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All about Dividends in Stock Investing

We know that dividend income is one of several ways to make money from stock investing. But aside from that, what else do we know about Dividends? This article is a short tutorial on Dividend Income. Read and learn! What are Dividends? Dividends are money

SMPH: Dividend Yield and Dividend History

If you’re a shareholder of SM Prime Holdings Inc (SMPH), you might be interested to find out how much Dividends the stock has been paying in recent years. Did you know that in 2017, SMPH paid dividends of PHP 0.26 per share? This is equivalent to

URC: Stock’s Dividend Yield and Dividends Paid

Are you an investor of Universal Robina Corp (URC)? Do you want to know how much Dividends the URC stock has paid in the past five years? In 2017, URC paid dividends of PHP 3.15 per share, exactly the same as the PHP 3.15 dividends per share

San Miguel Corp. (SMC): Dividend Yield & Dividend History

Did you know that in 2017, the San Miguel Corp. (SMC) stock paid total dividends of PHP 1.40 per share? This translates to a Dividend Yield of 1.25% that year. Still, this yield was lower compared to the 1.90% dividend yield paid by the company in 2016. The PHP