passed on to you. Most of the time, this DST is more than the interest you earned, which means your principal can even be reduced. We thus highly encourage you to wait for the time deposit to mature rather than preterminating it.

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65 thoughts on “How to compute your Time Deposit income”

      1. If for one year: P50,000 * 6.73% * (365 / 365 days) * 0.80 = P2,692.00

        You’re rate is too high, most banks only give max of 2% per annum interest. 🙂

        1. Liezel Antioquia

          sir magkano po kaya magiging tubo kapag nag deposit po ako sa time deposit ng 500k in five years? medyo slow lang po sa computation,at nakakalito kase. thank you po. gudeve.

  1. Nice “how to” article. That’s right we should also consider the tax in computing interest income. If you do business and your paying interest expense. Your deductible interest expense in computing income tax depends on your interest income earned.

  2. I have a question though, since 20% is deducted then we do not need to include or declare this in the computation of our annual taxes?

  3. Wow! Thank u so much for this information. All along I though ganun kalaki magiging interest ng money ko sa TD, liit lang pala.. But at least its safe (from my spending habit). HaHa! Thanks again.

  4. what does the P153.42 in the equation “P100,000 * 2.0% * (35 / 365 days) * 0.80 = P153.42” represent? does it represent the daily interest or the yearly interest?

    1. James |

      It’s the interest income your P100,000 would earn assuming annual interest rate of 2% and the money remained in the account for 35 days.

  5. Sir,

    hanggang 1 year lang ba ang time deposit o pwede hanggang 10 years? Me and my wife are planning to invest in time deposit for the college education of our son… What can you advice about our plan?

  6. Alvinjamesabalos

    guys meron akong magandang business opportunity,, its about leverage income,, you can research it.. V MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES INC. here is muy number.. 090476944569..09334521955

    1. James |

      Hi Bunsoy, magbabago ang computation ng time deposit kapag may withdrawal sa principal amount. Bababa ang numerator (principal amount) pero fixed pa rin ang interest rate kaya bababa rin ang total interest earned ng time deposit mo.

    2. James |

      Hi Bunsoy, magbabago ang computation ng time deposit kapag may withdrawal sa principal amount. Bababa ang numerator (principal amount) pero fixed pa rin ang interest rate kaya bababa rin ang total interest earned ng time deposit mo.

      1. Akala ko nga rin malaki ang tubo ng time deposit.ayy kulang pa sa pamasahi.nag time deposit ako ng 100k sa metro bank after 6 months kinuha ko.ang tubo 300 pesos binawasan pa ng tax at kung ano ano pa.ang net enterest ng 300 ay 90 pesos sa loob ng 6 months.

  7. Loanshark master

    so kapag nag deposit ako ng 500,000php sa time deposit ang tubo nya kada 35 days ay 2%?

    ibig sabihin 10,000 kada 35 days? 

    1. mali, 
      500,000 * 2% = 10,000 in 12months  * (months kung gano na katagal yung deposit mo na hindi ginagalaw) / 12(months) = “yung kinita ng pera mo” tandaan mo yung interest, year ang bilangansample natin in 2 months 500000 * 2.0% = 10,000 * 2 = 20,000 / 12  =  1,666.67 < interest ng 500,000 pesos mo in 2 months or 60 days.hindi pa ito exact meron pang mga taxes, etc.. etc yan… para maliwanagan ka lang..sana makatulong

    1. Niko Ryan Codilana

      You might want to check sun life of Canada.pls pm me.we have 4% to 13% historical return..


  8. panu po pag may ang sabi 30-60 days 1.25%, 6-90 days 1.5% then 91-120days 1.75% tapos naglagay ako ng 10,000 for 120 days, panu po kinocompute un?

    1. Niko Ryan Codilana

      Hi sir,
      This is Niko from sun life of Canada.
      we have investment medium na you might want to know.
      Pls pm me for more info.the rate of return of investment range from 4% to 13% per annum.


  9. meron po bang mas detailed na explanation ng calculation? for example sa savings account po na merong lang 0.5 interest rate per annum tapos ang deposit ko ay 50,000 php how much ma eearn ko after a year?. kakalito calculate. T_T (not a finance, business, and etc. major)

  10. hi. would like to know how much interest will be using BPI Direct TD rates for 50k at 35days: 0.625 and for 364days: 0.875. Thanks

    1. Niko Ryan Codilana

      Hi sir,
      You might want to invest in si life of canada..a much higher return of investment than TD.


