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Salary or money may not be the only thing one looks for in a job, but it surely is one of the most important factors considered before accepting a job. So which position and work industries in the Philippines pay the highest?

Online recruitment site Jobstreet.com shared last year their list of the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The Philippines. The list was determined by identifying the “average salary of all specializations per position level, based on salaries posted by employers” on the website during the first quarter of 2013.

Take note that the figures below are mere medians or averages, which means actual salaries in a particular industry may surely be higher or lower than the ones mentioned.

Top Paying Jobs in the PhilippinesThe list also considers only job vacancies posted by employers on the Jobstreet site, so it may not necessarily be exhaustive or 100% accurate. Nevertheless, it could give us an insight as to what the potentially lucrative jobs and functions are in the Philippines.

Here is Jobstreet.com’s list of the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines based on number of years of work experience and/or managerial position. Take note that the salaries mentioned merely consider “basic salary” and do not include other forms of compensation such as leave credits, medical benefits, insurance, and incentives.

Do you agree with the list below?


Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for FRESH GRADUATES

RankWork / FunctionAverage Monthly Salary
1Legal ServicesP23,348
2Corporate StrategyP20,962
3Personal AssistantP20,946
5Real EstateP20,592
6Customer ServiceP19,769
7Performing ArtsP19,766
8Aircraft MaintenanceP19,518
Stocks, Mutual Funds, Forex, Finance Philippines

According to Jobstreet Philippines, the average monthly salary of a fresh graduate (based on the list of jobs posted on their site) is P16,524. So if you are earning more than P16,524 you are already earning more than the average of your peers.

The top 5 highest paying positions or functions for recent graduates are in (1) Legal Services; (2) Corporate Strategy; (3) Personal Assistant; (4) Education; and (5) Real Estate — all paying a salary of at least P20,000 a month.


Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for those with 1-4 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

RankWork / FunctionAverage Monthly Salary
1Oil and Gas EngineerP40,878
2Aircraft MaintenanceP33,564
3Information Technology (IT)P32,873
5Tech SupportP25,634
7Public RelationsP25,078
8Chemical EngineerP25,008
9Executive AssistantP24,961
10Quantity SurveyorP24,841

Engineering and IT positions requiring highly technical skills seem to provide the highest average monthly salary for those with one to four years of work experience.

Oil and Gas Engineers are paid an average of P40,878 per month, followed by Aircraft Maintenance crew earning P33,564 per month, while IT guys earn a monthly salary of P32,873.


Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for those with 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND ABOVE (SUPERVISORS)

RankWork / FunctionAverage Monthly Salary
1Information Technology (IT)P55,701
3Database AdministratorP37,985
4Tech SupportP35,999
8Legal ServicesP32,312
10Public RelationsP30,740

For supervisory positions with at least 5 years work experience, the highest paying jobs are (1) Information Technology; (2) Engineer; (3) Database Administrator; (4) Tech Support; and (5) Actuarian.


Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for MANAGERS

RankWork / FunctionAverage Monthly Salary
1Tech SupportP115,000
2Quality AssuranceP107,205
3Quantity SurveyorP95,859
4Oil and Gas EngineerP86,416
5Top ManagementP81,348
6Aircraft MaintenanceP79,041
7Legal ServicesP78,819
9Information Technology (IT)P67,509

Best Paying Jobs in the PhilippinesManagers in the technical and engineering fields are paid a lot. Technical Support managers and Quality Assurance managers get an average of at least P100,000 salary per month.

Interestingly, members of Top Management (e.g., Division Heads or Vice Presidents) earn just an average of P81,348 per month, ranking 5th on the list, earning a little less than employees such as a Quantity Surveyor (P95,859 average monthly salary) or Oil and Gas Engineer (P86,416 average monthly salary).

Nurses round up the Top 10, earning a monthly average salary of P66,614.


Top 10 Best Paying Jobs for SENIOR MANAGERS

RankWork / FunctionAverage Monthly Salary
1Quality ControlP253,000
3Information Technology (IT)P203,000
5Legal ServicesP189,375
7Training & DevelopmentP180,000
8Corporate StrategyP177,133
9Human Resources (HR)P167,250

The five highest paid Senior Managers are in (1) Quality Control; (2) Logistics; (3) IT; (4) Pharmacy; and (5) Legal Services.

After seeing how much salaries, on average, are offered by different jobs, would you say you’re financially happy with your current job?

Source: Jobstreet / Image Credits: Flickr

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