Beware of Gordion Hotel and Ensogo group buying site

Bad customer service can take a company down. Sadly, this basic marketing tenet seems to have been lost to Gordion Hotel (a Vigan-based hotel) and group buying website Ensogo.

It’s been one month now and my problem with a voucher I bought from Ensogo is still not solved. (For details on how this all started, read the other post Problem with group buying site Ensogo.)

Yes, Ensogo has been contacting me in the past weeks saying they are “working” to solve the problem. In fact, in the first week I made the post, they said they are already finding a solution — so they are requesting that the blog post be removed.

Shrewd move, right? No solution yet but they want all negative publicity removed.

But the worst they did happened Friday last week. They offered me a “compromise” — that is, they will issue a full refund IF AND ONLY IF I remove the blog post about the problem with Ensogo and Gordion Hotel.

Does Ensogo and Gordion Hotel really think can bully their own customers?

I got furious the moment they offered this “compromise.” Here is a hotel that advertised on Ensogo a 50% discount on their room rates — only to be discovered that you can actually directly reserve with the hotel at a price EVEN cheaper than the announced 50% discounted rates! (see Gordion Hotel’s rates here)

Their website is enough proof that you can indeed reserve the Deluxe rooms at P3,000 per room per night. This means for a 3 days/2 nights stay, you only have to pay P6,000. (Yes, I kept screenshots of the website.)

Gordion Hotel (Vigan) review problemSo if Ensogo marketed this “for only P8,999” — 50% off from the original price of P17,999 (link to the Ensogo deal here) — what do you call that?

Deceptive advertising? Fraud? Scam? You decide.

It was already annoying that Ensogo had the nerve to request that the post be removed even if they have not solved the problem yet. But they made the matter worse by offering a “compromise:” full refund IF AND ONLY IF the negative blog post is removed.

To Ensogo and Gordion Hotel: that is not how you should run your business.

By addressing the problem in a high-and-mighty way, you risk losing customers in the process. Why? Because people will spread the news about how bad your customer service is and how bad you treat your customers. This post is a start.

So to everyone dealing with Gordion Hotel and Ensogo, beware.

Update (June 27, 2011): More than a month since this issue came up, after more than 190+ Facebook likes for this article, and another 150+ likes in the initial Ensogo/Gordion Hotel problem post, I can now sigh and say: finally, it’s over.

Last Monday, June 27, I got a message from Ensogo that they have made a full refund of my payment. This was supposedly a triumph on my part but looking back, there was nothing to be happy about because it took Ensogo more than a month to address a simple problem that could have been resolved in less than a week.

Let me, then, take time to educate Ensogo why their customer service was an EPIC FAILURE.

EPIC FAIL #1: When I discovered the price discrepancy between the promo rates and the actual hotel rates on May 16, I immediately called your office but after one hour of constant tries, no one from your customer support answered the phone. This was a regular business hour, mind you — from 10-11 am, on a Monday.

EPIC FAIL #2: Around 3 p.m. that same day, I tried calling the office again and after several tries, finally someone answered. The guy on the other line, a certain “Hannibal,” instructed me to email him at so they can “start the investigation.” Within 10 minutes, I already sent him the email. Now, you should have at least acknowledged that you got the email; a simple auto-responder would have sufficed. That’s a sign that you were looking into the problem. Customers hate it when they don’t know if their concern is being addressed. And true enough, after one week, my problem turned out to be pending still.

EPIC FAIL #3: One week later, on May 23, a certain Katherine called me up to say that Ensogo’s Country Manager saw the Ensogo problem post and that she was assigned to address my concern. I said good, I already emailed my complaint and I just want a full refund. She told me she has not seen the email I have sent. Surprise, surprise! Apparently, Ensogo knew of the problem because of the blog post (and no one seemed to have read the original email I sent to Hannibal). She asked that I forward the email to her so she can take a look. Now, the annoying part: she asked that I remove the blog post I made about Ensogo. Of course, I refused. I told her I’m not going to remove or edit the post unless they address my refund request.

EPIC FAIL #4: On May 31, I received an email saying that my request has been approved:

This is to inform you that your refund request for Gordion Hotel unused vouchers is granted. If your mode of payment is bancnet, paypal, over the counter we can credit to your Ensogo Account so that you can use it for your next purchased transaction or cash deposit to your Bank Account. But if your mode of payment is credit card we will refund thru credit card.


Cat G. Toring
Accounting Specialist
Ensogo Philippines

End of story? Unfortunately not. Since I paid via credit card, I expected a transaction reversal on my credit card in the next few days. However, two weeks have passed and I still have not received any refund. I decided to email Ensogo again on June 9 requesting for an update.

