Asia Century online affiliate program in the Philippines

James Ryan Jonas

Our review of the Philippine-based online advertising network Asia Century elicited a response from the chief himself of this money-making program.

The email sent to us reads:

I am happy to see you have given us a try and even made a review.

As all new networks, there are always some small things which need to be ironed out and we are working hard on them.

We will be moving some affiliates with very large volume of traffic to another server, so that other affiliates will not be affected by the volumes, which has been slowing the servers down.

I am also happy to say that over the next 10 days you will be seeing some new great campaigns, and some which I think might be of interest to you like auto and salary loans, campaigns for online car accessories and giftshops.

If we can help you with anything or if you have any suggestions please contact me on

Best regards,
Anders Barris
Asia Century Multi-Advertising, Inc.

Thanks, Anders, for dropping us a line. It certainly is good to see people behind a program actively take part in the promotion and management of it. Here’s to hoping Asia Century eventually find success in the online marketplace.

After two weeks of trying Asia Century, our income has already reached P110. It’s still relatively low compared to our Google Adsense earnings, but its growth is promising. From P40 during the first week, the second week ended with an earnings spike of 200%.

We are already eligible for payment because the minimum payout amount is only P25, but we prefer to accumulate all earnings first before requesting a withdrawal after it has reached P1,000.

One good thing about Asia Century is the recent addition of more affiliate campaigns, which means more income opportunities for site publishers. Among the latest money-making campaigns — which, by the way, have attractively high payouts — are the following:

  • Auto Loan in the Philippines – P200 for every lead
  • Flower Delivery Service – P100 for every lead

A few campaigns also give website owners a chance to earn money whenever a valid click is generated by the ad. Among these pay-per-click ads are:

  • Blog – P0.50 for every click
  • Noodle Boy Contest – P0.50 for every click
  • Win SM Gift Certificates – P0.50 for every click
  • Car Racing Game – P0.65 for every click

Anders, in the preceding email, said they plan to solve the slow loading affiliate site by moving some of the affiliates to a larger server. Until now, though, we’re still experiencing page timeouts at times whenever we log in to the affiliate site.

In general, however, Asia Century is a good program that can supplement the online income of Filipino publishers. It may not be a better alternative to Google Adsense, AdBrite or Bidvertiser, but it certainly is a nice complement. If such an opportunity presents itself, why decline?

James Ryan Jonas teaches business management, investments, and entrepreneurship at the University of the Philippines (UP). He is also the Executive Director of UP Provident Fund Inc., managing and investing P3.2 Billion ($56.4 Million) worth of retirement funds on behalf of thousands of UP employees.