Top Gainers and Losers: Philippine stocks (1st Half 2014)

James Ryan Jonas

Now that the first half of the year is over, can you say if the stock bets you made were profitable? In the last 6 months, were you able to choose the good stocks that grew in value and shunned those that just fizzled?

To help you answer these questions, we summarize below the best and worst performing stocks in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), based on their growth (or decline) in price during the first half of 2014.

1st Half 2014 Performance of Philippine Stocks

Twelve (12) of the 270+ PSE-traded stocks managed to at least double in value in the first half of the year, with top gainer Sinophil Corp. (SINO) managing to produce a humongous 430% stock price increase. That means if you bought P100,000 worth of SINO shares at the start of the year, that money would now amount to P530,000. Wow!

And yet, we know that not all investors made correct stock investment choices. Those who bought Macroasia Corp. (MAC) shares, for example, from the start of 2014 and got stuck with it until today are now seeing their investment portfolio halved, as top losing stock MAC suffered a steep 49.25% decline in the past 6 months alone.

So now that the first half of the year is over, would you say you belong to the winning group or the losing group of stock investors?

First, let’s see the best and worst performing stocks in the 30-company PSE index. Overall, the PSEi stocks had a good run during the first 6 months, with only 4 of the 30 stocks suffering price declines.

The 30-company PSEi price performance below.

Top Gainers and Losers in the 30-company PSE index (PSEi)

RankStock CodeCompanyGain (Loss) in 1st Half 2014Beginning Price (Jan 2014)Last Traded Price (June 2014)
1FGENFirst Gen Corp.54.78%14.0221.70
2PXPhilex Mining Corp.46.82%8.0111.76
3MEGMegaworld Corp.35.95%3.314.50
4SMCSan Miguel Corp.31.75%63.0083.00
5BDOBanco de Oro31.69%71.0093.50
6JGSJG Summit Holdings31.41%39.0051.25
7URCUniversal Robina Corp.30.76%118.00154.30
8SCCSemirara Mining Co.28.11%286.00366.40
9DMCDMCI Holdings27.59%58.0074.00
10ACAyala Corp.23.22%525.50647.50
11BLOOMBloomberry Resorts Corp.22.97%8.7510.76
12ALIAyala Land Inc.19.61%25.5030.50
13EDCEnergy Dev't. Corp.14.75%5.496.30
14MPIMetro Pacific Investments14.65%4.375.01
15SMSM Investments14.05%715.50816.00
16RLCRobinson Land Corp.14.01%20.7023.60
18GTCAPGT Capital12.62%772.50870.00
19TELPLDT11.99% 2,668.00 2,988.00
20AGIAlliance Global Inc.10.44%26.3529.10
22APAboitiz Power7.79%34.0036.65
23BPIBank of the Philippine Islands6.60%85.3691.00
24SMPHSM Prime Holdings5.73%15.0015.86
25AEVAboitiz Equity Ventures2.00%54.9056.00
26JFCJollibee Foods Corp.0.06%175.90176.00
28GLOGlobe Telecom-3.03% 1,650.00 1,600.00
29LTGLT Group-4.77%15.5014.76
30PCORPetron Corp.-9.65%14.1012.74

Now, let’s look at the top gainers and losers among all PSE-traded shares.

Sinophil Corp. (SINO) is the highest gaining stock in the past 6 months, with its stock price run-up primarily attributed to recent news of Belle Corp. (BEL)’s consolidation of all its gaming assets into SINO.

Property developer DoubleDragon (DD) just had its Initial Public Offering in April but it is part of the Top 15 Gainers after its stock price rallied by 167% in the last 3 months.

Top 15 Best Performing Stocks in the Philippines (All Shares)

RankStock CodeCompanyGain (Loss) in 1st Half 2014Beginning Price (Jan 2014)Last Traded Price (June 2014)
1SINOSinophil Corp.430.91%0.281.46
2CATCentral Azucarera de Tarlac387.50%16.0078.00
3DAVINDa Vinci Capital Holdings297.78%0.903.58
4MFINMakati Finance Corp.285.71%3.5013.50
6PCKHPancake House Inc.168.21%15.1040.50
7DDDoubleDragon Properties166.67%3.008.00
8CMTSoutheast Asia Cement Holdings158.25%1.032.66
9OMOmico Corp.147.89%0.350.88
10VMCVictorias Milling Co.129.76%2.054.71
11NIKLNickel Asia117.11%15.2033.00
12SPMSeafront Resources Corp.106.67%1.503.10
13JASJackstones Inc.95.56%2.254.40
14MEDMEDCO Holdings89.47%0.190.36
15COALCoal Asia Holdings88.10%0.841.58

Top 15 Worst Performing Stocks in the Philippines (All Shares)

RankStock CodeCompanyGain (Loss) in 1st Half 2014Beginning Price (Jan 2014)Last Traded Price (June 2014)
1MACMacroasia Corp.-49.25%4.002.03
2WEBPhilWeb Corp.-43.26%8.905.05
3PMPCPanasonic Mfg. Philippines Corp.-34.36%5.503.61
4ANIAgri Nurture-23.46%5.203.98
5CSBCitystate Savings Bank-22.19%14.7811.50
6FPIForum Pacific-22.12%0.210.16
7RCIRoxas and Co.-20.97%3.913.09
8MCPMelco Crown Resorts Phil. Corp.-18.03%13.9811.46
9PHNPhinma Properties-17.60%12.5010.30
11PALPAL Holdings-13.60%6.255.40
12RWMTravellers Int'l Hotel Group-12.65%10.208.91
13JOHJolliville Holdings Corp.-12.59%5.725.00
14HLCMHolcim Philippines-11.92%15.1013.30
15GSMIGinebra San Miguel Inc.-11.56%22.5019.90

So, are you a stock winner or loser during the past 6 months?

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James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.