EPIC FAIL #5: On June 10, Katherine from Ensogo called me again to say that they have approved my refund request. There’s a catch, though: what they’re offering is a “compromise,” meaning, I’ll get 50% refund ASAP but will only get the other 50% if and only if I completely delete the post and remove all comments about Ensogo. I got furious and told them it’s either I get the full refund or I don’t get it at all — in that case, I’ll go to the DTI to report them.

EPIC FAIL #6: On June 21, more than a month since this problem started, another representative from Ensogo, Aki, called. She told me they have decided to fully refund my payment. I asked how I’ll get the refund, if via credit card or bank deposit. Aki didn’t know the answer and she had to put me on hold while she asked someone in the background. After a few seconds, she said she’ll deposit it to my bank account. I asked when I’ll be able to receive the refund. Again, she didn’t know the answer and had to go back to the person in the background. A few seconds later, she told me “within the next 3 days.” She then asked if I’m available to meet with Ensogo’s country manager (who’s most probably interested in doing damage control for the company). I told her we’ll discuss that after I’ve received my full payment.

In the end, here’s my message to you Ensogo guys: this problem would not have lasted one month and would not have been forwarded to hundreds of group buying customers had you addressed this concern properly. You should not bully your customers or treat them like stupid money machines.

Your competitors are even wiser than you. One other local group buying site wanted to exploit the situation and asked me if I want to be a paid endorser of their website. Of course, I had the decency to decline the offer.

I hope this becomes a valuable lesson to all businesses, not just to group buying sites in the Philippines. Treat your customers with respect because you owe your existence to them.

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96 thoughts on “Beware of Gordion Hotel and Ensogo group buying site”

  1. Ang kapal naman ng mukha nila. If you want, you can report them to the DTI. These scammers should be sent to jail. They should not deceive the public!

    • I plan on reporting them to the DTI should I not get an unconditional refund from them. I doubt though that that’s enough reason for them to go to jail. Hehe 🙂

      • report them already, the more there is, the more DTI will have to take action.

        do you think Gordon hotel has a DTI permit for this promotion?

    • Yup, that’s why they’re really a disappointment to me. Actually I bought my very first group buying coupon from them and with the number of deals they have simultaneously, they’re really one of the best for me then. But they need to work on their customer support as they can lose customers because of crappy service.

  2. The marketed price and discount may be something that Ensogo and Gordion have arranged… and now settle. 

    But the “compromise” doesnt appear to be a beneficial proposition. Looks like pouring gas on fire. 

    • Not anymore. My experience with them was so disappointing and annoying that even if I get an unconditional full refund, I’ve decided not to buy any vouchers from them anymore.

  3. I used to like ensogo too…. they disappointed me as well… James, I would like to hear more about your experience with ensogo … pls email me at… maybe we can help each other … check out their FB page … they have another false advertisement case … the dezato deal … In my opinion, it is not customer service/support’s fault.. they are just getting the blame because they ere the ensogo’s frontliners … who’s to blame? i think it it the one who approves these deals … come to think of it … there would not be any issues had that person checked everything before approving them, right? I have been following them since the Confetti scam and then the Zest Air deal and you mentioned the Giordon hotel … NOW, the dezato deal … I think DTI should monitor ensogo … fire the one approving these deals or the one who got these deals approved … he/she is definitely not doing his/her job. I feel for their customer support team though, they are the ones getting the blame and the nasty comments. — just my two cents 🙂

  4.  Easy…boys.  From what I remember about reading about this brouhaha, wasn’t the problem with Gordion since they’re the ones who changed their prices after making an agreement with Ensogo.  Of course may patong na rin Ensogo. Otherwise, how will they earn (though I’m not sure how they do earn money). You also did research and found a high price as well from other sites.  This is an internal problem between Ensogo and Gordion. It is lucky that you brought this issue up to them though unfortunate that you have to bring it to this platform.  They should refund you just for bringing that to their attention and fix their problem with Gordion. In a way, Ensogo is a victim too with the changed prices. Maybe that’s why they’re requesting you to put the post down because your post is very negative when they were probably also caught unawares.

    • So are you saying that customers don’t have the right to complain even if they think they were deceived by the seller? And that people should just shut up and say no negative comment to be able to receive a refund? Whatever happened to freedom of expression???

