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  • Ken

    I have both my eon and metrobank link to my account, which is the better option to withdraw my funds? Because base from what I read here withdrawing to your eon account from paypal will cost you $5.00 while withdrawing to your local bank (metrobank in my case) would only cost you the 50 pesos deposit fee.

    • Jhazelbravo

      Withdrawing to eon is cheaper if you chose the WITHDRAW TO BANK Option… You can link your EON as a bank account not a card. If you chose to withdraw to card, that would be $5 withdrawal fee. But if you chose Bank>UnionBank, withdrawal fee is P50.00

  • Rock_cel182

     i have opened a paypal account,my problem is i would’nt not transfer my earnings to the paypal account what should i do pls help me! for example earnmailer to paypal account? 

  • Eric_loquero

    I was worried, cause I’m new in paypal. and I already have 350$ there. I already transferred it on my UNIONBANK card. I’m just wondering if how many days, can I widraw my money on my account? and I’m in my 4rth day already. how many days can I widraw it?

    • Xiaopierechen

      in my experience if I withdraw my money before 6am I will receive it the next banking day…please don’t count holidays and weekendsjust banking days..and make sure you choose the withdraw to bank option it is cheaper and faster than the withdraw to card

    • blue

      what’s the difference between withdraw to bank and withdraw to card? i dont understand the withdraw to bank. 

  • Wifeofvectormania

    can somebody help me with my problem? 
    I have a paypal account and an eon card.
    I’ve already withdraw my money from paypal last Jan.11,2012, but the money did not appear on my eon card and today is Feb.13,2012. Can somebody give me a hint on why I didn’t received the money? Paypal emailed me the success of the transaction yet I didn’t receive it.

    no email from paypal yet regarding of the return.
    Please help. Sorry for my bad English.

    • Jhazelbravo

      Try contacting UnionBank. Since paypal sent it successfully, the problem could have been with UnionBank not identifying your card or something.

  • Luis Gonzalez

     unionbank customer service sucks BIG time!!

    • Leah

      very much..poor service.

  • Stephutch28

    used service in time of needs..

  • NeilMark87

    If you don’t want to waste your time waiting for 2-5 business days before your withdrawn PayPal funds reflects to your Eon account, I recommend you use Peso Exchanger. You can even withdraw your PayPal funds to cash/bank transfer to your Eon account even on holidays and weekends. You can visit their site

  • dens

    delayed all the time.

  • Melynn

    I have been withdrawing my Paypal Funds to Unionbank EON account but using the BANK ACCOUNT Option. There is a corresponding Unionbank Account Number for every Unionbank EON card. Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Credit/Debit Card (EON Card) will cost you much more vs. Withdrawing Paypal Funds to Unionbank Account w/c will not cost you any centavo.

  • gaano po ba katagal magwithdraw pag EON ang ginamit?