  11. good morning po ask kulang po sana kung mag knu po ang kabu-ohang matatanggap nyu po sa 1yr if nag deposit po kayo ng 100k sa TD (bpi), ito po yung 35days:0.750 tapos po yung364 days nya :1,000 po.

    1. (100,000) x (0.75/100) x (365/365) x (0.8) = 600 pesos lol an liit grrr

      (100,000) x (0.75/100) x (30/365) x (0.8) = 49.3 pesos per month. may pamasahe kana hahha

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  13. Linsiyok na Time Deposit yan. Kahit may isang milyon ka pala, sa Time Deposit, parang pinatulog mo ang pera mo sa loob ng isang taon. Aba, kahit kalahati niyan i 5-6 mo, baka di lang triple ang aabutin ng pera mo. I-time deposit mo, say for one year, sasakalin ka pa dahil kung kailangan mo yan nang wala pang isang taon na napagkasunduan, may penalty ka. Kamuka’t mukat, may utang ka pa sa bangko, he, he he.

  14. Myleen Dogelio

    Good day! pwede po mag tanong? magkano po ang matatanggap kung interest sa 100,000 for 30 days in 0.50% interest per anum sa BDO. Thank you

    1. Niko Ryan Codilana

      Hi mam
      100,000×0.50%x(30/365)x.80=32.876 pesos only.

      You might want to invest in sunlife.we have a much higher return of investment
      Ranging from 4% to 13% per annum.pls do pm me.



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  16. For example:

    100,000 x 0.50% x (30/365) x.80 = 32.876 pesos only.

    It means, 32.87php/mo x 12= 340 ang interest ng 100k mo yearly? so, after 5 years, 1,700php total ng interest makukuha mo plus the 100k you deposited?
    tama ba?

  17. Putang ina. Walang kwenta pala yang time deposit na yan. bobo talaga ang papasok ng ganito. gagamitin nila pera mo tapos ang laki kapag sila ang magfinance. tapos sayo in 35 days. 1 hundred plus lang. Mga gago pala itong mga bangko eh. No wonder 60% of the Philippine population does not have a bank account. Mga scammer pala tong mga gago eh.

    1. Kasi naman gagamitin nila yan pang business etc etc. Kung magkano kitain nila ay bgyan kalang ng katiting at un ang maging interes ng pera mo na ginamit nila hehe. Masaklap pero yan ang katotohanan. Kaya ako sa stock market ako. Atleast! Malayong mas malaki kita ko kesa sa sa interes ng banko. Eh ang bangko kasi iinvest din nila ung pera mo sa kung saan saan eh ipautang din dba tas anlaki ng tubo. Kaya nga time deposit dahil para alam nila kung hanggang kelan pwedeng gamitin ung pera mo. Kung baga may deadline. Para pag umutang sa kanila c customer dapat hanggang ganito mabayaran mo na. O dba. Kaya kung madiskarte din tayo eh tayo ang uutang sa banko at ipang negosyo. Tama? O kaya uutang ka sa bangko at ipa 5-6 mo e de natalo mo sila haha!

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  19. Arthur Alcantara

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  20. Help po to decide. I have time deposit account sa bdo. Actually kahapon ko lang nalaman na i do have kasi 2006 pa yun bata pa ko, lola ko pala nagopen nun for me. Haha So nagulat ako kasi pinapunta ko sa bank kasi daw walang signature ko e iba a nun yung pirma ko so pinarenew yung profile chuchu basta may pinafillup-an sakin then she asked me of 2 valid id at pinapahanap sakin yung certificate ba yun na form, pag nawala daw papagawa na lang daw loss of affidavit. e nawala na.. hindi ko lam gagawin if papaterminate ko na kasi 3k lang naman balance ng acc hhahha pero malaki ba charge ng termination? maturity date niya is september pa. what shall i do? someone please reply

  21. mag puhunan nalang ako ng isang daan mag luto ng GOTO kikita pa ako ng 200H pataas sa isang araw kaysa mag TD ako sa mga banko na yan he he he sila lang ang buhay tayo naka nganga

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  23. Hi po… mmmm ganyan po b tlga kaliit ang kikitain kpg per annum mo i TD Ung pera sa bank??? Nguluhn tuloy aq.. kc nung pinacompute q po ung intrest na makukuha sa 50k for 6mons. Is 128000 hndi p ksma ung principl na time deposit q.. kpag 3mons nmn po 51000 k ang pagkakaalala q po..

    Mmmm nppaicp tuloy aq.. haha?? qng ganun nga mkukuha q?

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