How much have you lost so far in this bear market?

James Ryan Jonas

The global economy is now said to be in recession. Stock markets worldwide have been suffering from steep losses. And individual investors are losing money in most of their investments.
In the PMT Forum, members have been talking about how much they have lost so far during this bearish period of the market. Here are some posts.
mlangseth says:
I have lost 28-33% of my investments, paper loss only as I do not want to move any of my investments.
scout says:
I managed to pull out around 30% of my stocks investment, the other 70% was just too deep to cut losses.  My original plan is for short term investment, say 6 months to a year. Unfortunately I am forced to go long term now.  Only consolation I have is that most of my LOSING position are blue chips.
pachira says:
Ako 40% na nawawala. Kukunin ko na rin kasi may napanood ako sa tv na economist/ economic adviser na till 2010 pa earliest ito gaganda or kung anuman. Kahit di ko pa kailangan ng money na ininvest ko, sayang ang time na mapapalago ko siya sa ibang vehicles. Pag malago na siya, pwede namang bumalik ulit.
RealEstateInvestor says:
About 70% in paper…
How about you? Are you losing or winning? By how much? Join the discussion in the thread How much have you lost so far in this bear market?

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