Shifting to BSBA / BSBAA in UP Diliman?

James Ryan Jonas

Last Friday, the UP College of Business Administration (CBA) released the official list of Accepted Shiftees/Transferees for the incoming academic year 2008-2009.
A total of 133 students were admitted into the College. These include 122 students from within UP Diliman, 10 shiftees from the regional units of UP, and 1 transferee from Ateneo de Manila University.
A bit of trivia: UP CBA’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accountancy (BS BAA) program is actually the most popular course choice of UP Diliman applicants for several years now.
This year, out of more than 40,000 high school graduates who applied in UP, around 6,000 or 15% of the applicants wanted to take the course. Only 100 students are admitted every year, which means the intake rate is merely 1 in every 60 applicants.

Admission Rules

The College accepts transferees from within and outside UP. However, since everyone competes with one another for very limited slots, an applicant must have very high grades to be able to get in. UP students are ranked based on their General Weighted Average or GWAs. Grades of students from other universities, on the other hand, are “transmuted” into the UP grade before being compared with the grades of other applicants.
Shiftees from within UP Diliman need to have a GWA of 2.25 or better to be able to apply. Transferees from UP regional units must have a GWA of at least 2.0 while those from other schools should have a transmuted GWA of 1.50 or better.

Grade Retention Policy

But as you know, getting into the program is just the first step. UP CBA has a grade retention policy which means if your GWA is lower than the cut-off grade, you can be kicked out of the program.
On the 1st semester of your 2nd year, your GWA must be 2.27 or better in order to stay in the program. At the end of the 2nd semester, your GWA must at least be 2.25. Otherwise, if you are a BSBA major, you will have to say goodbye to the college but, if you are a BSBAA student, you will be transferred to the BSBA program.
There are additional grade retention policies for BAA students. The average grade of the two basic accounting subjects BA 99.1 and BA 99.2 must at least be 2.50. For each of the intermediate accounting subjects BA 114.1 and BA 114.2, the grade must be 2.75 or better. If you incurred a grade lower than those, you will be kicked out of the program.

Notable UP CBA Graduates

Studying in UP CBA is indeed competitive yet rewarding, at the same time. Notable graduates of the UP College of Business include Senate President Manny Villar, his wife and Las Pinas Rep. Cynthia Villar, French Baker CEO John Lu Koa, former Department of Budget and Management Sec. Emilia Boncodin, and CHED Commissioner Romulo Neri, among others.
If you want to learn more about the BSBA or BSBAA program, visit the UP CBA website.
All geared up to apply? Good luck! Hope to see you in the UP College of Business Administration!

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.