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Top 10 PSE Stock Gainers and Losers in 2013

Which companies in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) enjoyed the biggest price increase in 2013? Which stocks lost the most value last year?

We compiled information regarding the performance of Philippine stocks and here are the results.

Recap: Philippine stock market in 2013

Stock investors last year experienced both the best and the worst in the Philippine stock market.

The first months were characterized by rapid price gains and all-time high levels with the PSE index (PSEi) peaking at 7,400 — a 27% upside in just 5 months. Most stock investors were jubilant and several were already having delusions of stock market expertise.

Then by the middle of the year, rationality returned when external factors such as the QE taper started affecting the PSE. Internal issues such as the Napoles’ alleged pork barrel scam, typhoon Yolanda, and Zambales siege, among others, also made a dent in the market. By the end of 2013, the monstrous gains of the initial months were virtually wiped out.

After a whirlwind of a ride, the PSEi closed flat last year, managing only a slight 1.33% uptick in value. (See also: PSEi Performance and 3 Stock Trading Lessons of 2013)

Top Gainers and Losers

The biggest stock losers last year were Mining stocks, with 8 out of 10 biggest decliners coming from that sector. The biggest gainers, meanwhile, came from a variety of sectors. Two stocks managed to at least double their value in 2013 — Bankard Inc. (BKD) which grew 174.65% and 8990 Holdings Inc. (HOUSE) which gained 106.19%.

Surprisingly, one PSE index stock successfully made it into the Top 10 Overall Gainers. Driven by thriving Filipino consumption which also fueled the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) last year, Jollibee Foods Corp. (JFC) recorded a 66.12% price increase last year.

The tables below show the Top 10 stocks with the best and worst performance in 2013. The first two tables considered all traded stocks in the PSE, while the last two tables limited the analysis only to the 30-company PSE index.

Top 10 Overall Stock Gainers in the PSE

RankStock CodeCompany2013 YTD Price ChangeStarting Price (Jan. 2, 2013)Closing Price (Dec. 27, 2013)1-Year Highest Price1-Year Lowest Price
2HOUSE8990 Holdings106.19%3.396.9910.423.21
4ARAAraneta Prop87.18%0.781.462.260.75
5ROXRoxas Holdings79.39%2.965.317.502.28
6JFCJollibee Foods66.12%104.20173.10186.20102.00
7SUNSuntrust Home64.81%0.540.892.400.54
8LMGLMG Chemicals60.11%1.883.015.201.85
9H2OCalapan Venture59.02%4.106.5211.004.00

Top 10 Overall Stock Losers in the PSE

RankStock CodeCompany2013 YTD Price ChangeStarting Price (Jan. 2, 2013)Closing Price (Dec. 27, 2013)1-Year Highest Price1-Year Lowest Price
1DAVINDa Vinci Cap-86.56%6.400.868.240.82
2MAManila Mining-79.31%
3MABManila Mining B-77.05%
4PXPPhilex Petroleum-73.25%29.057.7734.807.56
5LCBLepanto Mining B-72.57%1.130.311.310.29
6NINIHAO Mineral-70.41%5.171.535.451.47
7LCLepanto Consolidated Mining-69.31%1.010.311.230.30
8DIZDizon Copper-66.45%15.205.1016.504.93
9BCBBenguet Corp B-64.78%18.006.3419.966.00
10BCBenguet Corp-64.62%19.506.9019.806.20

Focusing only on the 30-company PSE index, here is the list of the 10 Best Performing PSEi stocks.

Top 10 PSEi Stock Gainers

RankStock CodeCompany2013 YTD Price ChangeStarting Price (Jan. 2, 2013)Closing Price (Dec. 27, 2013)1-Year Highest Price1-Year Lowest Price
1JFCJollibee Foods Corp.66.12%104.20173.10186.20102.00
2AGIAlliance Global Inc.53.21%16.8425.8028.4016.56
3GLOGlobe Telecom50.60% 1,089.00 1,640.00 1,833.00 1,058.00
6URCUniversal Robina Corp.31.51%86.00113.10135.4082.60
7SCCSemirara Mining22.66%234.80288.00306.00220.00
8GTCAPGT Capital18.04%654.00772.00899.00631.00
10LTGLT Group15.05%13.4215.4428.4012.82

Jollibee (JFC), of course, leads the pack having been the only PSEi stock to make it in the Top 10 Overall Gainers list.

Alliance Global Inc. (AGI) is next, with an upside change of 53.21%.

Globe Telecom (GLO), despite being battered on social media due to connectivity issues and customer service concerns, round up the Top 3 PSEi gainers, with a 50.60% price change.

As for the biggest losers, Philex Mining (PX), First Gen Corp. (FGEN), and San Miguel Corp. (SMC) are three stocks whose prices had the biggest decline in value last year, all falling at least 40%.

Top 10 PSEi Stock Losers

RankStock CodeCompany2013 YTD Price ChangeStarting Price (Jan. 2, 2013)Closing Price (Dec. 27, 2013)1-Year Highest Price1-Year Lowest Price
1PXPhilex Mining-47.20%15.007.9219.767.80
2FGENFirst Gen Corp.-42.47%22.7013.0627.4512.20
3SMCSan Miguel Corp.-40.48%105.0062.50125.0057.30
5MWCManila Water Co.-31.25%32.0022.0041.4020.35
6EDCEnergy Development Corp.-21.96%6.835.337.904.25
7BPIBank of the Philippine Islands-10.53%95.0085.00114.0082.50
8SMPHSM Prime Holdings-9.38%16.2014.6821.9014.30
9APAboitiz Power-8.72%37.2534.0040.5030.00
10ALIAyala Land Inc.-7.13%26.6524.7535.7023.00

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