      • Yup, so Gimmeabreak07, so you’re working for Ensogo and try to infiltrate this discussion by trying to spread sympathy? Guess what, you failed. Never heard about freedom of expression? I can say Ensogo sucks every day, every second, Philippines is a land of the free, I know, Ensogo is a Thai company, and they may pull of scams like this easily there, but this is our country, the Philippines, so stick to the rules Ensogo and don’t scam people.

  5. I posted here before saying that I love Ensogo. Then James deleted it? So you only want the negative to be published? 

  6. I suggest siguro, magreport ka sa kahit saang TV Station regarding sa mga panloloko ng mga group buying sites para makita natin sa News. It’s a scam. Niloloko nila yung mga discount prices.

  7. Hi! I work for a tv network, and this would be a great story po para una.. i-solve yung problema and secondly, mabigyan ng warning yung mga manonood sa mga ganitong modus.. We would love to help po. If interested, you may get in touch with me sa 09062780000.

  8. I can’t wait to see the scammers from ensogo philippines with their fraud exposed on national television! They ruined my Boracay trip – they told me I was booked, I arrive there with my husband and 3 kids, and the hotel didn’t know anything about it! All Ensogo told me was they’re sorry and will “investigate” what happened. They always use that word, “investigate”, when they in truth should simply REFUND!!! I’m disgusted and hope their scam scheme will be brought to DTI. Good thing my friend works there.

  9. Admin, you should also add the keywords “ensogo review” so that this article shows up for people who look for reviews for Ensogo.

  10. Hi. I’ve written about my horror story with Ensogo here and I’ve actually filed a complaint at DTI and currently pitching this story to several media contacts. I hope this company doesn’t get away with what they’re doing.

  11. Ensogo should treat you nice and why would they ask you to remove your post if they haven’t fixed the problem yet?! As side from Scamming the buyers, they are also Manipulating buyer’s freedom to speak the truth. Go Ahead and do some action James. And please, we should not generalize all the Group Buying websites some of them are working CLEAN and TRANSPARENT to their subscribers like DealSPOT,Deal Grocer etc…;)

  12. Thanks for the warning! We are 5 families that was about to purchase hotel deals in palawan (it’s our first time to do this). I was also the one who told them about the ensogo deals. Good thing that i read the reviews and comments. We’ll just book our hotels at or agoda instead. It may not be as cheaper as ensogo deals but at least i’m sure that everything is okay. I’ve done booking from that sites many times and nothing bad happened. I will also warn my friends about it.

  13. Lucky for us:) We got more than what we’re supposed to have from the deal:)

    We bought 2 coupons ( 3-days/2nights aqua room accommodation @ h2o hotel plus 2 free ocean park tickets for P7900.00). I called the hotel before buying the coupons & called again after to book & confirm the reservations.  When we arrived @362c083188d196f359b327306d36c89c:disqus  h2o, there was no more aqua room available but they gave us a complimentary upgrade.  We ended up having their huge bay view rooms (i think it’s their premiere room) without having to pay for anything more even the P2000 for the extra person as stated in the coupon. We even have another 2 cousins sleep with us:)

    I still have 4 unused ensogo coupons (for Galvanic Gold Facial for P99) .  I just hope I won’t have any problems redeeming them.  Good luck to me:) Thanks for your post.

  14. In fairness naman to Ensogo, I once bought a Messy Bessy voucher from them and ok naman, walang hassle. I’m not siding with them or anything but it seems to me that this is a problem that they have with the merchant and has to be resolved internally. What ISN’T acceptable though is how they are handling your situation. If they couldn’t figure out what to do with their arrangements with (a) merchant(s) that have gone awry, dapat lang na asikasuhin muna ang mga customers and not make them wait ng wala man lang proper communication.

  15. Sa tingin ko naman Ensogo didn’t anticipate the hotel to lower their prices suddenly, kasi usually sa hotel ganyan their prices change from time to time so during the time na ginawa nila yung deal with the hotel it was at that price, hindi ko naman sinasabi na kampi ako sa Ensogo pero naintindihan ko lang kasi yung situation kasi nagtrabaho din ako sa hotel. 

  16. I just received my first irrate letter from an entrepreneu who have been “offended” by my decisions to voice out negative comments on my blog for bad services rendered and experienced by my family and me.  As such, I find it so annoying that these “business owners” bully people into providing only positive reviews.

    I understand that establishments may experience a “bad day” from time to time but do they not understand that these comments are ways to correct their procedures?  Kainis!

  17. look at the Hero sausage now ensogo is advertising 150 pesos!!! I’ve been there yesterday and its only 88 pesos!!! WHAT A FRAUD!!!!

