8 thoughts on “BDO to charge ATM withdrawal fee?”

  1. What is the main purpose and pros of this cash card anyway in the Philippine setting? I understand on the western banking about pros of cash card but here – it doesn’t add up. If they aim is for POS (Point of Sale) only – why go cash card? Bring cash! Is POS available on jeepneys or divisoria stalls? What is BDO target market of this bank product anyway?

    1. Cash card are used as an alternative for bringing money when shopping and at the same time saves you the time to line up for the ATM counter to make withdrawals.

      However, I wonder why BDO began charging for this card. Is it because this cash card will be faced out soon and they are lacking the capital to issue this card. Good thing my account is not with BDO, they are really a pain in the ass when it comes to customer service (BASURA!)

        1. Tama! Basura talaga ang customer service ng BDO!!! I remember one time, gusto ko lang naman magpapalit ng tig-P50 or tig P20 na bagong papel non, sabi daw dun ako sa branch ko ng bdo magpapalit, di daw sila nagpapalit pag di ka nila customer sa branch na yun. Ngayon naman, gusto nila mangotong ng P2 kada withdrawal. BDO sucks!

  2. Cash Card is technically a Debit Card.. Cash Card is just for product branding.. About your question on the advantages, well it’s pretty obvious. You don’t need to carry bulk of money.. Imagine yourself carrying 10,000 pesos inside a jeepney. Baka abot hanggang lalamunan ang tibok ng puso mo. Then pag nasa mall ka, you don’t need to fall in line to withdraw on ATM dahil meron na mga POS terminals sa cashier’s counter. And yes there are POS on divisoria stalls. There is actually one taxi company now in Philippines who has POS on their limos. @60fc41135a7a0538c777e07f23002450:disqus The only transaction they will charge is for withdrawals made on ATMs but for the POS transaction it is free. I think because the main purpose of this card is for POS transactions so using it on ATMs is chargeable..

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    What’s the difference between a cash card and a debit card?A cash card will only allow you to make ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) withdrawals. A debit card will allow you to pay directly for goods and services; anywhere your card’s payment network (Visa, Maestro, etc.) is accepted..
    Cash CardDebit Card Withdraw cash from an ATM Pay for goods and services in person or over the telephone Pay for goods and services online Withdraw cash from an ATM Pay for goods and services in person or over the telephone Pay for goods and services online

  4. our monthly salary is deposited in a debit card. this will be pure robbery if they will charge for every withdrawal of my hard earned money. in the first place, we did not choose to bank with bdo but our employer.

    this sucks!

  5. BDO sucks. They know very well that most companies who use their services for payroll use cash cards. Sa company pa lang namin, thousands na yon.

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