Join BPI Express Online’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and win an iPod Shuffle

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) is inviting BPI, BPI Family Savings Banks, and BPI Direct clients who are users of the online banking facility BPI Express Online to join its Customer Satisfaction Survey where they can win one of three (3) iPod Shuffles.

If you are a BPI Express Online user, log on to and click the "Express your thoughts and get a chance to win an iPod Shuffle" link on your Accounts Page to join. The survey, which can be finished within 10-15 minutes, is about your opinions on various services offered by BPI's online banking system.

The survey must be finished on or before August 15 in order to qualify for the raffle. 

I already joined the survey and told BPI what I think about their online banking services. I especially mentioned the improvements I was looking for which I mentioned in the article BPI Express Online now shows detailed transaction history.

7 thoughts on “Join BPI Express Online’s Customer Satisfaction Survey and win an iPod Shuffle”

  1. Ruth Nepomuceno

    I just recently opened an account with BPI and planning to apply for a credit card as well. Although my friends say I should get one from Metrobank, i still prefer BDO. Hopefully, they have lower interest rates.

  2. A customer survey is the best way to get a pulse on your customers and revamp accordingly. Were any changes actually implemented? NBRI

  3. I would like to comment the excellent sevices rendered by your Senior Manager Leonor B. Perez of Cainta Junction Branch. I’m a balikbayan and I’m 100 % satsfied with her services in managing our account. I pray that all BPI branches will have like Ms. Leonor Perez. Thank Ms Perez and God bless you…

  4. Customer Service in BPI Toril Davao City has poor accountability and insufficient systems. They actually do negligence on their duty, there was once I try to freeze my lost card and the lady (teller) I’ve spoke with said she already froze the account however when I try to check my account the money has already withdrew. Big deal is she haven’t provided an heads up that there will be a time frame to freeze the account. Its disgusting very unprofessional, I think customer service of BPI should be more reliable. Should have more training.

  5. BPI Bagong Barrio Caloocan branch has very poor customer service because of the branch manager.
    We are opening an account for our church’s foundation , it took us one month to wait for their approval (actually up to this time ), we submitted all the requirements, but everytime we submit, they will ask for another requirement, after complying with the said requirement, they will ask for another. It’s already five times now that our papers has been returned to and pro.
    I can say that they are very inefficient.

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