    • Pwede bang magbasa ka muna bago ka magreklamo. Maliwanag nmang gift certificate worth 300 pesos yung deal sa ensogo. So kung 88 pesos ang sausage worth 300 ang pwede mo mabili.

  18. Dapat i check ng mga deals company kung ung ads ay nakakaloko. I think hinde lang to ngyayari sa Ensogo but sa ibang deals company din. 

    We had bad experience sa beeconomic when we purchased a coupon for dog grooming sa pooch park ortigas. Sa picture nung advertisement may dogs of all size pero nung dinala namin dog sa pet shop, it turned out na small breed lang pala so we needed to add 500 pesos para i groom yung golden retriever ko.

  19. Never had an issue pa naman sa kanila… i bought several vouchers na from them and im satisfied of their service. Lahat naman ng companies even The Ayala group of companies cannot please everyone e… no one is perfect.

    • Yes, NO one is really perfect. We had no problems with Ensogo. Some people just don’t know how to read and higit sa lahat, walang pasensya.

  20. My sister showed me a link about an Ensogo deal. Remembering your post, I tell her not to pursue with it.  Thanks for posting this one.  If they only refunded what is due to you, you will be updating your post and will allow your readers to know that Ensogo do good business right? But with their compromise, I guess it all boils down to one thing – negative impact to their marketing. Thanks for this post.

  21. I doubt that ensogo is number 1 in group buying. Yes madami sila facebook fans. Pero talo sila ng Metrodeal when it comes to that. Di nga mabenta yung mga deals ng ensogo, karamihan nga 0 purchase. I say, when it comes to purchasing power, mas madami pa bumibili metrodeal and cashcashpinoy.

  22. Dear Pinoymoneytalk and readers,


    We have read through the feedback and all the comments
    that this concern has brought about.


    First and foremost, we would like to send our
    sincerest apologies to Pinoymoneytalk for all the inconvenience that this
    experience has caused you. We did our very best to reach out to you and try to
    clear this concern as quickly as possible. No malice intended on anything that
    we relayed to you via e-mail or phone call.


    For the readers’ information, the voucher of the hotel
    is valid for 1 calendar year, this means it covers both peak and non-peak


    We now recognize that we could have been more specific
    with the details for this particular deal. Rest assured that we consider this
    as a learning which we plan to use to further fine-tune the service we offer to
    our members.


    Further, this concern has helped bring up points for
    improvement of Ensogo’s deals, and we appreciate all the feedback we received
    from Pinoymoneytalk and all its readers. We continue to provide great deals to
    every Filipino and we continue to improve on our offers and services.


    Once again, our sincerest apologies and thank you for
    your patience on this matter.



    Ensogo Philippines

    • Lame, lame, lame. Canned apology na nga, nag promote pa. I hope someone brings you to court. You and all other businesses with the likes of you. I wonder, meron din bang Group Demanda deals?

      By the way, here are some tips to writing an apology letter:

      But it looks like you’ve already read it and more. Can you send me tips on how to write an Apology/Promotion/Hugas-Kamay letter?

      Style nyo bulok.

    • (This letter is so phony, it offends me. Let’s dissect it, shall we?)

      Dear Pinoymoneytalk and readers,

      We have read through the feedback and all the comments that this concern has brought about.

      and foremost, we would like to send our sincerest apologies to
      Pinoymoneytalk for all the inconvenience that this experience has caused
      you. (She has a name, you know. Pinoymoneytalk is the blog, or better yet, the stick she used to whup your ass online.)

      We did our very best to reach out to you (WOW) and try to clear this
      concern as quickly as possible. (You’re right. 1 month is nothing
      compared to NEVER. Which is how fast they would have wanted to respond
      if they had their way.) No malice intended on anything that we
      relayed to you via e-mail or phone call. (No malice daw yung “You’ll get
      your refund ‘IF AND ONLY IF’ this post is taken down.” What a load of

      For the readers’
      information, the voucher of the hotel is valid for 1 calendar year, this
      means it covers both peak and non-peak rates. (This is one of the most
      offending lines in this letter. It’s like you’re saying she’s the one
      who’s mistaken and you’re NOT. While trying to take everyone for a ride
      down bullshit creek with rates that were even more expensive than
      booking direct with the hotel. Is this really supposed to be part of a
      “sincere” apology letter? Ang galing e.)

