Examples of Online Scams in the Philippines

For several months now, we’ve been receiving emails from people around the world reporting the scam activities of some Filipino scumbags.

We are reprinting below some of these emails in order to warn others against the modus operandi of these horrendous scammers.

The “Scheming Bride-to-Be” Scam

I was lied to and deceived into giving Herminia Surtida Fernandez about $5,000 over a period of 4 months. She lives at Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte 7112 Philippines. Her Yahoo screen name and e-mail is her_surfer & her_surfer@yahoo.com.

Just one week or so after we started chatting on Yahoo she had a heart attack. She is 32 years old. Birthday Feburary 16th. I paid for two heart surgeries for mitral valve prolapse. I paid all of her rent, utilities, food for the four months. I paid for new cellphone, eyeglasses, tennis racket, and scientific calculator plus her college. I also paid for our wedding six months in advance of the amount of $3,000. $700 for wedding dress. Wedding date was supposed to be in May 2008.

I would just love to prosecute this lady, and warn other victims of her cunning scamming.

– Sent by ddem***@comcast.net

The Cellphone Scammer

i received a text message containing the following message. “musta jn? t2 boy mo 2, e2 n # q save u nlnag, pauwi ako nowjn, w8 nyo ako d2 pa ako s byahe, pload mo nga muna ako ng 60 jn byad ko pgdting ko mya, ala ako load.”

i’ve received this message about 3 or 4 times already and depending on the situation the message would differ. 1 time i got a message like “you won something from someone reply to know the location” something like that.

the number is 09092105478

is there a way to catch this culprit?

– Sent by jts*@smart.com.ph

eBay Scammer #1

Good day. I bought a cordless phone from an eBay seller named Stanley Warren who lives in Las Pinas in the Philippines. After I have paid, he told me to wait for the phone but after several weeks, the phone was not delivered to me. I tried contacting him several times but never received any replies.

His eBay ID is stan_war2, email address stan_war2@yahoo.com and this is his eBay profile. Please be warned of this scammer!

– Sent by lou***@yahoo.com

eBay Scammer #2

i bought a cellphone at eBay worth Php 30,000 and i deposited payment through seller’s bank account. However, after receiving my payment, he never contacted me and i didn’t receive my item bought from him.

what can i do? i only have his bank account details – receipt that i have deposited this big amount of money to his account. though there is no written contract, how will i file a case against that person?

– Sent by felixb***@yahoo.com.ph

Where to report Philippine scammers

Unfortunately, there is nothing much we can do here at Pinoy Money Talk but to advise these victims to contact the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to file an official complaint.

The sad reality is there’s no assurance these scammers will be caught or jailed and no guarantee as well that your scammed money can be returned.

Still, contact the NBI here to request for assistance:

National Bureau of Investigation
NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita,
Manila, Philippines 1000
Tel. Nos. (02) 523-8231 to 38 (Local); (+632) 523-8231 to 38 (International)
Fax Nos. (2) 526-1216, 523-7414 (Local); (+632) 526-1216, 523-7414 (International)
Email Address: director@nbi.gov.ph

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  1. Which payment system is more safer?


    I have Adsense and Advertising stuff on the net.

    have you heard about Union Banks EON Account this is tied up with Paypal…

  2. Can you please tell me if the company named PFEC (Performance Foreign Exchange Corporation, a member of SolidGold Group is legit or another scammer again.
    Thanks much.


  4. kilala ko ang mga scamers sa gensan lahat lahat kilala ko mga bading sila lahat polomolok din kilala ko sila help me to stop the scamers kasi kawawa ang mga american

  5. Sa multiply madaming scammer lalo Na un SOFIA CASTELLO, madami nang nabiktima, kasama ako, pinagdown ako ng 3K tapos to follow yun 20K, buti nalang di ko pa nabayad scammer pala!