      We now recognize
      (Nope, you don’t) that we could have been more specific (you mean more
      transparent or maybe more careful that unwitting buyers don’t smell the
      stink behind your bad deals) with the details for this
      particular deal (Parang isolated incident lang e, no?). Rest assured
      that we consider this as a learning (What? Experience? I really hope it
      was painful also.) which
      we plan to use to further fine-tune the service we offer to our members
      (Members? You mean Victims, right?).

      this concern (You mean fiasco) has helped bring up points for
      improvement of Ensogo’s
      deals (They’re more careful now about refunds. Kung walang blog post,
      wag nang pansinin ang mga refund request.), and we appreciate all the
      feedback we received from
      Pinoymoneytalk and all its readers (Not this one, you don’t. It really
      must tick you off that you have bad press like this and you can’t do
      anything to remove it). We continue to provide great deals
      to every Filipino and we continue to improve on our offers and services.
      (Nag promote pa talaga, no? Kapal.)

      Once again, our sincerest apologies and thank you for your patience on this matter.

      Sincerely, (Ows. Plastic.)

      Ensogo Philippines

    • seriously? are you that dumb ensogo? you really think that letter will assure consumers and assuage readers of this blog. try a different blog or site where they don’t seriously and substantially and humorously discuss economics, finance and banking. DTI for the fraud. DOJ for the extortion–a reund in exchange for deleting a blog post. and DepEd for the stupidity of posting a moronic letter.

  23. Dapat mag-ayos-ayos yang Ensogo! Ngayon todo apologize at explanation pa kayo e kung sa simula pa lang inayos na ninyo ito e di hindi na umabot sa ganito. Simple lang naman yung hinhingi nung kustomer, you should have understood that customer is king. Lesson talaga yan para magtino kayo kasi hindi maganda ang trato niyo sa mga customers ninyo. 

  24. Remembering your post, I acquaint her not to accompany with it. Thanks for announcement this one. If they alone refunded what is due to you, you will be afterlight your column and will acquiesce your readers to apperceive that Ensogo do acceptable business right.

    Hotel promocao

  25. This is a nice insight. As online buyer, I think I am lucky when I bought splash island entrance ticket with because it was really 60% the same as in their ads.

    Thanks PMT for this information.

    • Majority of the deals in group buying sites are legit. Unfortunately, there may be some that are problematic or questionable. In that case, group buying sites should just side with the customer and issue a refund. They should never fight or argue with customers unless they believe the customer is being unreasonable.

  26. Bravo! I’m an online buyer myself and I’m so glad to have read your experience. I’m sorry about what you had to go through, but I have to say it’s still a nice ending to what would otherwise have been another group buying site horror story. Had I been in the same situation, I might not have been able to handle it as graceful as you.

    I mean, what about those other people who, being in the same situation, do not have a way to post this story online the same way as this. How likely would it have been for them to have been treated the same way by these Ensogo people. Baka mas grabe pa yung pinagdaanan nila. Or worse, they just gave up on getting their money back.

    I was planning to buy some vouchers from Ensogo myself to celebrate an upcoming anniversary, but I’m glad to have read your experience and have decided to just do it the old fashioned way. Better safe than sorry.

    PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THIS POST. It should serve as a reminder for others. As it has been for me.

    Thank you.

  27. My bad experience was with Cashcashpinoy.  Full narrative at We purchased their Dusit Basix Buffet vouchers which expressly indicated that unlimited wine/beer was included. When we dined there last Aug 5, we were told that it was no longer included when it was available for regular patrons.  Plus, the buffet spread was very limited.  On that night, Dusit Basix Buffet was a sorry excuse for a hotel buffet.  It was simply not worth the money we paid for.  The underlying problem is when these group-buying websites or their merchants lie or renege on the original terms and conditions.  At the end of the day, there is no guarantee that they will deliver on what was promised which is the basis of all business transactions.  These deals are just scams waiting to happen.  FYI, I called Dusit Basix the day after to verify, and wine/beer is indeed no longer included.  Shame on Dusit for reneging on their word.

  28. I also find some Travel Deals not cheap. They have a 3D/2N stay in HK for 13,999 they say its should be 31,000. But if you check other Travel agents, they can give you the deal for 11,000 including Disneyland Entrance Tickets and Half Day City Tour. For Ensogo, these two attractions are not even included and extra costs for you. So I think, we are not saving for the Travel bit at all. Ill try to avoid these deals. It’s a rip-off I would say.

  29. This is true, I also have a bad experience with Ensogo, i thought I can save, but the worst is I’ve spent a thousands of cash aside from 6 vouchers for a derm clinic. Likewise, if you’re wise enough same offer are cheaper with other group buying comapny than Ensogo. Please be informed and be warned!