  6. Beware of this person! Jessie Mendoza Zapata of #85 Carnation St., Cor. Rizal Avenue, Roxas City, Palawan. Cellphone no. 0925-7438-821. She is a scammer. I won an eBay item from this person. She agreed to send me the item (2nd hand Nokia E71) after paying P1,200. I paid March 22 and said she’ll send the item the next day (March 23). But since March 24, she can’t be contacted anymore. Her number is out of reach. For those who are planning to deal with this person—Jessie Mendoza Zapata of Roxas City, Palawan—please think twice before you get scammed. ‘Wag na lang kayong makideal sa taong ito. Manloloko! One thing I learned from this is to never trust a non-Powerseller eBayer!!! Never get an item from someone without convincing number of positive feedbacks unless it’s a meet-up. And if the item is too good to be true, it probably is!!!

  7. be aware of mrs. andrea sagad evans from makati city she scam me through online by ordering toys.. i send her money by gcash after i sent it she blocked me on my facebook account and i cant contact her to her cellphone…she is so damn poor eating finger.. be aware of her! ANDREA SAGAD EVANS.

    • wow the same thing with me, wow its bad, but you know i have got like 25 to 30 asking me for money on FilipinoCupid.com its so sad how they can spot some one with money, 

    2189068118 <– bank account

    taga pampanga poh.. wag kayo pa scam nito.. help me spread the word,,,



    Good day we are concerned citizens against RONALDO M. MENDOZA… AKA (Ronald Mendoza / Ronnie Mendoza)

    These are the links that through the years This ANIMAL is still at large.. Hunted by DOG LOVERS! its Your CALL to give him a lesson that he DESERVES … May his so called GOD forgive him well…..

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    After Years of his operation in Scamming Dog lover’s and Owners he is at large again.. ! this Swindler will allure people again., i wonder why this Kind of Animal-character-Man still exist in k9 world., “RONALD MENDOZA”

    Nowadays he is connecting with other Professional known trainer, like Manalok9, ODAk9, etc, where in behind of this legitimate dog training schools he is still at large.. scamming in the expense of other’s integrity, he sounds very very POLITE!..in short Sweet mouth! to hook you up!.. My brother is a victim of this CONMAN years ago.. i cant believe that no one has sue this person in court and pay for his Swindling! Makakahanap ka din ng katapat mo..! interphilk9 was his old website , and now he is still the man behind “mendozak9” and RMTk9 and a Maryann dog School etc…. this year when one of My colleagues ask me if i know a good trainer? because they saw a ADDS in the Buy&sell Paper ADDS, and wham!! they encountered this RONALD MENDOZA while they are inquiring! whew! They encountered him knowing that its still RONALD MENDOZA is training! and hes mentioning about his different training location in Taytay rizal, and i Makati! Whow he expanded his Swindling Network and Casts! .. Some “goons” are protecting this INCOMPETENT TRAINER.. we posted this that even though years have passed, other client’s dogs died and ours was lost in his kennel.. if i recall its at #10. Taguile st., Calendola Vil. SnPedro Laguna..

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    For more info check:

    Warning To Dog Lovers. INTERPHILk9


    MANLOLOKO tong taong to. He has hurt and mistreated dogs (atleast one dead) before and brought
    pain and emotional trauma to a LOT of dog owners. He takes money and FOOD (hotdogs daw for the dogs that he eats himself… accepts tender juicy only) and have done nothing in return. He is not really incompetent… he is
    just a BAD, BAD person.

    If you love your dogs, don’t have them trained AT ALL… train them yourselves or join a clicker training club.

    Magkakakilala tong mga trainer na to and sadly, they are friends with this SCAM artist. They take care of him so it would seem that they condone his

    Check his address in Laguna and then check with the barangay hall and you will find his name blottered there.

    We got our dog back… maybe it’s the reason he is still in one piece. P%*(TA ka, Ronald, Kapal mo… may website ka na?!

    For more info check:


    Read more: http://www.sulit.com.ph/index.php/view+classifieds/id/1604475/MARAN+ILLUSTRATED+DOG+TRAINING+EBOOK

  11. I was scammed by MaryAnn B. Maglangit 136 house number, puli canitoan Cagayan de oro Philippines mamaglangit@yahoo .cellphone numbers 639268927445 or 639905951450. watch this one my email is keith52eckhardt@msn.com if you want pictures


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