  30. ….aren’t these group buying sites regulated by the government?? I think it would be best to complain thru the Department of Trade and Industry this way the government can exercise its function to protect consumers from misrepresentations and false advertisements. This is tantamount to robbing you with your hard earned money…

  31. I also have problems with the support team of Ensogo. I paid my vouchers on time last Monday (Oct. 3, 2011 since it’s on their email- payment should be done after 24 hours of purchasing the item/s) but until now I don’t have the vouchers yet. I’ve been calling them for 2 days now with their 3 lines but no one’s answering the phones. I also emailed them lots of times, the only email they replied to was yesterday saying that there was no attachment (deposit/payment slip) on my email but as I’ve told them I have a proof because it’s on my sent items. Already forwarded the payment slip lots of times and asking them about my vouchers but still no one’s replying up until now. So disappointed with them! I don’t know what happened to my vouchers and when will they process it.

  32. Thank you for giving time to write your experience. I’m an avid online buyer though I usually look at reviews and google the product/service I’m planning to buy first before purchasing it. I mean, since most of the deals are really inviting and sometimes we can’t help ourselves and give into the temptation but what I usually think of before I buy something is this “Wow it’s so cheap, what’s the catch?” then I go looking for comments about what I’m gonna buy…  Most of the deals I bought were pretty satisfying naman so far. Siguro people need to check first talaga before buying anything.  But I’ve also read so many bad reviews on ensogo.And there was a time I called them up pero oo nga nobody was answering the phone calls. Parang hindi ata uso sa kanila ang customer service hehehe. Anyways, siguro to save myself of future dissappointments or stress with dealing with these kinds, I’m never gonna buy na rin from ensogo from now on…

  33. I purchased a voucher for an overnight stay in tagaytay. After processing the payment, I called the hotel and ask for a room reservation. I asked the customer service if such dates are available to be booked and she said yes. But when I said that I will be using a voucher from a group buying site, she immediately said rooms arent available for customers who have that voucher. What the hell? I called the company and send them an email but never get any reply.

  34. Hi, i needed to reload your page because it initially says “Database Error” Im not sure if the page request is being blocked so people wont be able to read your post. Thanks for your post.

  35. The more I dig up about Ensogo, the more complaints I see. There’s even a hate page on it:

    I’ve also noticed that the official Ensogo Philippines Facebook page has been deleting posts on DTI complaint numbers, complaints from irate customers and posts on the hate page. Perhaps the hate page is already redundant, because the official page itself is turning into a hate page already.

  36. I actually experienced the
    worst  problem with Ensogo! I purchased 3 months ago 10 vouchers
    ofHongkong travel package, Upon payment, I
    informed them right away of my family’s preferred travel dates, with additional
    arrangements such as 1 day extension of stay SINCE WE WANT TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP
    there –  plus Disney tour, thus I was asked to pay additional of P43,000.
    When I called and emailed them to give them our preferred travel arrangements,
    they gave me the assurance that everything was ironed out already and all I
    have to do is to wait for our e-tickets which will be issued 3 WEEKS BEFORE
    departure date. Our Travel date is Dec 2-5> Here is the itinerary they sent

    Below is the 4-day itinerary:
    • DAY 1: Manila to Hong Kong (no meals) – 8:00AM – 10:00AM- Manila to Hong Kong
    via Hong Kong Express UO714/0755/1000 – Meet and transfer to hotel – Disneyland
    tour – Overnight in Hong Kong • DAY 2: Hong Kong (B) -Breakfast inside hotel
    -08:30AM commencing Hong Kong City tour visiting Mid-level of Victoria Peak,
    Aberdeen Fishing Village (Sampan ride is optional), J.C. Jewelry Factory and
    Movie Star Avenue -Afternoon free time for shopping
    -Overnight in Hong Kong • DAY 3: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside
    hotel -free time
    • DAY 4: Hong Kong to Manila (B) -Breakfast inside hotel -free time in the
    morning (Hotel check-out time is at 1200) -Afternoon assembly and transfer to
    Hong Kong Airport by coach -9:30PM -11:30PM Hong Kong to Manila via

    So almost 2 and half months passed by and long planned our trip is a month to
    go, I made a follow up/reminder that our e-tickets should be issued 3 WEEKS
    before our trip. Here is their reply:


    “We will e-mail the e-ticket next week. Aplogies for the delay. Rest
    assured that booking is already confirmed and guaranted.”




    I trusted that everything is still fine as per their assurance. Another week
    passed by and our trip is 2 weeks to go so I was starting to get frustrated, especially
    since its taking FOREVER to reach their numbers. I made another follow up and
    this is what they said:


    “We understand your frustration and we sincerely apologize for the
    inconvenience this may have caused you. Rest assured that your booking is
    already confirmed and guaranteed. We will get back to you immediately once we
    have an update regarding your e-ticket. As mentioned on our previous e-mail, we
    will e-mail the e-ticket within the week. We already made the follow
    up and we are just waiting for their reply.”


    Thank you
    for understanding. Have a great day!




    Until its already 1 WEEK to go before our LONG PLANNED TRIP I became very upset
    already and really never stopped making follow ups and calls in their office
    and hardly reached them so I made a research and was able to get the number of
    a certain Jan Franco – one of their marketing executives and I figured, she will
    definitely take my call coz I might be a prospective client/merchant for Ensogo
    who would want to avail of their service. True enough, my call was answered in
    almost an instant and I told her my problem and she was able to direct me to
    the person whom I really need to talk to to address my problem. It’s already
    Nov 25, Friday 4pm when I got this email from them:


                     “We sincerely apologize for
    the inconvenience this may have caused you. We regret to inform you that
    Hongkong Express cancelled their flight for Manila to Hong Kong UO714/0755/1000
    (8:00AM – 10:00AM), and was moved to 1840H(6:40pm). Your return flight to
    manila remains the same. Your disneyland tour will be move on 2nd day instead
    of day 1. Please advise.




    SERIOUSLY? 1 WEEK BEFORE OUR LONG PLANNED TRIP? We are 10 that were supposed to make the trip and how in the hell are we going to find alternative option in a span of 1 WEEK? They want us to settle with the change in flight schedule wheerein we were supposed to be scheduled to leave 8 in MORNING of  DEC 2, but instead they are saying that our flight is MOVED to 6:40 in the EVENING. So the point of our extension of stay becomes USELESS if we would accept this.  TAKE NOTE THAT WE EVEN PAID FOR ADDITIONAL EXTENSION OF STAY JUST TO MAXIMIZE OUR TRIP. What made everything worst is that they just advised us the said changes 1 WEEK prior to our trip. HOW IS THAT FOR RUINING OUR LONG PLANNED VACATION?! Not to mention the dissapointment of my family, my kids in particular. Our family has decided to demand for a FULL REFUND and we are considering filing necessary charges against this VERY IRRESPONSIBLE GROUP BUYING SITE NAMED ENSOGO.


  37. i just want to share my bad incident with that group buy site called
    ensogo and their resorts world buffet deal. the friend who invited me
    blogged about it:

    ensogo unfortunately is getting quite popular for their misleading
    ads. it seems like they are growing too fast to keep up with their many
    promises on their website, sad to say.

    who wants to join us to file a complaint against ensogo at dti and
    nbi? their landline never works, i am so disgusted that it seems like
    ensogo is becoming more and more of a scam. they already ripped me off
    with their zest air deal hoopla. will call now my friends at the media
    to report them.

  38. ENSOGO IS SUCH A SCAM. They offered an apology on their FB page but the
    gist is they are blaming customers for not understanding the deals. They
    blocked me 3x already from their fb page but have yet given me my
    refund for the Pisobid fiasco. also was avictim of the Fila deal. They
    keep blaming other people but can’t accept that they are a stupid
    company with poor customer service and scam deals (see bacolod inasal

  39. finally, I have submitted my DTI complaint against Ensogo for their Pisobid and Bacolod Inasal deal. The details: Pisobid was never authorized by Pisobid and up to now I and all the other 4000 buyers can’t use their code. Bacolod Inasal: The owners didn’t authorize the promo either and every time I go there, they tell me the promo is cancelled. And Ensogo would not even answer their phones! Such scammers!

  40. I’ve bought several vouchers from ensogo and many other group buying sites but so far I’m glad I’ve not experienced any problems. The key is to read carefully the terms of agreement and the details covered in the vouchers before making a purchase. Another tip so you won’t get disappointed is, don’t look at the discount percentage but rather the value of the discount. As with most sites, I noticed that they almost always beef up the original cost to make it appear like you will save about 50% or so and so but in reality you only save only about 10 to 20%. But either way, its still a savings. So far I’ve not availed of ensogo travel vouchers yet but if you read their terms, you are given a number to call, (which is directly to the merchant) to make your travel arrangement so I don’t see any reason why there would be a miscommunication not unless there was no communication at all. I’ve had several travel vouchers with other sites, I arranged direct to the hotel/resort and was treated like all the other regular customers. So overall, i still recommend group buying sites but as customers, we also have to be more wise and learn to manage our expectations

  41. My problem is with Gordion Hotel. Just a warning if you book through their online booking and give your credit card details. When we arrived in Vigan, we transferred to another hotel because the front desk and customer service staff pissed us off. We thought (and the staff even confirmed to us) that we will be charged only the P400 reservation fee which we already paid through credit card. After a day, without any warning, they charged my credit card the cost of our supposed two nights stay because we are considered a “no show”. 

    I understand why they didn’t care even if we unhappily walk-out of their reception area. They have our credit card and they can always charge us whether we will stay in the hotel or not. 

  42. I’ve bought several vouchers from ensogo and so far I’m glad I’ve not experienced any problems with ensogo vouchers. Don’t use your credit cards. It’s most likely a scam. pay via BPI or BDO only.

    • I use my credit card almost always. I don’t like going to a bank branch to pay. I’d rather pay in the convenience of wherever I am. Could you kindly tell me why you advise against using credit cards? Can’t I talk to Visa (my credit card issuer) if there’s illegitimate charges on my bill?

  43. First of all, I’m sorry for your terrible experience. Group shopping is so valuable for the costumers. Fortunately, there are many group buying sites that we can still trust and value.

  44. you really have to double check the real prices(in the market) of the promotions offered online, not just ensogo. I am in marketing and have been offered to feature our products on one of the more popular group buying sites (through promo). And in actuality, (if you compute back), the items featured are worth less than half of that “promo price”. And it is true that the marketing arms of the different companies that partner with these sites have a tendency to inflate the actual SRP of the product. 

    so for consumer products beware of the term “introductory offer” or anything of that nature cos it only means that the product is not yet available in the market and thus, no consumer would be able to make a comparative price study. If the item is not available in the market (some are phased out, only for depletion of stocks) then that’s something that should already warn any buyer. 

    for travel promotions, check the per night fee of the hotel (usually they put you in cheap hotels in not so ideal locations), check airfare promos (usually 2-3mos before you would like to go on the trip), check what tours are inclusive in the package and how much the exact same tour costs online. And more often than not, as I have done for my legazpi and bohol tour, you’ll see that if you book separately (on your own), you  could stay at a nicer hotel at a much cheaper (total) cost. and by the way, city tours (especially for hongkong/singapore) are useless. 

    for hotel stays check agoda or the website of the hotel just to be sure but i believe these types arent bad. tho there are times that the prices on agoda is a bit lower than the price on the group buying sites. 

    but for restaurants, theyre not bad at all. i’ve purchased several already and theyre very much worth it. 

    my only tip is that if the deal seems to good to be true, then more often than not, it probably is (corporations, afterall need to make profit). it wouldnt hurt to be a bit more careful and double check. 

  45. hi! im also having problems with ensogo. last feb 20 i purchased an order with them worth Php 5160, the order was cancelled because the payment could not be processed. upon checking my orders it was tagged as cancelled, but when my credit card billing statement arrived the orders were billed to my account. i’ve been trying to call there office this afternoon but nobody answers. i already sent emails but still no reply. do you have other contact info of ensogo? hope somebody can help! thanks!

  46. Im also having  problems with Ensogo and Luminare Beautypod/ Luminare Philippines however I’m not really sure who’s to blame since the merchant promised delivery of the product but after a month I haven’t received any text, email from anyone and guess what the merchants website just disappeared.. I’m sure I’m not the only one who got scammed by Luminare Beautypod/ Luminare Philippines so hopefully my experience would be a warning to everyone planning to transact with Luminare Beautypod/ Luminare Philippines.. =/

  47. Hi, I am planning to put up my own blog for the Ensogo problem I am having unless they have it resolved by May 15, 2012. May I link it to this page in case it actually does happen? Thank you.

  48. I also encountered problem with Ensogo just recently. The item is supposed to be delivered but nothing has arrived yet. urrrgghhh!!   I already sent email to their customer service two weeks ago but no reply yet.  I tried calling their number soooooo many times, but no one answers. It’s my first time to transact with this company and seems to be my last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  49. Hi guys! Can someone please give me an email address of someone working in Ensogo? I don’t think they have humans manning their mailbox and twitter account because i haven’t received any replies from them. I would like to escalate my concern to the highest authority possible, but i don’t know how.

  50. I wwas bored to tears at your workplace and read through this
    interesting post. I love the way in which you composed this post.
    It has greatly inspired me. Thanks!

  51. I am currently having a dispute with Ensogo and we are to meet with DTI for mediation. Goodluck na lng kung ano mangyayari. Sa mga bumili ng Racini Backpack dyan hindi na maproprovide ni Ensogo yon since their merchant are unable to deliver the products


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